Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lacey Injury Update

Lacey Schwimmer has sent a Myspace bulletin updating us on her knee injury:

Oct 20, 2007 1:27 AM
well everyone ive been trying to hold off as long as possible...but here we go

im in cali resting many knee injuries for a few days.

so lets hope when the rest is over ill be back on my feet doing what i love for who i love.

sorry to those who went and couldnt see me. kisskiss!

thanks for the support!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Free Mario Spinetti Concert

New York area Mario Spinetti fans take note. Movmnt Magazine is sponsoring a free concert this Sunday, the 21st, at The Living Room on the lower east side. More info here.

Weekend Marathon Discussion Thread

It's been more than a year since most have seen season 2. Now that we're older and wiser (we hope), what did you notice this time around? Should someone else have made it into the top 20? How great is Clair Callaway? Did Jason get cheated? How was it to see Mary's choreography again? And Brian Friedman's? Did Ivan last longer than he should have? Who impressed you more or less than you remembered?

Newest comments will appear at the top.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

Your weekend will belong to Benji, Travis, Donyelle, Heidi, Ivan, Allison, Ryan and the rest. MTV has a season 2 marathon scheduled beginning Friday night. We'll have an open discussion thread, so stop by and share your observations. Thanks to Loralyn for the tip.

LINK to Friday's schedule
LINK to Saturday's schedule.
LINK to Sunday's schedule.

The Daily Press has 3 mini-reviews from Tuesday night's show in Hampton, Va. Here's one:

Although my favorite dancer, Lacey Schwimmer, couldn't dance because of a knee injury, I thoroughly enjoyed the energy of the show and the enthusiastic crowd. Ballroom dancer Anya Garnis and contemporary dancer Shawna Noland did a good job of filling in for Lacey during some of my favorite dances -- the samba with local Danny Tidwell, who dominated the stage with his presence throughout the show, and a moving contemporary piece with Kameron Bink. I watched the show all season and it was interesting to see how the emotion of the choreography played to a live audience -- at times the solos seemed lacking, but during the group numbers the show came alive. -- Nicole Paitsel, Daily Press


Stephen Boss, aka tWitch, was the last cut in this season's Las Vegas audition round. Here's an excerpt from Amy Weaver's story about tWitch's return home to teach hiphop dance:
Boss’ outfit - a black cap tilted sideways, a green Superman T-shirt, long red and black basketball shorts hanging low, bright yellow tube socks, and green Nike hightops - said he came to dance hip-hop and nothing else. No tutus today. With or without the persona, the intensity he has for teaching his style radiated from him for 90 straight minutes.

His musical choice, a number written by Robson, rattled the floor boards, but so did one stomp of his foot. Students were captivated by every move he made.

It was carefree but precise, commanding but rebellious, arrogant but confident. Miss a beat, miss a lot, so try to keep up.


Shauna's Take On Dancing with Kameron

While Lacey Schwimmer recovers from a knee injury, Shauna Noland dances her part in Dancing with Kameron Bink. This is from the Hampton, Va. show.
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Wade Robson On DWTS

Wade's appearance on Dancing With The Stars. The song is Hi by Psapp. Travis Wall is in there...somewhere.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anya Doing The Samba

Anya steps in to the Samba with Danny.
Uploaded by ncsugirl919.

Thanks to Ms. Anonymous for the tip.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Subbing For Lacey

We certainly hope for Lacey's quick return from her knee injury, but in the mean time it's interesting to see some of the substitutions. Here's Danny and Anya's Viennese Waltz to Lifehouse's You And Me, possibly my favorite routine of the season.
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Jaimie Goodwin fills in for Lacey in Mia Michaels' reunion piece.
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SYTYCD News Roundup

Reports from the tour indicate that Lacey Schwimmer's knee injury has gotten worse and caused her to stop dancing for at least the next 3 shows. Shauna Noland is filling in for Lacey in the Dancing routine with Kameron Bink, Jaimie Goodwin is subbing for her in the Time piece with Neil Haskell, and Anya Garnis takes her place in the Samba with Danny Tidwell. Lacey and Danny's Viennese Waltz has been replaced with Anya & Danny's Viennese Waltz from early in the season. The Mein Herr routine has been dropped entirely as it was designed for the top 4 dancers. Lacey still appears at the beginning and end of the shows. The tour takes tonight off before appearing in Hampton, Va. tomorrow night.

Wade Robson will appear on tomorrow night's Dancing With The Stars results show. Reliable sources have confirmed that Travis Wall will be amongst the 8 dancers appearing with Wade. Thanks to Loralyn for the original tip.

Swan Lake Samba Girl has a review of the latest movmnt magazine.


The November issue of DanceSpirit Magazine features Sara Von Gillern's diary of her journey on the show.