Friday, May 18, 2007

Ivan Koumaev Montage

An excellent fanvid of Ivan to the song Losing My Way by Justin Timberlake, created by nervouswreck88. A must see for season 2 fans.

Cat Deeley never thought she would be this successful

Cat is surprised by her success, and the success of ThinkDance, but says she has a crooked nose, here.

Travis and Benji are Dorktastic!

Travis And Benji SYTYCD - The best free videos are right here

Jamile and Nick from Season 1

So You Think You Can Dance Hip Hop Jamile And Nick - The best video clips are here

Season 1 Videos

Rambling Gypsy found some videos from season 1.

Benji Schwimmer in Christina Aguilera Video

Benji said no to Celine, but yes to Christina. Watch for him on the dance floor.

So You Think You Can Dance = Think/Dance?

I think we can all agree, So You Think You Can Dance is a great show, but the name is way long and unmanagable. I was aware of that even before we started this blog, but doing searches on the web and typing it so frequently really brings it home. Even the initials, SYTYCD, hardly flow off the tongue. I think we need to find a shorthand way to refer to our favorite reality show. I propose: Think/Dance, or perhaps Think-Dance, as slashes can cause problems with web addresses. Got a better idea? Let's hear it.

Natalie's Hot

Chris Abraham says Natalie Fotopoulos is "so hot she makes my eyes bleed".

Ryan Rankine Movie Appearance

Season 2 dancer Ryan Rankine is credited in the movie Step Up.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2006 - Grand Finale

Benji Schwimmer with fans in Toronto

Benji Toronto
Originally uploaded by whereishubert.
Flickr user whereishubert posted this photo of Benji Schwimmer with fans during the So You Think You Can Dance tour in October.

So You Think You Can Dance Fans On The Web

Writer/musician Wendy Lang is a big SYTYCD fan.

Just Jared says forget American Idol.

AVS forum says SYTYCD won't be shot in HD this season.

Blogging So You Think You Can Dance needs your help

Blogging So You Think You Can Dance is always happy to hear from fellow fans. Please email us with any news or sightings you may have. Did you attend a tour date? Tell us, share your pictures. Regular contributors are needed too. Let's make this the web's gateway to So You Think You Can Dance!

Dmitry Chaplin and Martha Nichols

Dmitry and Martha talk about being eliminated during season 2

Cat Deeley on season 3

There's a video here, at the official Fox site, of Cat Deeley (she's back!) talking about season 3. She mentions dancers returning despite visa problems, so maybe we'll see more of Hawk!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mary Murphy interview at TV Guide

Choreographer/judge Mary Murphy explains the audition process and updates us on Heidi, Travis, Ivan, and Dmitry. Did you know that Travis was rejected in his first audition in LA last year? It's all here.

What's Benji up to?

This story at updates us on season 2 winner Benji Schwimmer. There's a movie in the works starring he and his cousin/partner Heidi Groskreutz.

So You Think You Can Dance Broadcast Schedule Announced

The third season of So You Think You Can Dance premieres Thursday May 24th at 8pm ET/PT. New York City auditions will be featured. Los Angeles and Chicago auditions will be shown on Wednesday May 30 from 8-10pm ET/PT, and Atlanta is the scene on Thursday May 31st at 9pm ET/PT.

We'll know the 20 competitors for season 3 on Thursday June 7th, at the end of the Las Vegas round. The following Wednesday begins the actual competition.

Start planning your finale party now. The 2 hour final performance show will air on Wednesday August 15th, followed by a 2 hour results show on Thursday August 16th.

Video: Dance of the Dead from season 2

"So You Think You Can Dance" -

We love us some Donyelle

Donyelle Jones reached the final 4 of season 2, and we admire her all the more after reading this article in Australia's Herald-Sun

Mary Murphy to be permanaent judge for season 3

Choreographer Mary Murphy joins Nigel Lythgoe as permanent judge for season 3. The third judging seat will manned by a rotating cast, all familiar to season 2 viewers.

Reality TV Magazine
has the story.