Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Tour Videos

From the opening night of the tour last night in Albany, NY.

Lacey & Kameron performing Dancing, posted by sytycdlove.

Here's the first review I've seen, at Sean's Space.

In short, the SYTYCD kids did everything from the quick-step to samba, from contemporary to even popping and locking. Each of the 10 finalists (that's Sabra, Danny Tidwell, Neil Haskell, Lacey, Pasha Kovalev, Lauren Gottlieb, Dominic Sandoval, Sara Von Gillern, Kameron Bink and Jaimie Goowin) did a solo throughout the night, each teamed up for couples routines, and there were even several dances that included all 10 together.

MORE, including a bit of Neil & Sara's disco.

Cat Interview

This is from the Atlanta auditions at the beginning of the season, but I had not seen it before.

Thanks to for the tip.

Season 3 On MTV This Weekend

As I write this, I'm watching The Gold Inferno trying to learn choreography. That's right, the entire season 3 is being shown on MTV here in the States this weekend. Here's Saturday's schedule, and here's Sunday's schedule.

Thanks to Baby Z for the tip.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mia At Spinfest

WinterGuard International has released 2 videos of Mia Michaels (with Teddy Forance) interacting with colorguard/drumcorps at Spinfest. Unfortuately there's not much movement shown. I'm fascinated to see how the world of Mia Michaels intersects with the world of colorguard. Still, the videos are well worth watching.

LINK Click on WGI Central, then Spinfest.

Movmnt Magazine's Next Issue

The next issue of Movmnt Magazine will be on newstands Oct. 8th. Of interest to SYTYCD fans, Publisher/Editor-in-chief David Benaym says:

- The Calling, a new column by Mia Michaels on fame
- American Impotence, Mario Spinetti's first column in movmnt on the music industry
- A Brian Friedman portrait

and a few surprises related to Danny... and announcements.

Around The Web

Apparently the ballet world is upset with Danny Tidwell. How dare he dance for the great unwashed! The New York Times writes about the debate and about Revolution, a dance-based show opening next week at the Joyce Theater. The cast includes our girl Allison Holker from season 2.

As “ZB1” wrote on the Ballet Talk Web site (, “I don’t want to accuse Danny of selling out, but in my view that’s essentially what he’s doing, in the name of money, exposure and popularity.”

But Mr. Tidwell said: “The ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story, we’re so past that. I have a very deep respect for art, but I also think we have a lot to learn from pop culture. And that is the future. Either you can ignore it and be stuck in the past, or you can learn from it.”


The Scranton Times-Tribune previews the tour and talks to Danny:
Although there may have been competition from the other dancers, Mr. Tidwell didn't feel any added pressure from trying to outdo his brother. Mr. Tidwell was adopted by Travis' mother, dance instructor Denise Wall, at a young age. Mr. Wall was often seen in the studio audience on competition night, cheering his brother on. "Travis did give me advice,'' he said. "He told me to just go on and do my dancing and not worry about anyone else.''

Asked if there could possibly be another Wall/Tidwell vs. Schwimmer showdown on a future season of "So You Think You Can Dance,'' Mr. Tidwell laughed: "Well, I do have five other brothers who can dance.''

This story only talks about 3 alternate dancers for the tour, leaving out Shauna Noland. I wonder if there's been a change in plans.


Newsday has more on Revolution, a mashup of dance and rock & roll:
"Revolution" is rough and rockin'. But rough, rockin', tapping and stepping all at once?

Schulster laughs. "Everybody has that reaction."

Explains Hanna, "We don't want to bring the rock down to the level of tap, but the tap up to the level of rock." He's talking volume: Schulster and he are heavily miked. He also makes the point that "tap becomes the first instrument here."

Schulster puts this rock-tap encounter in historical perspective: "Fred Astaire danced to the popular songs of his day, and this is the same thing. It's organic."


Here's even more about Revolution, from the Westport News:
"The show features eight dancers, a live rock 'n' roll band, plus video projections," he added. "Unlike most theatrical video productions, the video works as content that directly relates to and interacts with what is happening live on stage. What Revolution presents is very much like a rock concert set up."
Frank estimates that he has shot about 98 percent of the video used in Revolution. "I have directed the footage of dancers, the cast members with the band and shot them in rehearsal," he explained. "We also have two cameramen on stage who shoot the show and then we mix that in with the video. The cameramen are actually choreographed into the show."

Ok, somebody needs to send me to New York.


From The Denver Post:
Revolutionary ideas beg for suitably bracing verbiage, but the best way to grasp them is often the simplest.

"We dance. You vote."

That's the essence of Ballet Nouveau Colorado's 21st Century Choreography Competition, a YouTube-driven, "American Idol"-style contest that has the potential to make modern dance relevant to vast new audiences.

We'll be watching and reporting on that story.


The debate about celebrities and dance on TV, started last week by the Washington Post, continues. This time from a UK perspective.
Britain, of course, hasn't needed America's lead to drive its own TV coverage in the same direction. While producers can't wait to push the next series of Strictly Come Dancing on to the schedules, opportunities for the rest of the art form in mainstream television have pretty much dwindled to the occasional documentary or the annual Christmas screening of a 19th-century tutu ballet.


We Need Tour Correspondents

The Tour starts today! If you attend a date, please drop Ducky or me a line. We want to hear all about the show. Which dancers performed? Which didn't? Which routines did they do? Which group numbers? Did you meet any of the dancers? Got any photos or videos you'd like to share?

If you don't have tickets yet, I understand they're still available in most markets. Check here for your area.

Travis Wall Videos

Loralyn found this on Travis Wall's Myspace page. Travis and Jaimie Goodwin in the faculty show at NYCDA in Arizona.

We're laying off the season 3 montages for a while, but this montage of Travis improvs caught our attention.

Travis, along with Ivan, has since left NYCDA and joined up with NUVO. We'll see if we can cover their Atlanta workshop in January.

Loralyn won tickets to her local tour date, as well as passes to a meet-n-greet through a Myspace contest. We can't think of a more deserving fan. We'll expect a full report when Loralyn starts her new blog. Best of luck with that, and thanks for all the great links.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tour Kickoff Party

The tour cast at Magic Mountain for the tour kickoff party.

More here, though you have to register. Thanks to Lanae for the tip.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The video of the day thing isn't working for me, so i'm doing away with it. I'll still post videos of interest as they come to my attention.

Here's one of my favorite choreographers, Tovaris Wilson, teaching class. First in Melbourne, Australia.

Next, in Mexico City.

Mia In The News

Mia Michaels recently taught at Spinfest, a gathering of drumcorps and colorguard enthusiasts. Here's a review of that appearance from

The centerpiece of the weekend was the “Mia Michaels Experience” which certainly lived up to everyone’s wildest dreams. Fresh off her Emmy Award win last week, Mia entered the giant ballroom filled to capacity with 300 dancers and began a very challenging two-hour dance class which incorporated her unique style of movement and expression. Twenty minutes into the class she stopped and complimented the participants that her expectation of their ability had been lower and took the class to the next level. Ms. Michaels also brought along her gifted assistant, Ted Forance, who treated those in attendance to an amazing demonstration of improvisation.


Lyndsey Darcangelo at Lez Keep It Real posts the leftovers of an interview she did with Mia for Curve Magazine.
Is it more difficult when you connect to certain dancers?

Definitely, because you don’t know who you’re going to connect with. My first time working with Lacey, I connected to her big time and I didn’t think I would because I never connected to her brother at all. And when I had her the first week, I just thought she was a cool chick. She is just awesome and real. I thought if we wouldn’t be working together we’d be friends. So some of the dancers to just connect to. Like Dominick was just amazing to have around. He was just a joy. This season, by far, was my favorite season of dancers because of their personalities and talent. We laughed, cried, created and danced. It was a great season.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Video Of The Day

Some moments from season 2 featuring Travis, Allison, Ivan, and Natalie.

Created by JDizzle757

Created by flyingcactus

Danny in 2003

TWOP poster Nanners994 came across this ArtsJournal profile of Danny Tidwell from 2003. He was 18 then, yet he already commanded attention. We learn that his experience on SYTYCD wasn't the first time competition renewed his love of dance:

The lure of competing saved a career that might have been over before it had even began. Tidwell decided to whip himself into shape "for Jackson" [the USA International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi—these things have fancy names] and copped the silver.

We also learn who his role models were back then:
Meanwhile, he's still young enough in his career to be looking for role models. His choices, keen-eyed and intuitive, suit the kind of dancer he promises to become. "First, Jose Manuel Carreño. He's beautiful. It's the way his muscles work and the way he makes everything look effortless. His dancing is so clean and clear, and yet it's not finished, ever. When he's offstage, you want him to come back, because you don't want him to finish. And he never does; he never stops. When he performs, he's not showing off his talent; no, it's a conversation with the audience. He seems to be saying, 'I'm dancing for you.' This is so comforting and inspiring.

"Then Carlos Acosta. He's a freak of nature. He's so tall and his movement is so huge. He's such a story. When he runs—well, he's just this big, massive man just running and turning and jumping. He defies gravity and he turns more than you'd ever think possible—and he still holds his fifth position perfect. Amazing.

"And Desmond Richardson, especially in his contemporary dancing, which is absolutely brilliant. You should see him in hip-hop class—moving and isolating and just living."

"But the one is Jose Manuel."


Another Shane Sparks Interview

Despite some glaring transcription errors, HipHopRemix has a pretty interesting interview with Shane Sparks.

On whether So You Think You Can Dance has helped hiphop:

Actually it’s helped every industry. Every dance genre in the world. Before this show I never really paid attention to ballroom dance and all the different styles: quickstep, foxtrot, Latin, samba. I never really knew what were about. There are a lot of people out there that do that stuff for a living and never had the respect. Like Hip Hop. A lot of people do hip hop but don't have the respect. That show has put all of dance styles to life and me and a lot of people respect that all styles of dance are just important as any style of dance. They're all beautiful styles. That show has brought it to life. Now, people are making money of ballroom classes, Samba classes, Salsa classes, hip hop classes.


Around The Web

We have a couple of things going on.

Nigel Lythgoe was involved in what sounds like a lively panel discussion on reality TV at an industry event last week.

Fox's reality guru Mike Darnell and "American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe sparred at a lively panel discussion Thursday night about Britain's role in the reality boom on American television.

At the BAFTA event entitled "Another British Invasion," hosted by BAFTA and CAA, the two fired several back-and-forth zingers good enough to land them their own improv show.


Mary Murphy will be a presenter at the 2007 Fox Reality Channel Awards.


Two frequent contributors to BSYTYCD, Loralyn and Nick, recommend this interview with musician Mario Spinetti. He discusses working with Danny Tidwell and meeting Mia Michaels, amongst other SYTYCD-related moments. It's at Daily Purge, a podcast of the tragically fabulous variety.

LINK directly to the MP3 file.

Phillip Chbeeb (PacMan), season 1 finalist Sandra Colton, and season 2 finalist Musa Cooper are competing in a brand new round at the FAMECAST Dance Stage. Our friend Clarita writes:
Hi, we need to support our friend Musa. Plus, Sandra Colton and Pacman are competing, like they did last season. This round is for the top 50, and currently Musa is ranked 64, so we need to get him up there! I know you have to register to vote, bummer, but it's worth it :)

LINK to Dance Stage

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sabra On The Ellen Show

A VERY poor quality capture, but it's all I've been able to find so far.