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Marquis' Studio Solo (Video)

Marquis Cunningham performs his full solo.

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News Update

Mark Kanemura gets the weekend cover story at Hawaii's

Ducky & GMMR podcast their recaps of this week's performance show.

Some people just can't let Wade Robson go. Kristin, it's not that difficult to find out what he's doing these days.

Benji and Thayne: separated at birth?

Hal Boedecker of the Orlando Sentinel has some guest spoilers for next week's results show.

The Contra-Costa Times writer Dino-Ray Ramos (Is that not the coolest name ever?) recaps America's Best Dance Crew:

There are four key phrases (that I can remember) that you need to say if you’re a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew:

1.) You turnt it out.
2.) You smashed it.
3.) You killed it.
4.) I respect and/or appreciate that.


I don't see it, but MTV's Remote Control blog thinks Phresh Select's Lil O should be called Lil Shane.

Kourtni's Solo (Video)

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Gev's Solo (Video)

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Friday, July 4, 2008

SYTYCD News Update

The Shankman dishes on this season's contestants for LA Times. Thanks to GerritV for the link.

EW's Adam B. Vary was at the Monday performance show taping. Apparently, Nigel couldn't even remember one dancer's name:

I realized why this season's been such a nonstarter for so many viewers. There's been no Dominic, no Sara, no Ivan — no appealing underdog who's shown real, true improvement and growth week to week, allowing us a sense of progression throughout the season. All the dancers have either remained at the same level they started at — and that includes the out-of-the-box fabulous Joshua — or have faltered slightly since Vegas and the top 20. It's appeared to me that the judges have been working overtime to make Jessica this season's ''story,'' to set her up for some impending moment of triumph, but they've piled on so much at this point that she could just as easily crumple under the pressure. (Behind-the-scenes tidbit No. 3: It really didn't help matters when Nigel had to re-record saying Jessica's name a few times during the first ad break because, as he mouthed to someone off stage, he'd plumb forgot it when they were filming his comments.)


Dance critic Rachel Howard, writing for the Voice Of Dance:
So You Think You Can Dance doubled the ante this week with each of the top seven couples dancing not one, but two routines. Everything became twice as clear: Who’s brilliant and who ought to go home pronto; who’s holding their partners back (and I don’t mean just Jessica); and whose technique ain’t going to cut it. The hip hoppers are at a growing disadvantage now, training-wise, and yet, two of them are emerging as serious contenders, while the other two have probably stretched their crossover talents to the limit.


Still catching up.

Natalie's Top 14 Results Show Music Recap

Musically, tonight was boring for me. Plus they cut one of my favorite female dancers. The montage songs were very…interesting? They ranged from a group of 12 and 14 year old girls to a band that’s been around for decades.

Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July weekend!

Tyce Diorio’s Broadway routine

So, the camera angle and the cuts were less severe in this and I’m not sure it helped. I know, I’ve always wanted a wider camera angle that showcased all of the dancers, but somehow Tyce’s choreography didn’t hold up by itself. The music was fun?

Song title: Money, Money
Artist/Band: Cabaret (The New Broadway Cast Recording)
Where you’ve heard the song before: You’ve heard a song from Cabaret before. The Top 4 from S3 danced to Mein Herr.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Robert Muraine’s performance

What part of the song didn’t Robert use?

Song title: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Artist/Band: C+ C Factory
Where you’ve heard the song before: Were you born in or around the 80’s? Then you’ve heard this song.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

More after the jump...
Kourtni’s solo

She has amazing control and the song just elevated all of that. She dances with her soul. Ugh. I need her to be on the tour.

Song title: No Man
Artist/Band: Nina Storey
Where you’ve heard the song before: You’ve probably never heard this song before. If you like Tori Amos, you should try out Nina Storey.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Matt’s solo

I could watch him dance for hours, as long as it’s in his style. He always picks softer, slower songs, since his movement is softer. This was just another example of how fluid he can be. And how his choreography can be paired with a wonderful song.

Song title: Sweet Contentment
Artist/Band: Bradley James and the Roadies
Where you’ve heard the song before: They’re up-and-comers. I wonder if Matt knows them personally or just found them on Myspace or Facebook.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

I couldn’t find a place to download the song, but their Facebook page has the full song.

Courtney’s solo

Manic. Ugh. Double ugh. The song didn’t call for this kind of movement from her. She couldn’t find her center in her turns because she was all over the place.

Song title: What’s Another Day
Artist/Band: Maria Mena
Where you’ve heard the song before: Lauren did her Top 6 solo to Maria Mena’s song, Sorry.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Gev’s solo

Poppers use every single beat of the song. Every accent. Gev is no exception.

Song title: Everybody Loves a Carnival
Artist/Band: Fatboy Slim
Where you’ve heard the song before: This is one of those songs that I know I’ve heard but I can’t remember where.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Comfort’s solo

For some of it I felt like she wasn’t dancing with the music. Maybe it’s just because I didn’t understand her movement?

Song title: Hit The Floor
Artist/Band: Twista feat. Pitbull
Where you’ve heard the song before: Dmitry and Joy did a hip hop routine to this during season 2. Shane Sparks choreographed. There was even some tutting that he loves to talk about on ABDC.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Thayne’s solo

I didn’t get it. The song and how he danced to it. Queen makes me feel like you can’t be too soft in your movement. Thayne is a bit timid for me.

Song title: I Want to Break Free
Artist/Band: Queen
Where you’ve heard the song before: It was released in 1984, but I’m sure you’ve heard it before. More info at Wikipedia.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

OneRepublic’s performance

Put it this way…this is the first performance on SYTYCD this season that I didn’t fast forward through.

Song title: Say (All I Need)
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Girls Goodbye Montage Song

Um. Dear Fox & Uncle Nigel, please try to pick a better montage song for the girls next week. Two duds in a row. Avril and now Clique Girlz. Let’s just say they were on the Bratz movie soundtrack and opened for Demi Lovato, the girl that stars in Camp Rock. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a pseudo-12 year old girl and love most things tween, but this is where I draw the line.

Song title: Incredible
Artist/Band: Clique Girlz
Where you’ve heard the song before: On the Six Flags tour? No?
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Guy’s Goodbye Montage Song

I’m a fan of CSN, but for this audience, I think that they should pick a more accessible song.

Song title: Might As Well Have a Good Time
Artist/Band: Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Where you’ve heard the song before: It’s on their album Daylight Again
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Full Music Playlist

Sue Brody's Top 14 Results Show Recap

Happy Fourth of July! I deleted last night's SYTYCD results show (sob), but I took notes and will carry on.

Cat is wearing a pretty red dress, but for some reason has decided to walk like an Egyptian (remember the Bangles?). She has on a big chunky gold necklace that looks like it's from the days of King Tut, with her hair done up in a pigtail bun, and six inch high gold heels. I'm confused.

The first number is from Cabaret...

More after the jump...
...and is choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. I normally like his work, but this piece seems to be mostly a lot of posing and kicking and running around, using a piano and a door as props. I don't know who is being spotlighted and I don't really care, though I like the sparkly suit one of the dancers wears. Last year's final four cabaret routine was a lot more entertaining, IMO. After the dance, Tyce is introduced, and we are treated to a montage of Tyce critiques during auditions. Again, I'm confused. Wednesday night had far too much jammed into two hours, and Thursday night's begins with filler. I think someone needs to write to Nigel for an explanation.

Finally, we get to the results. First up are Twitchington and Katee and Joshua, to thunderous applause. After their dances are reviewed, Cat asks, "Which one of you is in danger? Katee and Joshua, it's not you...and Twitch and Kherington, it's not you, either." This fake out didn't surprise that many people, including me, I gather (Cat has been schooled by Mary Murphy), and the four of them leave the stage in joy.

Next up are Kourtni and Matt. After the clips, Cat says, "You've been in the bottom 3 twice before. Has America given you a break? No, they haven't, and you will be dancing for survival." NapTab note how strong the two of them were during the auditions, but that they haven't connected with America, and the couple leaves the stage.

Courtney and Gev and Chelsie and Mark are introduced. We see and hear positive comments from the judges for both couples, so I hope they are both safe, as these are the two pairs I voted for, but Cat says that Courtney and Gev are the second couple in the bottom three. However, Nigel intimates that some dancers have to end up there each week but... it's pretty clear he wants them both to stay in the competition, I think, anyway, and I stop worrying.

The final grouping is the most interesting: Comfort and Thayne and Jessica and Will. After the clips, Cat announces that the final couple in the bottom 3 is...Comfort and Thayne. Jessica and Will run off the stage with palpable joy and relief. Cat asks Mary what went wrong. She notes the new partnership, and says that Comfort is a a real asset to the show, and that Thayne is there for any partner he has and that he was amazing in the group number. At this point, I have a strong sense that Kourtni and Matt will be eliminated, as they did not receive such high praise.

Tonight's dancer is Robert Muraine, and not surprisingly he is terrific. His popping, isolations, and flexible moves are as sharp as ever, and he even adds a sunglasses move toward the end for good measure. The judges give him a standing ovation and Nigel says that he is "sorry we lost you so early on when you gave up" (ouch). However, he states that Phillip Chbeeb is also fantastic (he is, but where did that come from?), and he would love to see a dance off between the two of them (oh, I get it). The audience goes wild, as do I, and within seconds it is arranged, pending Philip's agreement, which the producers might already have. If his has already been arranged (I assume it has), it will be part of the finale and will rock the house.

After the break, we are subjected to more Snuggle Happy Dancing and another winner of the video contest, and I feel badly for the dancers, who have to pretend to care. I certainly don't. And then...finally...we get to the solos.

Kourtni's solo is intense and really well danced, not at all surprisingly, but I don't really see the sense of joy the judges asked for. Matt shows his characteristic great technique, but his solo reminds me of last week's. Courtney's solo, her first, is full of energy. Gev dances to Fatboy Slim (I love Fatboy Slim) and he is amazing, with insane tricks--he shows off all of his b-boy moves--and I can't imagine him going home. Comfort's solo is pretty good, and she seems more comfortable than usual, but doesn't look happy when she stands next to Cat. And Thayne's solo to Queen feels different and more powerful than in previous weeks. Again, I suspect that Kourtni and Matt will be sent home.

And at last, to the results. Nigel looks pretty unhappy this week, and goes into a longer than usual explanation. He says that has done seven seasons of American Idol and four seasons of SYTYCD, and and he doesn't think he ever cared as much as he does this year. He notes that the vote on the girls is not unanimous (first time this season) and starts by saying that Courtney has always risen to the choreographer's challenge, and that is why they are keeping her. I think he wanted Jessica in the bottom three instead, but in any case she runs off the stage. He then says that Comfort did NOT get his vote tonight, but that she got the others' and that Kourtni is going home. There are a lot of unhappy fans in the audience, and Comfort cries. After the highlights package, Kourtni says she could talk for hours and how much the competition has meant to her. A lot of fans hope she is an alternate on the tour.

Finally, they get to the guys, and Nigel begins by saying that this is the first time Gev has done his thing and it was amazing (true), and to go sit down. And at last, we get to the two contemporary guys, and I suspect that Nigel doesn't care which of them goes home, because the other one probably will next week. He says that Thayne and Matt are in this same situation every week; however, Matt came into the competition at a high level and that's where he stayed and he will be leaving the show. (Remember, Nigel likes to see growth.) The package is shown, and Cat said he was a gentleman. He says his family and friends were 100% behind him and the contestants are the best dancers in the world, and the show concludes. I suspect that the producers did not want to break up a new couple, particularly a new couple, and it will be interesting to see who is in the bottom three next week. especially if Jessica and Comfort end up there again. See you next week.

Robert Muraine/Phillip Chbeeb Battle? UPDATED

Here's what Phillip Chbeeb said when I asked his reaction to last night's throwdown:

all i would like to say is that i gladly accept the invitation...i didn't personally watch the show so I'm not sure exactly what happened...I respect Robert as a performer...but after the recent onslaught of comparisons of us on the internet i think a battle would be a great way to get all that blogging frustration out and a way to really match up our skills and styles...

It sounds like it's on, if Nigel & Co. follow through.

UPDATE: Here's Robert's appearance on the show.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sorry. I fell behind on news links today due to some pressing issues. I'll catch up tomorrow. In the mean time, Nate Levy posted his recap of the top 14 elimination show here.

America's Best Dance Crew Open Thread

So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Results Show Open Thread

Poll Results

The results of this week's poll:

Clearly safe
Katee & Joshua
Chelsie & Mark
Kherington & Twitch

At risk
Kourtni L & Matt
Courtney & Gev
Jessica & Will
Comfort & Thayne

600 readers voted. Thanks for voting!

Natalie's Top 14 Performance Music Recap

So this week brought on a good variety of songs. Some of the songs hurt the dancers, but for the most part it took their performances to a different level.

Also, if you’d like a full playlist at with all the songs from this episode, follow this link. If you’d like to see this every week, let me know! I also embedded a full playlist at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in hearing all of the songs without going to the website.

Jessica and Will’s Jive choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

A lot of this seemed disjointed. The music was perfect for the choreography. They just didn’t utilize either.

Song title: Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
Artist/Band: Five Guys Name Moe (Original Broadway Cast)
Where you’ve heard the song before: The show had a brief run.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

More after the jump...
Comfort and Thayne’s Broadway routine choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler

I’d like to see this guy come back and choreograph a routine to this song for the Top 2 guys. I think that it would be amazing. The song creates a certain mood. Most people have either seen the movie or a school production of West Side Story, so the music comes with certain expectations. First off, the costumes didn’t go with the song. Second, Comfort and Thayne looked like they were dancing two different routines. Not even the song could save them.

Song title: Cool
Artist/Band: Bernstein and Sondheim
Where you’ve heard the song before: The last time you were getting ready to have a rumble in a vacant lot.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Kourtni and Matt’s Hip Hop routine choreographed by Cicely and Olisa

This was painful to watch. All around. I wanted this to be really good. No dice. This had a really nice beat that they could have killed. Instead they danced the steps so smooth, I could barely see what they were doing or even pay attention.

Song title: How Do I Breathe
Artist/Band: Mario
Where you’ve heard the song before: Who knows but now every time you hear it again you’ll picture two very awkward people not dancing hip hop well.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Chelsie and Mark’s Jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore

Now there’s the Mandy Moore that I know and love. I loved the different ways Mandy represented the song’s title. It was never overdone.

Song title: Kiss Kiss
Artist/Band: Holly Valance
Where you’ve heard the song before: It’s been in a bunch of shows and movies. More here. I also feel like I’ve heard the melody before. Maybe I’m making that up?
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Kherington and Twitch’s Paso Doble choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

The music was really strong in the beginning and they were struggling to keep up. Once they got started though, I think they danced well with the music. There was something false about the energy in this routine though. I wasn’t a fan.

Song title: Malaguena
Artist/Band: Brian Setzer ’68 Comeback Special
Where you’ve heard the song before: More info about the song over at Wikipedia
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Katee and Joshua’s contemporary routine choreographed by Mia Michaels

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Mia or these two anymore, I found a way. A perfect song. A bit haunting. It really set the mood and elevated the already amazing choreography and energy. I’d like to see every single routine they’ve done on the tour. Well, maybe I could go without the WCS…

Song title: Hometown Glory
Artist/Band: Adele
Where you’ve heard the song before: It’s very early in Adele’s career but you may have heard this song on Grey’s Anatomy or One Tree Hill. I watch both. Naturally.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Courtney and Gev’s Hip Hop choreographed by Cicely and Olisa

This was a dud for me. All around. Song. Choreography. Energy. Personality. Ugh. Also, creepy comment #239489302 from Uncle Nigel. Oh…and at one point, I thought Courtney was Natalie from S2. Weird.

Song title: Lights, Camera, Action!
Artist/Band: Mr. Cheeks
Where you’ve heard the song before: It was popular a few years back.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Jessica and Will’s Jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore

You can’t go wrong with Heart. And a shirtless Will doesn’t hurt either. I think that Mandy really used the song well. Nothing in particular stuck out but I like how the choreo was soft and then strong and then soft again to match the song.

Song title: Alone
Artist/Band: Heart
Where you’ve heard the song before: Here’s another song that made the rounds on Idol first. Plus Celine covered it.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Comfort and Thayne’s Waltz choreographed by Edward Simon

This music was just the background. Very blah. I liked the choreography though.

Song title: Hov Arek Sarer Jan
Artist/Band: New Age Armenia
Where you’ve heard the song before: I’m not sure anyone has heard this song before.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Kourtni and Matt’s Mambo choreographed by Alex Da Silva

Strong music. Really strong horns. I think it could have really taken their performance up a notch if they had danced it a bit better. I didn’t hate it. But I didn’t love it either.

Song title: Ban-Con-Tim
Artist/Band: Super All-Star
Where you’ve heard the song before: No where?
Where you can listen to the whole song:

This is another song that’s not around at all. You can buy the album at Amazon.

Chelsie and Mark’s Foxtrot choreographed by Edward Simon

Oh Paul Anka. You melt my heart. Even in dog form. Perfect song for this routine. I could do without having to see that dress ever again though.

Song title: It’s My Life
Artist/Band: Paul Anka
Where you’ve heard the song before: This is a cover of Bon Jovi’s version. Which is strange. I would have thought it was the other way around.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Kherington and Twitch’s contemporary routine choreographed by Mia Michaels

I wish choreographers would use John Mayer songs more often. I wasn’t in love with anything but the music. The choreography was pretty simple, but I think Mia used the song well. The dancing was a bit manic. I guess it was supposed to be like that. I would have liked a little more fluidity and maybe angst? Something’s missing. I like referencing John Mayer whenever possible.

Song title: Dreaming With a Broken Heart
Artist/Band: John Mayer
Where you’ve heard the song before: His album Continuum. It was also on an episode of The Game. I actually saw the part of the episode with this song. Which is weird, since I would never subject myself to that show normally.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Katee and Joshua’s West Coast Swing routine choreographed by Benji Schwimmer

Meh. Not crazy about the song. It didn’t do anything to help the routine. Like a few weeks ago, I think Katee and Joshua’s energy and performance were above the music.

Song title: Shake It
Artist/Band: Brother Yusef
Where you’ve heard the song before: This is another one that I’ve never heard before.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

So apparently Fox decided to okay songs tonight that I have to pay $20 to buy. Sorry, ha. No dice. The full album is available for purchase at Amazon.

Courtney and Gev’s Broadway routine choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler

Really high-energy song. I agree with Tabitha. I think they could have brought the energy down for the instrumental middle section. There weren’t any layers to how they danced it even though the music warranted them.

Song title: New York, New York
Artist/Band: Bernstein, Comden, and Green
Where you’ve heard the song before: It’s from On The Town, a 1944 musical.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

The part that they used starts around the 2:30 mark.

Top 14 Performance Show - Sue B's Recap

Wednesday night's So You Think You Can Dance: Two (dances) for the price of one! Since each couple performs two dances (that's 14 dances in two hours for those keeping score), let's do it differently this time. I will give you reviews by couple, though each couple does two dances, but not consecutively. That'll make it easier for you to read, easier for me to type, and Ted won't have a heart attack posting this. :)

Cat wears a black and white: um, something kind of dress. Flapper? Candy striper? Penguin? Maybe she is a penguin with a curly bob from the 20s or 50s, since there are a lot of Broadway-themed dances? Don't ask me.

Tabitha and Napoleon are the guest judges, tastefully dressed. Mary wears a silvery dress that does not make her look like a shiny disco ball. Nigel wears a nice suit. Apparently, the biker leather jacket and jeans was not a turn-on for, well, anyone.

More after the jump...
Will and Jessica.

Dance one: The Jive by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin (we sort of find this out later; few of the judges are announced/shown in the abridged package, and even then are sort of giving half shout outs).


The judges feel they do a pretty good job. Mary says they are not on the train but it is a good performance. Nigel says that Will is strong, but Jessica is in trouble when they switch partners (okay, Nigel, we get it, you don't like her). I don't think she is going to make it to the Top 10, so she probably won't need to change partners.

Dance two: Lyrical by Mandy Moore.

Summary: Tabitha and Mary love Will shirt-less. The judges like this routine a lot better. Mary screams that the two of them are on the train and she didn't think Jessica had it in her. Nigel asks who in the audience wants to dance with Will. (Everyone raises their hands.) He reminds Jessica that when she stops worrying, she is absolutely brilliant. He also notes that they had a melt down during the week (interesting) but that it didn't impact their performance and everyone will be picking up the telephone for that. We'll see.

Comfort and Thayne.

Dance one: Broadway by Andy Blankenbuehler (good thing someone wrote this down in advance). He's cute. Comfort does not want to be in the bottom three again (no kidding).

Summary: TabNap and Mary love their partnership, the choreography, their flirtiness. Nigel is disappointed. He says that Andy is a real legit Broadway choreographer and they did not exhibit the passionate aggression the piece needed and they would have been booted off Broadway. Harsh, Nigel.

Dance two: Smooth Waltz by Edward Simon, a new choreographer. Comfort has on a flowing dress.

Summary: All of the judges thought Comfort looked angelic and Thayne was still hanging tough but wasn't as strong as Comfort.

Kourtni and Matt.

Dance one: Lyrical Hip Hop with Cecily and Olisa. I like Matt's hat.


TabNap agree it was not good enough for a hip hop competition. Mary says the dance has to be entertaining and it was not. Nigel asks if he can talk after the booing! (Yes, there was a lot of booing throughout, especially for Nigel.) He say he doesn't know if it was the choreography (ouch) or the dancers (double ouch) but that it didn't sit well for him. Oh, oh.

Dance two: Mambo by Alex DiSilva. Matt notes that he doesn’t know the Mambo, but the Mambo hates him. Hee hee.

Summary: TabNap and Mary were underwhelmed. Nigel notes that it was two small people (Alex and his partner) choreographing for two tall people (remember: 12 feet tall?), so while it had to be shaper, overall it was a good routine. He also got angry and said to the audience that he was trying to improve the couple's dancing, and if they don't like it, don't bother coming. Whoa.

Chelsie and Mark.

Dance one: Contemporary by Mandy Moore. At the end, Cat blows kisses to Mark, he blows kisses to Cat, Tabitha blows kisses to everyone.

Summary: The judges LOVE LOVE LOVE their dancing and their chemistry and everything.
They are Nigel's favorite couple (yay, Marksie!).

Dance two: The Foxtrot by Alex DiSilva.

Summary: TabNap and Mary love their elegance. Nigel thinks Mary ignored their technique (what?). He then proceeds to diss Mary, saying he wished her opinion was three decibels lower. Is this the FIRST time in four seasons he noticed how loud she is?

Twitchington (Twitch and Kherington).

Dance one: Pasa Doble by Tony and Meredith (we only find that they are the choreographers after the dance). Twitch has on an open shirt and looks hot.

Summary: The judges thought Kherington was strong but Twitch wasn't enough of the Matador. Nigel was entertained, however.

Dance two: Dance of the Beds (contemporary) by Mia Michaels. They danced to John Mayer's "Dreaming with a Broken Heart," and I swooned. Twitch is shirt-less this time.

Summary: The judges loved their strength and vulnerability. Napoleon noted that with a good looking guy, beautiful girl, bed, flowers, what else could you need? Nigel praised Mia and said that they were in his top three couples. Impressive.

Katee and Joshua.

Dance one: Contemporary with Mia Michaels. Wow. Just wow.


The judges LOVED this piece and the dancers. Mary noted that this week she was looking at Katee more than at Joshua (a compliment for Katee). Cat notes that the piece didn't have fancy staging or costumes, but didn't need them. Nigel said that this proves that they are two of the three or four couples who will make the season outstanding when history is written (wow, I say).

Dance two: West Coast Swing with Benjy (and Lacey) Schwimmer.


The judges are not overwhelmed, but seem to be giving the couple a pass by stating things like they had a different style than in the other piece (so what?) and how good Benjy's choreography was and how well he would have executed it. (Remember Sara and Pasha's West Coast Swing last season? This was not that.)

Courtney and Gev (final couple).

Dance one: Hip Hop by Cecily and Olisa (Note: I like TabNap's and Shane Sparks's hip hop routines a lot more.) They are dressed in matching Number 10 football shirts, like Eli Manning's, and I am sad that the Patriots lost to the Giants in the FINAL MINUTE OF THE SUPERBOWL. I may never get over this. Moving on...

Summary: Gev didn't hit it hard enough (maybe b/c he was nervous, since this was a different type of hip hop than he was accustomed to). Courtney hit it hard. The judges thought it was too funky to be a strong hip hop routine. Nigel dissed them with a Cinderella crack, but was funny when he said it was like the O'Jay's Backstabbers song (yep, I'm old).

Dance two: Broadway by Andy Blankenbuehler. This was set to New York, New York by Bernstein, etal, and was very 50s style.


The judges loved their chemistry but thought it could have been more expressive. Mary thought they could be headed toward the finals. (Me: yay!) Nigel feels they are flying under the radar (me: like Sabra last year), and the dance was good but not good enough.

Predicted bottom three:

Comfort and Thayne
Jessica and Will
Kourtni and Matt
Possible: Courtney and Gev

Going home:
Jessica or Comfort and Matt or Thayne.

Comfort & Thayne's Smooth Waltz (Video)

Comfort Fedoke & Thayne Jasperson - Smooth Waltz- Edward Simon

Chelsie & Mark's Jazz (Video)

Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura - Jazz - Mandy Moore

The song is Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance, not Holly Vance as shown on-screen.

Katee & Joshua's Contemporary (Video)

Katee Shean & Joshua Allen - Contemporary - Mia Michaels

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Kherington & Twitch's Contemporary (Video)

Kherington Payne & Stephen "Twitch" Boss - Contemporary - Mia Michaels

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Early Recaps

I'm going to watch some of those routines again. Nate Levy has an entertaining recap up at Levy On TV, and Matthew Murphy's live blog is over at Ranting Details. Videos tomorrow.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Track List And Voting Numbers

Jessica & Will - 888-836-7601

Jive - Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
Five Guys Named Moe
(Original Broadway Cast)

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Hiphop - Cicily & Olisa
How Do I Breathe

Mambo - Alex DaSilva
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So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Performance Show Open Thread

SYTYCD News Update

Kristen Sample at TVSquad collects readers' favorite routines from previous seasons.

Matthew Murphy live blogs tonight's show at Ranting Details. I've mentioned that Matthew is a dancer. I don't mean that he just gets his groove on at the club. Check him out, along with fellow American Ballet Theater dancer Jackie Reyes with the Garden City Ballet. Matthew also choreographed the piece.

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People Magazine interviewed Chelsea Traille and Chris Jarosz after last week's eliminations.

Hometown Catch Up

So You Think You Can Dance producers let contestants talk to the press this week. Hometown newspapers catch up with Jessica King, Kourtni Lind, Katee Shean, the Utah contingent, and the O.C. competitors.

UPDATE: Katie Shean link fixed.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SYTYCD News Update

Writing for Craig Berman examines how So You Think You Can Dance's format leaves much to chance for contestants.

BuddyTV's Gina Scarpa power ranks the top 7 females.

Us Magazine has a quick visit with Napoleon & Tabitha. Be honest, wouldn't you like to hang out with them sometime?

LauraBelle at Viewpoints on this season's new choreographers and dancers:

The most puzzling thing about these replacements, though, is that Nigel and the others can't seem to let it go. It seems every week we have to hear about what a great job the choreographers are doing. Yes, they are, but they're not the ones being judged. Nigel even went as far as telling Napoleon and Tabitha he's glad they signed with the number one dance show, and obvious crack towards Sparks who has a larger role on America's Next Best Dance Crew.

It's a shame that the politics are happening behind, and sometimes in front, of the scenes like that, as the reason we tune in each week is to see the dancers. While they always have great talent on this show, the talent found this year is tremendous, and it's not one of those instances like on American Idol where they tell us each season it's the best talent ever. It really is! The eliminations that have been made so far don't seem to have much to do with how good of a dancer they are. It just seems to be personality. Nigel keeps attacking people for having personalities like trees and appearing like they put Band-Aids over their mouths and painted teeth on them because of their ever-present grins. Even after watching someone do an amazing job on their solo, they can still be eliminated.


Hunter & Maria Johnson (Video)

I think a lot of us forget about choreographers Hunter & Maria Johnson, but they've done some great ballroom numbers for So You Think You Can Dance, including my favorite, Danny & Anya's Viennese Waltz.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Dance Spoiler Open Thread UPDATED

UPDATE: Me Talkin' To You organized the scattered spoilers about as well as can be done.

SYTYCD News Roundup

Our blogging buddy Leee is an SYTYCD community treasure. He has recaps up at T!YBE and Cave17.

2 things worth checking out at BuddyTV. Gina Scarpa power ranks the 7 remaining male dancers. Leslie Seaton reviews last week's ABDC. Is Super Cr3w the Richard Blais of America's Best Dance Crew? I still can't believe he wasn't Top Chef.

Robert Muraine's appearance on Ellen will be repeated Thursday.

The UCC is proud of Matt Dorame.

The Australian tour show will be 2 hours long and include 5 new pieces of choreography.

Aussie finalist Graeme Isaako can sing, but you won't see him on Australian Idol.

Mia Michaels Behind The Scenes

Mia Michaels on her top 16 group routine. Imagine if she had paid attention in math class! Thanks to Blanky for the tip.

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Fox Newsletter

Stupid me, I went to the trouble of signing up for the official So You Think You Can Dance email newsletter from the Fox site. A new one showed up in my inbox today, the first in a month. What "news" did it contain? It contained copy-and-paste answers from each of the 20 dancers' website profiles, to the question that's hot on everyone's mind:

What have you learned so far in going through the audition process for this show?

Wait. We're what? Three and a half weeks into the competition and we get copy-and-paste questions about the auditions??? And the copy-and-paste isn't even done carefully! 2 dancers' answers include the next question from the profile! What's the matter Fox? You couldn't spare anyone to come to each of our homes and slap us in the face personally?

To be fair, the newsletter wasn't totally without newsiness. Someone went to the trouble to note that Rayven, Jamie, Susie and Marquis had been eliminated. What about Chelsea and Chris's elimination, you ask? Apparently that was too newsy for THIS newsletter. Not really surprising since they haven't even updated the videos at the big, dumb, slow website with that bit of breaking news yet.

I'm sorry for the rant, but this sort of thing reveals how little the production company respects the show's audience and fans. I doubt that it will make a difference, but maybe if a bunch of us unsubscribe from this non-newsletter, someone will take some notice, somewhere.

Full newsletter text after the jump...


14 Dancers from the Top 20 Remain

Season 4 is shaping up to be a great competition with a uniquely talented group of dancers.

To find out what the 20 finalists have learned from the audition process, please continue reading, below.

Catch the 2-Hour Competition Shows on Wednesdays 8/7c and Live Results on Thursdays 9/8c.


Win a trip to L.A. for the So You Think You Can Dance Finale!

We're looking for your Happy Dance infused with spontaneity and style. Just send us a short 30-sec. video showing off your fresh dance moves and you could be a winner! Brought to you by Snuggle with Fresh Release.

Click to enter:


We recently asked each of the finalists: What have you learned so far in going through the audition process for this show?

Here's what they had to say:

Chelsea T:
An experience like this relies on 90% mental & emotional power

Chelsie H
Wow, a lot - that you can't worry too much about everyone else around you, all you can do is YOUR best. Especially in the audition process, you never want to get too caught up in other people, believe in yourself and your capabilities, and remember that everything happens for a reason whether you make it or you don't, that is what kept me calm through out the process.

How reality shows actually work. I have learned how to be a little more focused and patient. Going through this you are forced to deal with a lot of pressure and seeing if you can make it without freaking out or getting to emotional. Vegas has really prepared me to realize what is in store for me in the next couple months. Also, I have learned to be more confident and hopeful.

I learned how to stay and humble and patient, because blessings only comes to those who wait patiently. I also learned not to down your talent the more confident your are in yourself the more it will shine on stage to those who are watching you.

Courtney G:
The audition process was grueling, humbling, inspirational, unforgettable, I can go on and on and on! I learned a lot about myself as a person and as a dancer. If I learned that much in the small amount of time I was in Vegas I can't even begin to imagine the things I am about to experience.

That being good at your own style is not enough. You have to know so much more. You need to know other styles of dance, you need to be entertaining and most importantly show who you really are. Don't be fake.

Jamie (Eliminated - June 12)
I have learned that there are many amazing dancers all across the US and I am privileged to be a part of this show!

It's ALL in your head! You have to believe whole-heartedly in yourself and remember why you're here! Plus more, but I don't want to give away all my secrets.

You have to be physically and mentally fit and prepared.

I have learned that more than anything your passion, heart, and drive has to come through in your dancing and in your actions, because without it dance is just movement.

That constructive criticism is a good thing, but don't take it too personally! almost have to keep "mind over matter."
What are your favorite dance moments from movies, TV and/or stage?
Michaels, "Calling You."

Kourtni L
I have learned to take things as they come, just one step at a time. To live in the moment and not to be fazed by what the person next to me is or isn't doing. I have learned to fight through my nerves and channel them as strength. To not lose hope when things don't seem to be going so great. To really learn from other dancers and their movement and take-in every tiny thing that I can.

So far, this process has been a huge challenge mentally!!!!! I'm learning that I can't be so inverted. I need to allow myself to be somewhat vulnerable to the choreographers, dancers, and environment in order to grow. I have also learned that if you wake up and you think your hair looks cute, you should probably still do it or put something in it to maintain the look, that way it doesn't look like you have a mop on your head by the end of the day!!!!! Hahaha.

Marquis (Eliminated - June 19)
I have learned that when it comes to something serious as this its fun, exciting, and can lead to a great opportunity, but if you don't pay attention to the fast past real world of auditioning you will be lost in a second. Also you can be the most amazing technical and unique dancer in the bunch but if you don't read across your face the judges don't see anything. You have to have a personality that is warm, inviting, and in your face but lovable at the same time.

Patience is a virtue. The show is a hurry-up-and-wait process. However, the waiting is for sure a pay off for the benefits you get to experience.

Rayven (Eliminated - June 12)
That I'm strong in character, because it takes so much strength to make it this far.

Susie (Eliminated - June 19)
I have learned that its not always how high your leg can go but how you work and work with what you have. Personality is a huge part... on and off the stage, staying humble and enjoying every moment as much as possible

You never know what they want. You just have to give it your all, show your personality and keep trying.

You have to have thick skin!!!! Be comfy with who you are as a person, dancer, performer. Be ready for anything!!!!!!!!
What are your favorite dance moments from movies, TV and/or stage?

I've learned it tends to be more mental than physical. You have to remain focused. BREATHE!


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The new movmnt magazine will be out soon, and iVan's latest video podcast is available at the movmnt site.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Chelsie & Mark's Lyrical Hiphop and Katee & Joshua's Samba get the NZJ treatment at Thoughts Of A Diurnal.

Mary Murphy on The Laugh, The Scream, and Joshua Allen.

Tony And Melanie (Video)

Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin talk about choreographing non-ballroomers.

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SYTYCD News Roundup

TVSquad talks to Shane Sparks. He discusses making the transition to America's Best Dance Crew and his inspiration for knocking down the 4th wall. asks "what if a trend is popular because it's good?"

Tonya Plank knows dance and shares her observations on this week's performances.

So You Think You Can Dance is a frequent subject of inter-office IMs at

Several familiar names were recognized at the 2nd Annual Choreographer Media Awards.