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Jessi and Jesus Interviews

BuddyTV has exclusive interviews with our 2 eliminated dancers, in both text and audio.


Do you wish you had something different with your solo routine?

Actually, I was very satisfied with my solo routine. I thought about doing something very technical. I think I can do whatever Danny and Neil did, I believe I can do myself, but I was going for something different and that I knew I could do, and I did do it, and I think I accomplished that.


Can you tell us about going to the hospital, how bad actually was it and was there any chance of you performing on Tuesday's show?

Absolutely, yes, there was a chance for me performing on Tuesday’s show. Something that the audience didn't see was that was actually the second time I had to go to the hospital because last week, I also got really dehydrated again like, "Girl, get some Gatorade." But that was the second time I had to go, I did not want to go, I didn’t feel like I needed to go, but the show has our best interests in mind and they just felt like if you’re feeling these pains you should go to the hospital and get it checked it out. I’m sitting there going, "Give me some Gatorade, give me a second to breathe and I'll be fine". I actually checked myself out of the hospital to come back because there was no way I was letting Pasha down or letting him dance by himself. And, at that point it was taken out of my hands and put into some lawyer's hands, and so they were like, "No, no, you will not be dancing tonight, you’re a liability, what if you croak on stage?" And I’m going, "I’m not going to croak, everything’s going to be fine, please let me dance, please, please, please". And they were like, "No, no, no".


RealityWanted has a joint interview:
GINA (REALITYWANTED): Do you have a favorite dance performed by your fellow contestants so far?
Jessi: I would say … Wade’s piece for Hok & Jaimie. But … honestly? I love my performances with Pasha. What you see us doing on stage, that’s the real thing. I look at him & I say, “This is the truth!”
Jesus: That would be Sabra & Dominic’s lyrical dance. I helped Dominic with it while trying to learn my own routine & he’s so passionate about what he does. They both are, so it really touched me.


The Child Might Still Be In The Runnin' Now

Shauna and Cedric, I Thought We Had, choreography by Mia Michaels. When you relax and take it for what it is, it's really a nice piece. Yes, many are shocked that Cedric was voted out of the bottom 3. I'm sure there was some Sanjaya-style irony vote involved. In no way does that mean I'm comparing Cedric's talent to Sanjaya's. I'm sure the judge's tough comments energized Cedric's fan base. And let's not forget Shauna. She danced her heart out, and brings her own fan base to the equation. We get more activity on our Shauna content here at the blog than you would probably expect. Young dance students seem to identify with her, and from everything we've seen, she's an excellent role model.

Judges comments.

Backstage Report

TVGuide has a backstage report from last night's elimination show:

The judges' vote was not unanimous, and it was clear that (Mary) Murphy wasn't comfortable with the emotional roller-coaster Peralta had to be riding: In the hospital on Monday. Back on stage Thursday. Out the door Thursday night. "It was really hard for me because I get emotionally involved," says Murphy. "And you start to feel like a little parent to this Top 20 that come here. You don't want to let go of any of them."


America Didn't Get The Memo

Archana Ram at

For the second week in a row, I was shouting at my television set on a Thursday night. Last week it was because the judges granted Cedric a pardon after America rightly put him in the bottom. So you can imagine how loud I got last night, when Cat Deely announced Cedric had won enough votes to stick around another week.


Ducky Called It

Yesterday, we quoted DuckyXDale:

The parts Cedric were given were wonderfully executed. The last half of his performance was mesmerizing to watch. After he wiped the tears away and ran out, there was some crazy intricate foot and arm work and he nailed every second of it. Nigel’s insistence that he go home will probably backfire because people will vote double. I did!

Today, he says:
As you’ve probably guessed by now, Cedric Gardner did not go home after the insistence from Mary Murphy and Nigel that he must. I knew this would happen. I knew that the way Mary and Nigel treated Cedric on Wednesday night would cause more people to vote for him out of sympathy and not. Oh you could just see Mary seething sitting there on her stoop. Suck on that Mary Murphy! Cedric Gardner is still on the Hot Tamale Train and he ain’t getting off anytime soon. Shauna girl, you deserved to stay as well, you worked that Mia routine like noone’s business.

Read the rest, here.

Jessi's Departure

It wasn't mentioned on the show, but as we reported on June 20th, Jessi Peralta had to be hospitalized during the week leading to the top 18 performance show. She recovered in time to perform Tyce Diorio's Stiff Jazz routine with partner Pasha Kovalev, though some rehearsal time was lost. We don't know exactly what's going on with her health (it's none of our business) but we can't blame the show's producers/judges for seeing fit to eliminate a contestant who has jeopardized production on two consecutive weeks, for whatever reason. It really isn't fair to Pasha either, never knowing who he will actually be dancing with that week.

We wish Jessi only the best in health and her dance career, and thank her for being part of two of our all-time favorite numbers.

Virtual Shane

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 29, 2007 -- Habbo (, one of the world's largest social networking sites, announced today renowned choreographer and celebrity judge Shane Sparks will check into the community for a meet-and-greet with fans.

The multi-talented dancer, choreographer and reality-show judge will stop by the Habbo Theaterdome on Friday, June 29 at 10 a.m. (PDT)/1 p.m. (EDT). Fans are invited to hang out with Sparks, ask questions and learn the secrets behind FOX's smash hit TV show, So You Think You Can Dance.

For the opportunity to chat with Sparks, log in to Habbo or join for free by going to and clicking on the "Register Now" button. To hear the exclusive live discussion with celebrated Habbo DJs Whimsy and RubbeeRED, tune into Habbo's Internet Radio Stream, Habbo Radio (

"8 Million Palms Slap 8 Million Foreheads"

Brett Love at TVSquad:

Cat recounted the Jessi/Pasha story and reiterated that Jessi was going to have to dance in the solo round for having missed performance night. But then they surprised everyone by bringing the two of them out to do the number that we didn't see last night. It's really too bad that things transpired the way they did. Had they been able to do that on performance night it would have been my favorite of the night, and I don't think Jessi would have been in danger of going home. After the dance Cat announced that Pasha was safe.


No Show Next Week

Due to the Independence Day holiday next Wednesday, July 4th, we will have to wait 2 weeks for the top 14 performance show. Fox will fill the time slot with a show called Drive on Wednesday, and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? on Thursday.

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 16 Reactions

Kathie at Give Me My Remote:

Going home tonight are…

Jesus and Jessi.

Say what?! Jessi was fantastic tonight, both in her dance with Pasha and in her solo. Me thinks the judges have a little inside scoop on Jessi’s real condition and fearing for her health and the rest of the competition they sent her packing. But did they have to dismiss her like that?! It was cold and Jessi was NOT happy. And if her health is in fact fine then she should be bitter because she didn’t deserve to go home tonight.


Liza D at WaterCoolerConvo:

Holy bad decisions ... Jesus (Chuy) Solorio has been cut from So You Think You Can Dance despite being one of the best and most versatile dancers in the whole cast.

I place all the blame on the idiotic judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy for this one. It all stems from their rude and overly harsh treatment of Cedric during his contemporary piece with Shauna yesterday. They were already eliminating the kid before the vote, which created such a backlash that the audience rallied to keep Cedric in the game. And sure enough, Cedric and Shauna were safe, leaving Sara/Jesus, Neil/Lauren and Danny/Anya as the bottom 3. Cedric for sure would have been gone had he been in the bottom 3, but the judges inadvertantly made sure that didn't happen. You'd think Nigel had seen it enough times on American Idol not to make that mistake again. Can you say Sanjaya?!


The Bottom Three are:
Lauren and Neil
Anya and Danny
Sara and Jesús

Which means Cedric is safe. Good for Shauna, bad for the rest of us that actually kinda care about the outcome of this show. WHAT THE HELL AMERICA??? I personally thought the beloved Anya and Danny were the worst last night so that is justified, and Neil was off last night (even though I love him), but Sara and Jesús?

MORE, including the solo clips.

Jessi & Pasha's Cha Cha

Here's Jessi and Pasha's Cha Cha from the top 16 results show.

Thanks to Daemon's TV for uploading.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jessi Peralta Highlights

Jessi, thanks for this memory.

And this one, too.

Jesus and Sara - Paso Doble

Due to some Sanjaya-style voting patterns, we lost Jesus Solorio from the competition tonight. He committed himself to all of his routines, but this was our favorite. Many complained that the Queen remix wasn't appropriate for the dance. I wouldn't have thought there were so many paso doble purists in the States.
Update: Video fixed.

Thanks, Chuy, we hope to see you dance again.

So You Think You Can Dance - West Coast Spoiler

Opening number is a Tyce Diorio Lion King routine. Jessi Peralta is spotted dancing.

Happy Birthday to Lacey Schwimmer.

Neil & Lauren, Kameron & Lacey are up first.

One couple is safe, one is in bottom 3.

Lacey & Kameron are safe. Neil & Lauren are in bottom 3.

Mary: "I know they are going to dance their hearts out later."

If our poll is any indication, the other couples in the bottom 3 will be Cedric & Shauna, and Danny & Anya.

Hok & Jaimie up next.


Dominic & Sabra up next.

Jesus & Sara up.

One is safe, one is in bottom 3.

Jesus & Sara are in the bottom 3.

Dominic & Sabra catch the hot tamale train to safety.


Jesus & Sara in the bottom 3 is a surprise.

Do we have a Sanjaya-like voting pattern taking Cedric & Shauna out of the bottom 3?

Pasha & Jessi dance the Cha Cha routine they would have danced if not for Jessi's health.

It's HOT!

Pasha is up.

Pasha is SAFE!

Jessi will dance with the bottom 3 girls.

Shauna & Cedric and Danny & Anya are up. One couple will be in the bottom 3.

Cat does the delay thing after the Cedric & Shauna package.

The safe couple is Cedric & Shauna!

Danny & Anya are in the bottom 3.

Nigel: "5 million people voted, and 5 million people are wrong."

Dancing for their lives tonight are Neil, Jesus, and Danny for the guys, Lauren, Sara, Anya, AND Jessi for the girls.

Our prediction: Neil and Jessi will go home tonight, but who knows.

Lauren first. We'd give it a 6 out of 10.

Neil nails it! It was good.

Wow! Sara. 9 out of 10.

Jesus was good but not great.


The Sanjaya factor has hit So You Think You Can Dance.

We're back. Jessi up.

Jessi pops. 6 out of 10.

Danny does well. Anya up.

Anya, 6 out of 10.

Fergie performs.

I'm afraid we may lose Jesus tonight. All the girls are in jeopardy except for Sara, in our humble opinion.

Fergie gets some cyber-heckling.

We're back. Girls first. Judges are NOT unanimous.

Nigel: "None of you were good enough".

Jessi is eliminated!

Jessi: "I'll remember Pasha the most".

Guys up.

Judges are unanimous.

Jesus is eliminated!

Jesus: "I leave with no regrets" "My partner was great"

Next week, if they keep the same couples, which they did NOT say, Sara will partner with Pasha.

Jesus and Jessi are gone.

Poll Results

Our sidebar poll asked: Which dancers gave the best performance in the top 16 show? Hok & Jaimie were clear winners with 44% of the 323 votes cast. Dominic & Sabra came in second, receiving 20%. Kameron & Lacey, and Pasha tied for third, with 13% each. If our poll is any indication, they should all be safe tonight.

Those who should be concerned include Jesus & Sara with 6%, Neil & Lauren with 3%, Danny & Anya and Cedric & Shauna with 1% apiece.

Poll comments:
julie 2007-06-27 22:30:25

lacey and kameron are totally the BEST!!!!!!!!!! cuz lacey is just amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makala and julie 2007-06-27 22:33:50

lacey u r soooooooooooo amazin i luv u so much u and kameron r sooooooo good to together!!!!!!!!! u have all my votes..........

beth 2007-06-27 22:49:05

I thought hok and jaimie were truly amazing, but i'm sure pasha will get a lot of sympathy votes for jessi's condition... wonder what's wrong with her... but anyway, man, hok and jaimie were totally awesome this show!

oytdancer 2007-06-27 22:53:09

lacey is such an insperation as a dancer and she definatly has ALL of my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love 2007-06-28 15:06:23

Pasha was great, even with out his original partner, he made it like he's been dancing with Melanie for years!

Thanks for voting!

So You Think You Can Dance - From The Mailbox

Our Friend Beckylooo is a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan, and has a great review of last night's show along with some clips from the krumping movie RIZE, starring Lil C. She also has a couple of clips from last night's show.

I bounce back and forth between two offices. I just got to office number two and sat down to start the computer, check the voice mail yadayadawhathaveyou. The staff writer was in here chatting with the researcher. I wasn’t really listening until I hear, “…it’s called… it’s called uh… So You Think You Can Dance.” At which point I start flapping my arms and gasping “Ohmygod you’ve found it haven’t you?!” She went on to gush about how she hates reality shows but she was channel surfing and stopped on it and she and her boyfriend totally got all kinds of choked up (though he wouldn’t fess up to it, natch). I’m telling you, the Revolution is taking over.

Explicit language alert
Link to last night's review
Link to all her SYTYCD pieces.

So You Think You Can Dance - Around The Web

You think it's a sure thing that Cedric is going home tonight? Not so fast! See what Ducky says:

The parts Cedric were given were wonderfully executed. The last half of his performance was mesmerizing to watch. After he wiped the tears away and ran out, there was some crazy intricate foot and arm work and he nailed every second of it. Nigel’s insistence that he go home will probably backfire because people will vote double. I did!

Read his full review

Nate Levy weighs in with an entertaining review at levy on tv:
Jamie appears to have gotten into a massive hair gel and flattening accident. Jessi is conspicuously missing from the opening. Cat may need to lay off the tanning salons a little. Tonight’s judges are Nigel, Mary, and special guest judge Debbie Allen. Cat gushes about Debbie in “Fame”. Debbie loves this crop of dancers, and recognizes the effort and work that goes in to breaking. Debbie acknowledges her fake hair and eyebrows, but recognizes the effort that goes into the show. Mary thinks that Dominic has shown the most promise and has been knocking her socks off. Mary thinks if he continues bringing his A game, her hair may stand on end tonight. Maybe that’s what happened to Jamie?



Archana Ram at

We may also see Neil and Lauren in the bottom three for their lukewarm tango. Unlike in last week's hip-hop routine, Lauren was the stronger of the two this time around, even taking into account Nigel's odd compliment that Neil (and all the guys) ''dance like dudes.'' Still, her sharp performance couldn't compensate for Neil's overly stiff posture and the pair's lack of fire. The performance didn't offer much, and all Cat Deeley could say was, ''Tangotastic!''


More Than Just A Stand-in

Melanie LaPatin stepped into the lurch and made it possible for Pasha Kovalev to continue in the competition. She is probably the only one who could have done so after Jessi Peralta had to be rushed to the hospital. She has been identified as choreographer Tony Meredith's assistant, but is far more than that. A former Latin Ballroom Champion, she and Meredith dominated their field for nearly 20 years. Check out their site and this video from 1994.

UPDATE: There's some buzz that Melanie also recently got a makeover on the TLC show What Not To Wear.

Deep Shallowness

Peter Brown at IF Magazine is to be pitied rather than scorned.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, how can anyone watch this craptacular show and for 120 minutes no less? Egad, there is no substance here. Who cares about dancing moves or whether they have new pairings or what type of “experience” it is to dance a certain way. Ugh, shut up already. Cut this crap to a half hour at the most.

It is amazing how mindless, half-wits can spew out holier-than-thou, sanctimonious verbiage left and right about freaking dancing as if they are auditioning for the next spot on the cross. It’s dancing. At least on AMERICAN IDOL you don’t have the singers talking about their “craft” or their “life as dancers.” Ugh, shut up already.

I don't think he means craptacular in the good way. I guess there aren't enough shootings and dead bodies. Oh, and it needs more cowbell. On second thought, go ahead, scorn away.


Our Top 16 Highlights

Hok and Jaimie, choreographed by Wade Robson. This has got to be the most distinctive number we've seen on So You Think You Can Dance. It is a brilliant use of Hok's skills, the best we've seen him in a choreographed piece. It reminded us of why we love him. Jaimie was technically perfect, though we don't feel her personality.

Dominic and Sabra, choreography by Jean-Marc Genereux. They probably had to wipe the stage down after all that chemistry. If this isn't the "couple" one article teased about yesterday, we'll be surprised. Sabra was gorgeous and perfect. She gets best wardrobe honors, hair and makeup too. Dominic has come so far it's hard to remember we almost lost him in the top 20 show. Score one for the judges.

So You Think You Can Dance - Around The Web

Hanh Nguyen at From Inside The Box:

The couples were generally strong on this week's So You Think You Can Dance, with a few standouts like Jaimie/Hok's interpretation of Wade Robson's hummingbird/flower dance and Shauna/Cedric's powerful Mia Michaels contemporary number. Even guest judge Debbie Allen was hard-pressed to say anything negative.


Liza D at Water Cooler Convo had some of the same thoughts we did:
So You Think You Can Dance contestant Jessi Peralta missed this week's performance show after being taken to the hospital with an apparent heart condition, leaving her partner Pasha Kovalev to dance a cha cha cha with his choreographer's assistant for votes. Not that his makeshift partner was a slouch by any means - he was dancing with former U.S. Latin dance champion Melanie LaPatin.

Since the show was taped on Monday, it's conceivable that Jessi could get medical clearance in enough time to do her "Dance For Your Life" on Thursday (and Nigel Lythgoe really should have reworded that term, considering Jessi's condition). Pasha undoubtedly will be safe from the bottom 3 after overcoming the unfortunate situation, but either way, if able, Jessi will have to dance to stay on the show. I can't see the judges keeping her around at all. They'll send her home for either bad dancing (her solo/strip-tease last week was awful!!!) or for her own safety.


Emily at Eclaire Faire caught the judges reactions in her recap.


Fangasm's review/recap is worth a read.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Recap

The Fame Or Famine Performing Arts Blog has a recap from a dancer's perspective:

Dominic and Sabra (rhumba ) This is the first one that actually seems like a couple to me. I have nothing to say about this one because it was just so damn GOOD. It was beautiful, and I love the fact that they did it slow (which is so much harder). they are an amazing couple, and since Faina is gone, Sabra is my new favorite. I don’t think she’ll have enough appeal for the general public to make it to the very end…but she’s my favorite. God? Why did you make Mary scream again? I was good. I was.


Give Me My Remote recaps:
Joining Mary and Nigel at the judges table tonight, is the uber-talented Debi Allen. Debi is fun and fierce and I hope this isn’t the only time we see her as guest judge this season. Her personality was a perfect fit for this show and you can tell she is a big fan who watches like the rest of us at home. But it’s not all about the judges, so let’s talk about the dancers.


Jessi Peralta's Health

We have heard from sources with ties to the show that Jessi Peralta has recovered from her collapse while preparing for Monday's taping of So You Think You Can Dance. It is still unknown whether she will be able to perform a solo during Thursday night's elimination show.

So You Think You Can Dance Quick Recap

RealityTVMagazine has a quick recap of tonight's top 16 performance show.


Travis Wall and Ivan Koumaev - movmnt magazine Interview

Movmnt Magazine

So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 Track List

Jesus and Sara
It's Ok (One blood) - The Game feat. Junior Reid

Cedric and Shauna
I Thought We Had - The Family Stand

Kameron And Lacey
Big And Bad - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Danny and Anya
Oh Timbaland - Timbaland

Dominic and Sabra
Stickwitu - Pussycat Dolls

Neil and Lauren
Tanguero - Sexteto Mayor

Hok And Jaimie
The Chairman's Waltz - Memoirs Of A Geisha (Soundtrack)

Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez

So You Think You Can Dance Voting Numbers

Jesus and Sara 888-836-7601
Cedric and Shauna 888-836-7602
Kameron and Lacey 888-836-7603
Danny and Anya 888-836-7604
Dominic and Sabra 888-836-7605
Neil and Lauren 888-836-7606
Hok and Jaimie 888-836-7607
Pasha 888-836-7608

So You Think You Can Dance Spoiler

Eonline's Watch With Kristin has some spoilers for tonight's show, along with a teaser for some upcoming couple gossip.


Dancers Ranked

There's some serious ugly goin' on at this site, but Asher Street's article ranking the individual dancers is worth reading.

All contestants should take a lesson from Jessi and Pasha: no matter how well you perform, you need to prepare your solo for Thursday night. Sabra and Shauna have shown how to “dance for their lives,” and they may actually remain longer than arguably more talented dancers based on how well they dance during their solos. Here are the rankings of each contestant on an individual basis...



We had some glitches with the commenting system and lost a couple of comments while correcting the problem. Our apologies.

The Kids Love him

Sacramento Bee columnist Bob Shallit has a bit about Dominic Sandoval, about halfway down the page.

Twilla says Sandoval, 22, is a "fantastic influence" on her mostly younger dancers, who often perform during Kings and Monarchs games.

"The kids love him," she says.


Debbie Allen To Judge Tonight

Choreographer/dancer/actress/singer/producer /director/businesswoman Debbie Allen will be the guest judge tonight on the top 16 performance show. Check out her Wikipedia entry, and The Debbie Allen Dance Academy.


The judges, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe, and Mia Michaels discuss their decisions from last week.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Passion And SYTYCD

An article at about passion and SYTYCD:

...when you watch these kids learn a different style of dance each week, you'll recognize how some of them struggle and fail to sell it, or they're good little robots who lack a certain flair, while others creep and shimmy and leap and flail and sneer with the raw electricity of the possessed. These are the ones who'll grab your eye, who'll demand your attention and respect, these rabid little weirdoes, these odd little physical magicians, who can take a hip-hop or jazz routine and turn it into a transformative, emotional roller coaster.


Shane Sparks On FuelTV

Shane Sparks will be appearing on FuelTV's Daily Habit, Wednesday, July 11th at 9pm ET/6pm Pt and again at 12mid ET/9pm PT. The show will be repeated Thursday at 3pm ET/12 noon PT and again at 6pm ET/3pm PT. From the FuelTV website:

The Daily Habit

Music is the hook of this daily half-hour. The Daily Habit features a different celebrity guest (action sports athlete, Musician, Actor, etc.) in each episode. In the course of hanging out and catching up with our guest, we navigate through the guest�s playlist of music videos and get an overview on the coolest stuff in youth culture.

Off-Topic - Time Displacement Experimental Video

Hide And Seek

DuckyXDale has the Hide And Seek group dance clip from last season.


The Kelly Clarkson Of Dance?

What's the difference between being The American Idol and being America's Favorite Dancer? Money mostly, but there's extra pressure to being the Idol, according to this article at Austin360.

Professional dancers are background players with the professional lifespan of athletes — becoming the Kelly Clarkson of dance is a market impossibility. With lowered stakes comes a much more enjoyable, much more relaxing show. Everyone dances their hearts out, delivering ephemeral pop thrills that "Idol" has become too important for, knowing full well that if they're really lucky, a director or choreographer might remember them. The public sure won't and that's fine.


To further illustrate the writer's point, I realized, upon publishing this article, that So You Think You Can Dance season one winner Nick Lazzarini has not been mentioned in this blog, until now. Ouch!

Spoiler Alert

For the second week in a row, Jessi Peralta suffered health problems. This week, she was unable to perform at Monday's top 16 taping. Her partner, Pasha Kovalev, performed a Cha Cha routine with choreographer Tony Meredith's assistant. If Jessi is able to perform Thursday, she will have to perform a solo along with either 2 or 3 girls, depending on whether Pasha is in the bottom 3. If she is unable to perform, she will be this week's cut.

Other dance spoilers:
Jesus & Sara drew Krump with choreographer Lil C.

Cedric & Shauna, contemporary with Mia Michaels.

Kameron & Lacey, quickstep, Tony Meredith

Danny & Anya, hip-hop(!), Dan Karaty

Dominic & Sabra, Rumba, Jean-Marc Generaux

Neil & Lauren, Tango, Jean-Marc Generaux

Hok & Lauren Jaimie, Jazz, Wade Robson

Readers Clearly Prefer Contemporary/Lyrical

Our sidebar poll asked the question: What's your favorite dance genre on So You Think You Can Dance? Out of 112 responses, 58% chose contemporary/lyrical. Hip-hop and ballroom virtually tied for second with 17 and 16% respectively. Broadway received 6% and disco 3%. One voter commented that her favorite style is "whatever Danny is dancing!"

This brings up an interesting question. Does any couple who draws a contemporary/lyrical routine automatically gain an advantage in viewer voting? Or is there more pressure for them to perform that routine well? So far this season, Kameron & Lacey, and Dominic & Sabra have danced c/l and have avoided the bottom 3 for those performances. It's generally thought that both couples did a good job. Any thoughts?

SPOILER BELOW! Highlight to read.
We may get an indication this week. Spoilers indicate that Cedric and Shauna drew c/l with Mia, and reports are mixed as to how well they performed it.

Lawsuit Over Concept

Two professional dancers who claim they created Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" have sued Creative Artists Agency for allegedly taking their treatment and giving it to the show's credited creators, Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe, to pitch as their own.

Choreographer John Cassese, who is known professionally as "The Dance Doctor," and Brian Nelson, a ballroom dancer and instructor, claim their treatment, also called "So You Think You Can Dance, was given by CAA to Fuller and Lythgoe because the agency "believed all along that plaintiffs' treatment was viable but preferred to pitch the show on behalf of existing clients."


Monday, June 25, 2007

From Season 2 - Jason And Aleksandra

Jason Williams and Aleksandra Wojda, choreography by Tyce Diorio

Shane Sparks In Us Magazine

Late Recap

We somehow missed this snarky recap from Krank Mills at TVGasm:

Last week we got rid of Ashley and Ricky. And by "we" I mean the judges, since they actually made that decision, and don't let them convince you otherwise in this episode. Now that the gravity of "dancing for your life" has struck the dancers, everyone's giving their all this week. It's a solid performance show, with most of the pairs doing really well. But there's still plenty of questionable fashion choices and classic Mary Murphy-isms to be had. Welcome to SoYouThinkYouCanDance


Smooth Waltz Remix

Youtube user insidiousMUSIC remixed Pasha and Jessi's smooth waltz with some very appropriate effects. Nice work!

Thanks to Daemon's TV for bringing this to our attention.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

From The Mailbox

Jennifer tells us about an interesting way to visualize dancer performance feedback from the judges, here.

Our friend, Rambling Gypsy, has all the clips from this week at the site.

Reader Erin points us to this video, a couple of hairy, sweaty guys doing a parody of Kameron and Lacey's contemporary number from the top 20 show.

Help Wanted

Do you love So You Think You Can Dance and enjoy writing? Let us know. We're looking for contributors for both news and feature articles. We'll provide all the tools you'll need. Provide us or point us to samples of your work, and give us some idea of what aspects you'd like to cover. It could be something we're already doing, or something completely new. Our email is at the top of the sidebar.

Take A Deep Breath And Relax

My apologies for neglecting it.

John at Theory My Culture writes another thought provoking post:

Funny that, amidst this sudden anxiety about “chemistry” and trying so hard to re-render the male dancers as models of straight masculinity, we hear the judges fawning over Danny. I remember the initial complaints from the judges that he was “arrogant” and “empty.” Well, we now see that he’s arrogant because he’s so ******* unbelievably talented and good. And he’s hardly empty. He actually seems a little over-full to me; he’s clearly from a complex emotional past that is still raw. But he’s both effeminate as hell and a master at playing a role. The carriage of his body is really remarkable, completely taking over the ballroom forms he’s done thus far. Mia talked about his hands in the last show, and I’d noticed them as well. They’re spectacular as part of his movement. But, seriously, hands? At the moment that the judges get collectively anxious about the lack of straight manliness, they are fawning over how a man uses his hands in dance?


Choreographer Corner

A clip from season 1 with Mia Michaels and Blake McGrath

Shane Sparks' choreography reel

Wade Robson at Vibe Studio

Former (and hopefully, future) SYTYCD choreographer Brian Friedman teaching.

Dave Scott and Debbie Allen. Debbie will be judging a show sometime this season.

Another group video. Shane Sparks, Brian Friedman, Mia Michaels, Wade Robson, and Chris Judd, at the end of a Pulse dance convention in Houston.