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LA Times blogger Stephanie Lysaght paints a picture of a real lovefest at last night's elimination show.

Rachel Howard, the dance correspondent for San Francisco Chronicle, analyzes each routine for The Voice Of Dance. For instance:

--Kourtni Lind and Matt Dorame in contemporary.

Choreography, 9. Performance, 7.

Hallelujah for Sonya Tayeh’s choreography, proving that “contemporary” is not synonymous with flailing melodrama set to Celine Dion. Her piece was hip, richly textured and smart, and it made Kourtni L. and Matt look their best. Nigel is ridiculous to say the public won’t understand it. The real problem is the weird brother-sister chemistry between Kourtni and Matt—and the fact that their personalities aren’t flowering. Adam’s advice to Matt to let loose and dance into the floor more is right on. Lose the ninja mask, too, and maybe he and Kourtni could have more spark. Prediction: bottom three.


In his Uncle Orson Reviews Everything column, novelist Orson Scott Card is still upset about the elimination of Marquis Cunningham:
Marquis Cunningham was one of the two most skilled dancers in the show this year – and the other one, Debbie Allen's protégé, is the judges' pet. Since Cunningham is far more likeable than Will Wingfield, it seems as if the judges might have, consciously or un-, taken the opportunity to get rid of him so that he couldn't, through some fluke, spoil their plan of having Will Wingfield as the sole contemporary dancer in the finals.

Yet Marquis is everything they claimed to be looking for. How do you get rid of someone like that?


Natalie's Top 16 Results Show Music

Short and sweet this week since I’m a slacker. A different set of montage songs. I hope they keep doing this, but only if Nigel promises to never use an Avril Lavigne song ever again.

Mia Michaels’ Top 16 routine

Mia Michaels finds new ways to utilize songs every time. The poles emphasizing the beat was great. A strange song for a strange dance made by a strange choreographer.

Song title: The Dance
Artist/Band: Charlotte Martin
Where you’ve heard the song before: The same place your heard the song from Kourtni and Matt’s routine from last night.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Quest’s performance

The first 30 seconds of this dance made it for me. From the laugh to hitting every beat while standing on their hands. Sick nasty. I love Quest. It almost wouldn’t be fair to have them on ABDC…

Song title: Chemical Calisthenics
Artist/Band: Blackalicious feat. Cut Chemist
Where you’ve heard the song before: Not too sure, but I think they should use it for Chemistry class. I would have learned my elements way faster.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Continued after the jump...
Chelsea Traille’s solo

Another slow song. Nothing spectacular as far as how she used the song.

Song title: A Song for You
Artist/Band: Donny Hathaway
Where you’ve heard the song before: Elliott Yamin and Chris Richardson both performed this song on Idol. No surprise that it ended up on SYTYCD.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Thayne’s solo

He looked like a lost dog at one point. I think I’m losing the ability to review solos because I know their song choices are limited.

Song title: Always
Artist/Band: Bon Jovi
Where you’ve heard the song before: I mean, who doesn’t love some Jovi? Even Cat loves it.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Comfort’s solo

I love me some Mary J. sometimes. This was one of those times. I liked this better than her solo last week.

Song title: Just Fine
Artist/Band: Mary J. Blige
Where you’ve heard the song before: It’s been around. I mean, it’s no Stop and Stare but it got airplay.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Chris’ solo

There’s something about his dancing that bothers me. And this song did nothing to help that.

Song title: After Tonight
Artist/Band: Justin Nozuka
Where you’ve heard the song before: I’ve never heard of it, but he did a guest spot on Degrassi: the Next Generation, so I’m sure some people have heard the song before.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Kourtni’s solo

IMO, Kourtni should dance to Ani Difranco all the time. Her energy was crazy and the way she used Ani’s words to elevate her choreography was amazing. I want to see her on tour. Dancing to this song.

Song title: Fire Door (Live)
Artist/Band: Ani Difranco
Where you’ve heard the song before: I like Ani, but if you’re not into her, you might not be familiar with the song.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Matt’s solo

Once I got past his fabulous shirt, I ended up loving his solo. The song was simple so we were able to concentrate on his movement. I ended up loving it.

Song title: I’m Yours
Artist/Band: Jason Mraz
Where you’ve heard the song before: On his newest album.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Jordin Spark’s performance

First off, I thought that if she sang right now, she’d lose her voice forever? Second, performers actually sing live these days? Third, I didn’t realize til she stopped walking that the heels clicking was in the music and not her heels. That is all.

Song title: One Step at a Time
Artist/Band: Jordin Sparks
Where you’ve heard the song before: On the raaadiooo. Oh oh. I sang that. Even though I sound nothing like Regina Spektor.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Girl’s Goodbye Montage song

You go from Kate Voegele to Idina Menzel to Avril Lavigne?! Seriously??? Pick a better song!!! At least they switch it every week.

Song title: When You’re Gone
Artist/Band: Avril Lavigne
Where you’ve heard the song before: .On her tour…oh wait…she can’t give those tickets away. ;)
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Guy’s Goodbye Montage Song

FINALLY! A different OneRepublic song! Loved it.

Song title: All We Are
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Where you’ve heard the song before: On Gossip Girl. What’s that? You don’t watch that show? Well you should.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Quest On SYTYCD (Video)

Uploaded by randompl4y

Some people seem to love the routine, but I was disappointed. Nothing really happened except for a bunch of falling down. I guess I was expecting something more like this SickStep (Quest forerunner) routine from season 2.

Uploaded by HumanAddiction

Kristen Sample at TVSquad recaps last night's festivities.

Travis Wall talks to the Virginian-Pilot about working on the upcoming Adam Shankman/Adam Sandler movie.

New York Daily News blogger Cristina Kinon loves Melanie LaPatin. Have we already forgotten the unique place Melanie holds in So You Think You Can Dance history?

Apparently there was a Thayne Jasperson voting party in Utah this week. He may need even more of the same next week.

Natalie's Top 16 Performance Show Music Recap

I apologize for being behind this week. Here are the songs from the Top 16 Performance Show.

Kherington and Twitch’s Hip Hop routine choreographed by Napoleon & Tabitha

First off, Nigel, you’re off your rocker. Parts were super sloppy. Stop pimping contestants, judges. It wasn’t staccato enough for me. The beginning part was on point, but the part right before the last siren, definitely wasn’t good. The snare drum gave them an amazing chance to really hit things hard. Neither of them used it. I didn’t think they had musicality throughout the whole thing. Not a fan of them dancing with that song. Although I did appreciate Kherington flipping over Twitch’s back as Busta said “Make the back flip.” I’m a nerd.

Song title: Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em)
Artist/Band: Busta Rhymes
Where you’ve heard the song before: I couldn’t figure it out for a few minutes, but then I realized, it’s in the Boost mobile commercial.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Courtney and Gev’s Rumba choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

I somehow could not get past the “adult movie” vibe at first. I know, get your mind out of the gutter, Natalie. I’m sorry. In saying that, I thought that the music elevated the choreography. It gave them the mood they needed, which made the choreography that much better.

Song title: Wishing on a Star
Artist/Band: Rose Royce
Where you’ve heard the song before:
Where you can listen to the whole song:

More after the jump...
Comfort and Chris’ Jazz routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio

I actually agreed with all the judges. Finally, some focus on the music! It’s a strong song. Instead of letting the song elevate their movement, they let it overpower them. Chris looked like he could have been dancing to any song. Tyce went from using a weak song to using a song that was almost too strong. He also ended it almost the exact same way Wade ended Travis and Heidi’s Afro Pop routine.

Song title: The Beautiful People
Artist/Band: Marilyn Manson
Where you’ve heard the song before: Check out some information at Wikipedia.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Jessica and Will’s Disco routine choreographed by Doriana Sanchez

The music called for high energy. They gave it to all they had. They definitely came up to meet the music. The judges said it all.

Song title: Heaven Must Have Sent You
Artist/Band: Bonnie Pointer
Where you’ve heard the song before: The Studio 54 Soundtrack
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Kourtni and Matt’s Contemporary routine choreographed by Sonya Tayek

The song was definitely something that we’ve never heard on the show. I think that it fit well with the choreography. Just quirky enough. I’m a Sonya fan.

Song title: Wrestlers (Sticky, Dirty Pop Mix)
Artist/Band: Hot Chip
Where you’ve heard the song before: In the weirdest dream you've ever had.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Chelsea and Thayne’s Quickstep choreographed by Heather Smith

Eh. Not crazy about the song. I never know what the quickstep is supposed to look like, but I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be like that. The song somehow didn’t work for me. Maybe it was just me. There was something missing.

Song title: You Can’t Hurry Love
Artist/Band: Phil Collins
Where you’ve heard the song before: Everywhere. The Supremes recorded it originally.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Chelsie and Mark’s Hip Hop routine choreographed by Napoleon & Tabitha

They choreograph to the words! Hooray! Because of this, Chelsie and Mark were able to really get into the emotion of the song. I was especially a fan of when Mark was behind Chelsie and she hit each movement while he seemed to be manipulating her. Even the small movement of his fingers on her chest. I’m a pretty big fan of Napoleon and Tabitha for making my music recapping job that much more amazing.

Song title: Bleeding Love
Artist/Band: Leona Lewis
Where you’ve heard the song before: This is another Stop and Stare type song. It’s all over the place. Speaking of that song, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and Jesse McCartney wrote it. McCartney recorded it on one of his albums. Read more here: Wikipedia
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Here’s the Jesse McCartney version because I’m still floored that he recorded this first:

Katee and Joshua’s Samba choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

Loved all of it. Everything worked. Unfortunately it looks as though Angela Via’s album Supergirl which features this song is no where to be found. You can find about 7 different remixes all over, but not the original song which Katee and Joshua danced to. I have a website where you can listen to the full song, but that’s it.

Song title: Baila, Baila
Artist/Band: Angela Via
Where you’ve heard the song before: It’s like the song came out and then disappeared.
Where you can listen to the whole song:

Full song at

Top 16 Results Show - Sue Brody's Recap

Cat is introduced--sort of (during the opening group dance)--wearing a fancy gray dress, though I think the ruffle at the top looks like it's going to swallow her neck. The group dance has a great deal of synchronized movement but I can't tell you exactly what is going on (the circus? the costumes and the poles reminded me of a merry-go-round). Comfort and Mark are showcased and it turns out it is a routine by Mia Michaels (I was certain it was by Sonya Tayeh). The dancers stay on stage as Cat walks through their line, and we are told HERE IS CAT DEELEY and then "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE," and I wonder if this is purposely done or if there was an audio glitch (wouldn't be the first time). Adam is dressed all in black, Mary has on a red dress (pretty), and Nigel is wearing a leather jacket (he is going home via motorcycle after the show?), which is surprising, to say the least.

The first three couples are introduced. Chelsea and Thayne's quickstep is reviewed, and not surprisingly, based on the judges' comments from the night before, they are in the bottom three (you can usually tell, but as I'll point out shortly, occasionally it's not as clear cut). Nigel had said that they better have their solos ready, and Cat asks if Nigel was right. Yes, he was. Mary notes that they did a respectable job, but none of us are surprised, and that they will take everything into account, including the solos, when making the final cuts, which definitely seems to be the case this year.

Katee and Joshua's samba gets...

Continued after the jump...
...a quick look, though we mostly are treated to Joshua's tight trousers. They are safe, to no one's surprise, and leave the stage. I like Joshua's t-shirt, red with a large skull on the front.

Chelsie and Mark's lyrical hip hop is shown, including Adam's jump and scream ("That's entertainment!"). Cat says that the judges loved it and...America loved it, too. They kiss and do a happy dance and are safe.

After the break, Kherington and Twitch are introduced, provoking many screams from the girls in the audience. Their hip hop number is briefly viewed, Mary screams her Murphy proverb, Nigel notes that there were no negatives, and Cat asks if the millions (this is the only time the number of votes is mentioned, so I wonder how many there really were) of voters could find anything wrong with their performances, and they could not, so the couple is safe, and Cat notes that Twitch's superhero glasses are still working.

Courtney and Gev's Rhumba is up next, and while there is a little bit of suspense as to whether they will be safe, the comments they show indicate otherwise. Mary notes how proud she is of them, and Nigel says he is s very, very happy with routine. Cat says that the judges enjoyed the routine but how did America feel...and...they enjoyed it, too, and the couple is safe. This leaves us with Comfort and Chris and their African jazz routine, and let the negative comments begin. Adam didn't see the music in their face, Nigel wanted it to be stronger, bigger, and animalistic, Mary says that Comfort is almost off the train and Chris does not get a hot tamale scream from me (in reference to Chris's hope the night before in the package). Cat asks if the reaction from America was lukewarm? Yes, it was, and they are the second couple in the bottom three. Adam notes that he is not surprised--six dancers have to be in the bottom three, and this is as much about the luck of the draw as the dancing, and I am happy that he points this out to the uninitiated. He also tels Comfort and Chris that they their dancing is about much more than technique and about throwing everything they have into the dance if they remain in the competition, and I think, Finally, a productive comment! I love Adam.

The final two couples are Kourtni and Matt and Jessica and Will, and this is where I find the most suspense. Kourtni and Matt's contemporary dance is shown, and Nigel lauds Sonya, while Mary screams "there's something weird for sale and I'm buying it!" (Is the first weird thing Mary has ever purchased, I wonder. I'm kidding!) Adam says that when people talk about synchronized dancing they are talking about you, and I think, Okay, they are safe. Maybe.

Jessica and Will's disco routine is reviewed, and Adam says that Jessica has to understand what a good dancer she is, Will is so great, and they carried their mistakes off. At this point, I'm still pretty sure they are going to land in the bottom three, but no, it's Kourtni and Matt, and I'm quite disappointed. Nigel then tries to explain what he thinks the rationale behind the voting was. He says that the style of the dance showed what they're really good at (I agree), but Kourtni used to be in his top five girls and now he's not so sure. He also says that Matt has to bring out his personality more and and not just technique, and I am feeling deja vous all over again. He also points out hat they have been in the bottom three for two long, and Kourtni says, I agree, and I love her.

Then Nigel goes on his once-a-program tirade. He says that Matt needs to immerse himself in the parts he plays, and does impressions of a German man, a French man, and Michael Caine, whom he says does NOT need to change with every role because he is Michael Caine, and that Matt needs to BRING IT TONIGHT. I am soooo tired of Nigel ragging on Matt, and I do hope he brings it big time in his solo.

Our dancing performers are then introduced and it's Quest! Cat reminds us that Ryan, Don, and Hok were SYTYCD finalists, this is the best crew in America (a jab at America's Best Dance Crew?), and the group dances to Chemical Calisthenics by Blackalicious featuring Cut Chemist (yes, I had to stop the tape a couple of times to get that down). I have no idea who this group or song is, but it's perfect for Quest, who choreograph a routine based on a surgical premise, with white lab coats and khakis. I LOVE this routine. There are head spins, popping, locking, tricks, isolations, head spins, and individual and group moves. Wow.

After the break, we get to see Snuggling in the Streets (TM), followed by the contestants watching some of the viewer submissions and choosing this guy doing a sort of air guitar dance. I hope that's it for Snuggle Dancing.

Finally, onto the solos! I will say up front that I don't understand why we don't critiques on the solos from the judges aside from one was great or it was disappointing, which neither helps the dancers nor the viewers, who are trying to understand what the judges expect in a solo. I hope this changes in the future (if anyone knows Nigel, please pass this along). Chelsea dances to Donny Hathaway, and I find her sensual with pretty cool leaps. Thayne dances to Bon Jovi (cool choice), and I think he really uses the stage, and that the piece is both emotive and Thayne shows us some lovely lines. Comfort dances to Mary J Blige, a perfect choice, but I am not particularly wowed. I expected bigger movements or more tricks, and I got neither. Chris dances to Justin Nozuka, an artist with whom I am not familiar, and it's just an average contemporary routine, without great technique or passion. I think that's it for Chris. Kourtni dances to Ani DiFranco, and I am disappointed. I think the gray dress she wears doesn't help, and I don't see the sparkle in her eyes the judges wanted. I am not sure it is strong enough. Finally, Matt dances to Jason Mraz, and it's a quirky solo, with both technique and personality, and I think it's enough to keep him safe.

After the dancers leave the stage and the judges go backstage to make the cuts (Adam spills his water and Nigel makes a feeble Titantic reference), Jordin Sparks, last year's American Idol winner, enters the stage (it's a little strange that she walks to the front as she waves and then the music begins). We learn that this is her third single from her first album, and I yawn. She has on a pink Wizard-of-Oz top dress (big and baggy), and I don't understand why she isn't dressed in more flattering clothing. The song is One Step at a Time, but since this is not American Idol and I can't stand lip syncing, I call to talk to my sister about the solos.

Finally, finally, FINALLY we get to the results. Nigel talks to all six dancers, noting that all of them have been in the bottom for two or three weeks running, and that America is saying you've got to bring it or next week will be your last week. He also notes that he is offering tough love because he loves all of them and that's why they were chosen to be in the Top 20. I am sure they appreciate the support, plus he's right; these couples do keep ending up in the bottom three. He then moves to the girls and says, Chelsea, you're going home. That's it. No explanation, just See ya, bye. She looks surprised and sighs, the audience gasps, and I am upset, not just because her solo was the best and she is let go but because Nigel gives no explanation. Why bother having the dancers even do a solo if you don't give them a reason why they're going home?! Cat tells her not to cry, shows her goodbye montage to an Avril Lavigne song (I am not sure why they keep changing it up every week, but I like that), and then Chelsea gives a classy speech about her feeling privileged to dance on the stage, that she will keep going, and that she is going home to a warm family that is ready to cradle her, and I smile.

Nigel moves onto the guys, and says, Matt, I've been hitting on you every week, and I apologize, your solo was brilliant, go and sit down. Finally Matt gets props, and I'm pleased. We're down to Thayne and Chris, and Nigel says, I don't understand why you guys seem to be here every week--I don't know if it's American not loving contemporary dancers (I doubt this, since Sabra, Danny, and Neil were in the final four last year)--but that Chris is going home. This is no surprise, though no specific reason is given, and Thayne is told he will be dancing with Comfort next week, and wishes the pair of them good luck. Chris's goodbye montage plays to One Republic (they are loving on One Republic this year, but I love them, too, so no complaints from me). Chris apologizes for crying (what a cutie), and that it was a dream come true just to be in the top 20, and he loves them all. As the credits roll, Comfort and Chris hug, Thayne and Chelsea hug, and it's nice to see. Perhaps the decision was made so that Kourtni and Matt would have one more chance to perform and that Comfort and Thayne would make an interesting couple, but for whatever reason that's it. See you next week.

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Quick Update

E!Online has a video titled 4 Ladies We Love, a closer look at Katee Shean, Kherington Payne, Jessica King and Comfort Fedoke.

The MTV Newsroom blog talks about the "bubbling beef" between 2 of our favorite dance shows. I think I had the Bubbling Beef at that great Thai restaurant last week.

Nate Levy recaps tonight's eliminations.

Courtney & Gev Montage (Video)

Our friend Buffmetube is a master of the art & science of montage making. He's turned his attention to Courtney & Gev.

Check out his remix of Chelsie & Mark's Tim Burton wedding routine too.

America's Best Dance Crew Open Thread

So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 Results Show Open Thread

Top 16 Poll Results

Our poll is pretty clear cut this week.

Clearly Safe
Chelsie H & Mark
Katee & Joshua

Probably safe
Courtney G & Gev
Kherington & Twitch
Kourtni L & Matt

At risk
Jessica & Will
Chelsea T & Thayne
Comfort & Chris

Thanks for voting!
Full results after the jump...

Kherington & Twitch 68 (21%)

Courtney G & Gev 72 (22%)

Comfort & Chris 13 (4%)

Jessica & Will 26 (8%)

Kourtni L & Matt 57 (17%)

Chelsea T & Thayne 23 (7%)

Chelsie H & Mark 180 (56%)

Katee & Joshua 164 (51%)

Afternoon Update UPDATED

Adam B Vary comments on the Twitchington Paradox. Wasn't that a Ludlum novel?

Check out Sonya Tayeh's choreography reel. I still think she had Mark Kanemura in mind when she created that piece for Kourtni & Matt.

UPDATE: Us Magazine gets the lowdown on last night's show from Mary Murphy and Dan Karaty.

Top 16 Performance Show - Sue B's Recap

Cat begins the show in a fetching white dress. After some strong solos, the show begins. Adam Shankman is this week's guest judge (I love Adam Shankman). He has on a spiffy pink tie. Mary has on a very sparkly dress, and Nigel is in white. Adam notes that Cat looks "categorically, cataclysmically (I have no idea how to spell this) catastic," and I am impressed by his alliteration. He notes that he has just finished shooting the new Adam Sandler Christmas movie with dancers including Lacey and Travis (yay!), and then Cat asks Mary what she thinks about the season so far. She says she thinks last year it was easier to know who would be kicked off at this point (really?!) and that this is the best year ever (really?!) and then screams. Nigel goes into a brief Cyd Charisse retrospective, which is tasteful, and notes that he danced with her 40 years ago and that she objected to the way he touched her, which doesn't surprise me.

I am not going into the way each partner reveals something about the other in the package unless it's relevant, b/c it's just filler and I don't really care. Kherington and Twitch are up first with hip hop. (I guess the Twitchington moniker didn't take.) The routine is not bad, and the judges loved it, but frankly, I expected more. It was amusing and there was some nice moves, but aside from Twitch dancing with Kherington on his shoulders (very cool), I didn't see anything extraordinary. They do a prison break number choreographed by...

More after the jump...
...Napoleon and Tabitha, and note that they don't want Twitch to come down a level but want Kherington to come up several, which I think she does. They are dressed in red and dance to Busta Rhymes. Nigel thought they showed great spirit and energy and T&N created a fantastic routine (every choreographer got praised, which has become par for the course; they better never forget anyone!). He listed all of the positives and then said there were no negatives. Mary said that they were on the top ten most wanted list of SYTYCD (get it?), and thought it was hard hitting and that Kherington did bring it up., and then she screamed as part of the "handed down Murphy proverbs" (it must be very loud in that household). Fortunately, Adam had a couple of useful suggestions (told Kherington to stay in character the whole time and know when to hit it and when to back down), but thought it was awesome, too. They are safe.

Next up are Courtney and Gev doing Tony Meredith's Rhumba. I thought it was interesting that Courtney had been going to school as a special ed teacher, and I hope she'll bring dance to the classroom in the future. Now the biggest shock of the night: Not only did Melanie's last name get used (its LaPatin), BUT she also got to speak! Unbelievable! I wonder if the producers had mandated this. Anyway, she did talk about technique, and then they danced to Rose Royce. It was beautiful. Courtney had on a sleek half blue dress (complimenting Katee's sleek half dress at the end of the show), and the dress was sexy, and smooth, with terrific partnering. I was surprised and very happy for the couple, as was Nigel, who thought they had a good connection. Interestingly, Dominic was in the audience (I'm sure it's b/c Quest is the special guest dance company tonight) and he pointed out the Dom/Gev similarities (meaning that, as many of you have guessed, there was a deliberate Gev and Courtney/Dom and Sabra parallel). That's fine with me; Dom made it to number 8 and Sabra won last year, so it hasn't hurt this couple to date. Mary thought they could be a bit more melting but was really proud of them, and Adam thought that Mary looked like a really pretty disco ball (amusing). He loved the routine too, but suggested that Gev work on his arm extensions while Mary and Nigel pretend to sleep (as if THEY don't blather on so much of the time; at least Adam was trying to be constructive). They'll be safe.

Comfort and Chris are given Jazz by Tyce DiOrio and you hope that they will smash it, but such is not the case. Tyce is looking for a grounded and earthy performance (think Jessi and Pasha's terrific African Jazz from last season), but that it not what they deliver. The dance was set to Marilyn Manson (kind of an odd choice, I thought), but they don't get close to hitting the intensity of the song. Nigel says that he expected much more of the capes that used to signify the ground (earthy) and that he was disappointed with their lack of power. Comfort said they were supposed to be like African warriors, but it was clear they failed in their attempt. Nigel wanted stronger, bigger, animalistic movement, and Mary said that she lost interest as the piece progress, and Chris looked very sad. Adam said that they weren't consistent, and that the music didn't flow through their voices and their faces and Tyce looked sad. They will be in the bottom three. Mary then went on to tell them that they had been on the hot tamale train, moved to the caboose, and Comfort was now off it and I thought 1) overkill, and 2) way to break the dancers' spirits.

Jessica and Will are next, dancing Disco to a Doriana Sanchez. I already shuddered, given the reaction disco usually receives, but Will hoped Jessica would have a chance to shine. Doriana noted that Jessica was not absorbing things, but the judges and I think she did decent job during the routine, danced to Bonnie Pointer, though I preferred Will's dancing. They were both dressed in white, and I found the dance rather abored, with strong turns and lifts but little flow. However, I was overruled. :) Adam said they showed great partnering (she covered a mistake of his at the end) and that it was fantastic with really challenging material. He did note, based on the package, that Jessica was beautiful and a great dancer and needed to realize this and get out of her own way., but that Will was terrific. Nigel said that they really hit disco, and Mary said that it was a turning point for Jessica and Will and that Jessica stepped up to the plate. I think they may be in the bottom three, and I would place them there, but we'll see.

The next couple is Kourtni and Matt, and we got to see Kourtni's tattoo on her back that reads "...and so she would dance," an inspirational mantra of sorts. We see Matt's Ninja mask and I am not particularly amused. They were provided with a contemporary routine by new-to-the-program choreographer Sonya Tayeh, who is clearly all kinds of punk with her mohawk, tattoos, and piercings. She gave them a comic book routine with a lot of running and flirting to the music of Hot Chip (I am not familiar with this group). The costumes were bizarre, but I thought it was a fun and quirky routine, with lots of nice unison work. Nigel was pleased that they found a style that worked for both of them, and that the public might not appreciate the routine but that dancers would absolutely love their technique. Mary referred to Sonya's weirdness and that the weirdness "was for sale and I'm buying it" (a new phrase), noting how the dance showcased their feet and extensions. Adam told Matt to lose the Ninja mask, seriously (ha ha), but pointed out that their bodies were in control, though he would have preferred that Kourtni not be dressed in a clown bag. All in all he thought the dance was fantastic, and I liked it a lot, too, but I am not sure that the viewers will.

Chelsea and Thayne were given the Quickstep, and I thought, Uh oh, train wreck, and it really was. The choreographer was Heather Smith, with whom I am not familiar, and she put them in a hula hoop to avoid them ending up with "chicken wings" (Thayne was particularly having fun with the hula hoop). Chelsea looked very pretty in her silver dress, and I liked Thayne's black suit and gray shirt, but that was about all I liked. They danced to Phil Collins' "You Can't Hurry Love" (I had no idea he covered it), and they just couldn't get it down. They looked so intent on getting down the steps that they they were stiff and did not use the stage nearly as well as Pasha and Sabra did last year (though to be fair Pasha is a ballroom dancer). Nigel said they tried to keep their carriage, but that they were too bouncy, and that Chelsea didn't show any of her personality, which was necessary, so it didn't work at all. He noted how it seemed that they had band aids on their faces with smiles drawn over them, which I thought was a bit harsh. He also told them to get their solos ready, which is absolutely true, but obviously hard and maybe unnecessary for them to hear. Mary said that the dance was hard to pull off, but that it was short on substance, and since others had been able to nail it (she mentioned Kameron), they could have, too. Adam said that you can't let us know how hard it is, whether or not it is in your own style, though he appreciated the trust at the end (again, Chelsea helping to cover Thayne's mistake). They will be in the bottom three and I predict that Chris and possibly Chelsea will go home.

Chelsie and Mark followed with a lyrical hip hop number, which was by far my favorite routine of the evening. Their choreographers were Napoleon and Tabitha, and they noted that they were bringing hip hop with emotion. In the routine, he is a businessman too consumed with work to care about his girlfriend or wife, and Mark noted that he liked having a character to work with. N&T's only concern was that they had to hit every note of the song, Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" (I adore this song), and they did. The chemistry was fantastic, every isolation, move, and pop worked, and Adam was so excited that, channeling Nigel, he got up and yelled, "Yeah, that's what I was talking about!" and emphasized how the emotion shone through their eyes. Nigel loved Chelsie's passion, which he felt lacking last week, and noted that how much he was loving Napoleon and Tabitha this year, and was pleased that they had come "to the real number one dance show." I thought he meant Dancing with the Stars, but when Ted said he thought Nigel was referring to America's Best Dance Crew, I was annoyed, because it was either a cheap shot at Shane Sparks or he was comparing apples with oranges, since ABDC highlights hip hop CREWS, not individuals or couples and does not compete in the same time slot. Adam also called them the couple to beat, and while I was happy to hear that, I remembered how Anya and Danny received that tag last year, and it didn't end up so well for Anya. Mary also blathered on about the struggles of the working class, and I wanted to gag her.

The final couple of the night was Katee and Joshua, who danced a Samba by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin (again, good to know that she has a name and can speak!). Joshua hoped Katee would accept and show off her sexiness, and she definitely did in a sexy purple dress (Joshua had on an open shirt that highlighted his masculinity). Nigel noted that they looked amazing and that Katee did not over- exaggerate her moves and that Joshua brought a natural samba rhythm to the dance. Mary noted the personality and the technicality, and gave them the hot tamale scream of the night, with two first class tickets. Adam thought that they were smoking and loved it. I personally thought that Joshua wasn't quite as loose as he'd been in his other routines, and wasn't as taken with the dance as I'd been the previous two weeks, but there is no doubt that they are safe. Finally, there was some joking with Joshua's tight fitting trousers and his dad's white and yellow pants (more like pajama bottoms, but he was a great sport about it). Cat asked Nigel who might be in danger of going home, and he replied that it would be Joshua's dad (i.e., he dodged the question, but I won't).

Bottom three:

Comfort and Chris
Chelsea and Thayne
Jessica and Will or Kourtni and Matt

Going home: Chris and Chelsea or possibly Comfort or Jessica

Chelsie & Mark's Hiphop (Video)

Uploaded by kelxk3l

Wendy Garofoli at the Dancer Universe blog:

Chelsie and Mark were amazing! The emotion was raw, the choreography was flipping fantastic, and I was absolutely floored by their performance. The story was about a workaholic man who keeps leaving his wife/girlfriend for the office, and her struggle to hold on to him. It was poignant, truthful, and I really believed Mark and Chelsie's pain. They could have been a bit more grounded, and sometimes their timing was off, but I'll take that over a perfectly executed but flat routine.


Katee & Joshua's Samba (Video)


Katee and Josh are the last couple of the night. They have a samba by Tony and Melanie. Oh my goodness! I can't much evaluate Katee, because I couldn't take my eyes off Josh. His lines, his extensions, and OH MY GOD those hips! His chest isolations were every bit as good as we've seen on Dancing with the Stars, the pros, not the celebs! This was the dance of the night, no doubt.


Courtney & Gev's Rumba (Video)

Uploaded by kelxk3l

Carissa at 5 Dollars:

Courtney & Gev were really good. Something about coming down from that top pose worried me a little.....I think that it was obvious they were being slow and careful? It didn't seem effortless. Their connection at the top was pretty HOT. But I'm not sure how memorable they will be compared to some of the other stuff? It was hard to see the hip action in a lot of sections because of the camerawork. He looks darn good in a suit!


So You Think You Can Dance Update

Watch last night's show with a real dancer, Matthew Murphy at Ranting Details. He live blogged the show.

Ducky and GMMR stayed up way too late to record this podcast for you, the viewer. Thanks for the shout out! attended Shane Sparks' birthday party.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Early Recap

Nate Levy thinks Nigel was just as pervy 40 years ago as he is now.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 Track List And Voting Numbers

Kherington & Twitch - Hiphop - Napoleon & Tabitha

Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em) - Busta Rhymes


Courtney G & Gev - Rumba - Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin

Wishing On A Star - Rose Royce


Comfort & Chris - Jazz - Tyce DiOrio

Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson


Jessica & Will - Disco - Doriana Sanchez

Heaven Must Have Sent You - Bonnie Pointer


Kourtni L & Matt - Contemporary - Sonya Tayeh

Wrestlers (Sticky, Dirty Pop Mix) - Hot Chip


Chelsea T & Thayne - Quickstep - Heather Smith

You Can't Hurry Love - Phil Collins


Chelsie H & Mark - Hiphop - Napoleon & Tabitha

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis


Katee & Joshua - Samba - Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin

Baila, Baila - Angela Via


So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 Open Thread

Donyelle Jones Choreo (Video)

Uploaded by DonyelleJones

SYTYCD News Update

Even though he's busy studying for exams, Leee found time to recap last week's events, including this bit of wisdom:

No matter how much the judges try to assert themselves as the centers of attention, we should generally ignore them and their shortcomings in particular -- because why let a trio (sometimes a quartet) of nonsense machines spoil our pleasure?


Nate Levy speaks for most of us:
If I’m watching a show called “So You Think You Can Dance”, chances are I’m watching to, you know, see people dance. So why, editors, must you cut the numbers to within an inch of their life. I’m not talking about duration here, I’m talking about the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a shot that lasts longer than two seconds this year. Dance is all about movement, flow, rhythm. So why are you cutting it so that I can’t observe any of those things in the dances? My other big gripe with you guys is that, well, these are partner dances. And I get that what one dancer is doing is probably more interesting than the other at times, but there’s still two dancers on stage. So why do you seem content to only show one a lot of the time? So many times this season, you’ve cut to show only one dancer’s movements. Unless the other dancer is standing absolutely still, this is kind of unacceptable. The choreographers have made these routines for two people. Both dancers have moves. So show both of them for gods sake.


For those who prefer to read their blogs in a feedreader, Nate now has a feed available. Thanks for the shout out!

Cool Addict catches up with Lacey Mae Schwimmer:

I just got home from filming a little ditty with Adam Sandler and Adam Shankman, in Napa, California. It’s a new Disney Movie. I am also a part of a rather large show and workshop with a weekend in Norway and all over the USA this fall. I am also about to be in another movie called The Jump Off with my friend Wayne Brady.

I also have a tubesock line out now!! I am super excited for those! Please support! Oh, I am also cooking cup of noodles!


I live with Shauna Noland. Jaime Goodwin and I are still best friends. I’ve been doing some FOX shows with Danny Tidwell, Sabra Johnson, and Hokuto Konishi. Danny and I hang out often,..he’s so boss!


When was that group pic taken? It's a random mix of seasons.

This week's musical guest...
CORRECTION: That would be for July 10th.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Timo Nuńez On SYTYCD

Flamenco dancer Timo Nuńez on last week's results show.

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One More Cast-offs Interview (Video)

Susie Garcia and Marquis Cunningham interview, courtesy of and

Kibuz Dance Co. On SYTYCD Israel

Note the relatively unobtrusive camera work. Seriously Nigel & Company, NOTE IT.

SYTYCD News Roundup

LA Times entertainment blogger Stephanie Lysaght gets Mary Murphy's side of last week's eliminations.

If you add in Tivo/DVR viewing, So You Think You Can Dance was the top ranked show of last week.

Laura Johnson at Seattle PI blog says krumping just doesn't work on SYTYCD.

Makeup for dance performance. I never thought about it, but it's quite a specialized skill.

The next issue of movmnt magazine hits newsstands July 8th.

ABDC stuff: Kaba Modern's Mike Song gives his picks from last week's premiere at the MTV Remote Control blog.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Top 16 Dance Spoiler Open Thread

Alert: Comment thread contains subjective observations about the performances. For those who prefer just the basics, check Me Talkin' To You. Thanks Sumarie.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Auditioning For SYTYCD Canada

Youtube dance personality Corey Vidal talks about auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

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SYTYCD News Roundup

Now writing for the Huffington Post, Tonya Plank analyzes this week's routines and eliminations:

It's Friday and I'm still in shock that Marquis has been eliminated. I honestly thought he was one of the best dancers on the show and as much as I like Chris's personality, I'm dumbfounded that the judges kept him over Marquis -- Marquis with the beautiful line, the gorgeous extension, the lithe, feathery movement, and, on Wednesday night, the slinky, snaky Salsa in which he exhibited excellent rib cage and shoulder isolations, surprising for a contemporary dancer used to keeping his torso so straight. What makes me the angriest is Nigel's reasoning for eliminating him. He told Marquis his solo had too many tricks. Yet, he's told the other dancers repeatedly that they need to "step it up, step it up, you've got to step it up if you're going to remain in this competition." To the dancers, and anyone else listening, that means do more fancy things; i.e.: tricks. Obviously the smart dancer who wants to save his ass is going to load his solo with the most athletic stunts he can, even if he's naturally more of a softer, arty dancer, as I thought Marquis was. Unless Nigel and the judges are going to be far more specific about what "step it up" means, their logic just seems dishonest.


Friends and students of Mark Kanemura talk about him. Found via Live Journal

Uploaded by mphotographyonline

South Africa will soon be joining the global So You Think You Can Dance movement.

Australia's top 10 prepare for their upcoming tour.

Généreux Family And Rett Syndrome

Thanks to commenter dineziana for this story from 2004 about the Généreux family and their challenges with Rett Syndrome.

That story made me want to repost this video of Jean-Marc and France from their competition days.

A Nice Sunday Morning Find

Fox/Michael Becker

NZJ at Thoughts Of A Diurnal analyzes Courtney G & Gev's contemporary routine. I like the format used here and hope we see more (here's 2 routines from the previous week). The high quality video is a definite plus too.