Friday, December 14, 2007

Sabra At NYCDA Boston

Here's our Sabra performing at NYCDA convention in Boston. Also, stick around for Denise Wall student Corey Cox. You won't regret it.
Uploaded by NYCDA

Thanks to Loralyn for the tip.

NYCDA has a new blog, in addition to their official site and Myspace page.

Tickets For The Nutcracker

In honor of Movmnt Magazine's commitment to give back to the dance community, BSYTYCD has obtained tickets to the Saturday, Dec 22nd evening performance of The Nutcracker with the San Elijo Dance & Music Academy at the beautiful California Center For The Arts in Escondido (between LA and San Diego). It features Danny Tidwell and international stars Carrie Imler and Rasta Thomas.

We're auctioning 2 fifth row Orchestra tickets here with ALL proceeds benefitting Dancers Responding To AIDS (DRA). Details for bidding after the jump. PLEASE spread the word on this one. Let's show the dance world that SYTYCD fans care too.

Bidding will take place in this comment thread, or you can email me at, and I will update the bids. Bidding will start at the face value of the tickets (with junk fees), $94.00. Bidding will end at 9pm EST Monday, December 17th. The winning bidder will have 24 hours to arrange payment directly with DRA. Our contact there can accept credit card payment. If planning to pay by check, please be prepared to Next Day Air the check to DRA. Once payment is confirmed, I will Next Day Air the tickets to the winning bidder.

There is NO meet & greet planned for that night at this time. If that changes, passes will also be provided (thanks to movmnt magazine). This is out of our hands, so please do not bid if you are counting on attending the M&G.

Season 4 Audition Dates

Movmnt Magazine has the dates and locations for season 4 auditions.

- Dallas Texas: January 17th
- Charleston, South Carolina: January 31
- Washington, DC: February 21
- Los Angeles, California: MARCH 6
- Milwaukee, Wisconsin: March 20
- Salt Lake City, Utah: April 3


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dance From The Heart

Danny Tidwell and David Benaym's movmnt magazine is one of the sponsors of Dance From The Heart benefiting Dancers Responding to AIDS. Press release:

On Monday, December 10, the dance worlds of Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, and Broadway converged on the stage of Cedar Lake (527 West 26th Street, New York City) for the latest edition of "Dance from the Heart," the yearly one night only dance experience benefiting Dancers Responding to AIDS (DRA) a fundraising program of Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

"Dance from Heart" was hosted by multi award winning choreographer and dance visionary 
Bill T. Jones
, who recently added Tony Award for his choreography in the Broadway musical 
Spring Awakening
 to his already full mantle of accolades. This year's edition of "Dance from the Heart" featured a roster of ten internationally acclaimed artists and dance companies including American Ballet Theatre, Atlanta Ballet, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet,
Martha Graham Dance Company, Keigwin + Company, Paradigm, 
Wendy Seyb, Shen Wei Dance Arts, 
Jason Samuels Smith
, and members of the cast of Disney's  The Lion King on Broadway.

"Dance from Heart" was made possible in part, thanks to the generous support of DRA's Corporate Sponsors: The New York Times, Continental Airlines, MAC AIDS Fund, 
 Magazine, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, BV, movmnt magazine, christiania Vodka and Passport Magazine.

Founded by Denise Roberts Hurlin and Hernando Cortez, Dancers Responding to AIDS is a program of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA), the nation's leading industry-based AIDS funding and grant-making organization. The funds raised are distributed to seven programs of The Actors Fund and as grants to over 400 AIDS and family service organizations across the United States. Since its founding in 1988, BC/EFA has distributed over $140 million for critically needed services for people with AIDS, HIV, or HIV-related illnesses. 

For more information on DRA, visit

For more information on BC/EFA or to make a donation visit

To subscribe to movmnt and give benefits to DRA, Broadway cares:

Denise Wall, David Benaym, and Denise Hurlin Roberts at Dance From The Heart
Courtesy of movmnt magazine

I'm proud of BSYTYCD's relationship with movmnt magazine. BSYTYCD has purchased 2 fifth row Orchestra tickets to the Saturday, December 22nd performance of The Nutcracker in Escondido, Ca. featuring Danny Tidwell, Carrie Imler, and Rasta Thomas. We'll be taking bids for these tickets with all proceeds going directly to Dancers Responding To AIDS. Details to follow. Please spread the word to anyone you know who could attend and would be interested in supporting a very worthy cause.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

Baltimore's CityPaperOnline names So You Think You Can Dance one of the top 10 shows of 2007:

It's a rare TV show that gives you a greater appreciation for art--at least outside of public television. But So You Think You Can Dance does just that. It shows a mainstream TV audience a world of dance beyond club-floor bump and grind that includes styles from ballroom to B-boy, giving each its full respect. Before watching this show, you might think of contemporary dance as little more than a punch line, a bunch of earnest people in black body suits rolling on the floor and pretending to be trees. Afterward, you'll find yourself comparing the choreography of Mia Michaels and Wade Robson. And while this show is likely to teach you a thing or two about dance, with its choreographers, judges who care about talent rather than personal drama, and unbelievably talented contestants, SYTYCD always feels more like inspiration than education. (Anna Ditkoff)


Selly at Dance Outlook has some info about Wade and Amanda Robson being commissioned by the San Francisco Ballet for their upcoming 75th Anniversary Gala.


SYTYCDA obtained scans of an Australian magazine article about Wade.


We'll be seeing Blake McGrath in an upcoming Janet Jackson video.


Apparently, Hok, Lacey, Pasha, and Anya relaxed in Lake Tahoe for a while directly after the tour.


Idol Thoughts has some tour photos worth checking out.


Kristin at Eonline says season 4 auditions will begin in January:
Sources tell me the SYTYCD crew begins their cross-country travels to audition prospective contestants in January. As of right now, I know that they're for sure hitting Charleston, D.C., Milwaukee, L.A., Vegas and Dallas.


Australia's Defamer reports that some top 20 finalists were spotted at the Sydney airport.


Reality Raver reports that a performers union is urging dancers to boycott the Australian So You Think You Can Dance, claiming that Network Ten's contract is illegal.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Definition Of A Man Report

Make no mistake, the half-house audience for the opening night of Definition Of A Man came to see John Gray, not Danny Tidwell. It's an interesting dynamic and a poignant illustration of the precarious position dancers find themselves in. That's not to say the crowd didn't respond to Danny's performance, but more on that later.

Not being a theater critic or anything more than an adequate writer, I'm unqualified to critique the show itself. It's a re-telling of the African-American experience, with all the ugly history that entails, but there's also humor and hope. Confronting the unspeakable inhumanity in our past is always painful. There's nothing groundbreaking here though. Mr. Gray carries and portrays the narrative well. He's a powerful singer and engaging personality. He's supported by a small cast of singers and dancers, and actress Shawn Flowers. It's presented on a spare, rotating stage with projected backgrounds. The two hours went by quickly.

In the finale, John Gray sings on one side of the stage, Israel Houghton plays guitar and sings on the other. Danny wanders onstage...


in a casual white shirt and skinny black jeans. Soon, he's dancing Roger Jeffrey's lyrical choreography between the two. It was a lot to absorb. I wanted to listen to John Gray sing, to Israel Houghton play and sing, and I wanted to watch Danny dance. The audience was on its feet cheering Danny's seemingly endless, effortless spins as the song reached its dramatic crescendo. Where's the Play Again button? I wanna see that again!

During curtain call, Danny's ovation was second only to Mr. Gray's, as it should be. As the cast was leaving the stage, Danny wanted to bust some freestyle moves with other cast members. Sorry Danny, you're not on So You Think You Can Dance any more. He got no takers.

Overheard as the audience was filing out:

"He was good. You know he was on that show So You Think You Can Dance?"

"Which show is that?"

"It's a reality show".


There was a meet & greet in the lobby after the show. I got to ask Danny a few questions. He got involved with this show because he's been friends with John Gray and his wife for years. This audience was definitely a different vibe than what he had experienced over the last several months, but he loved performing for them. There are no plans at this time for a Danny Tidwell Dance Company. He's currently concentrating on growing movmnt magazine, training for dance opportunities, and taking acting lessons. He'll be dancing the role of the Russian doll in his upcoming performance of The Nutcracker in San Diego. He's excited to be dancing with his friends Rasta Thomas and Carrie Imler again, and expects the shows to be sellouts. I represented for our Canadian and Australian readers who would love to see Danny perform. There are no plans currently to perform in either country, but he says he would jump at the opportunity. Translation: call and write your local dance companies. Let them know you want your Danny.

By this time the audience members were reaching Danny after meeting John Gray and Shawn Flowers, so I backed away. They were politely and enthusiastically complimentary to Danny, but I'm not sure any were converted to being dance fans.

The show is planned for a February airing on HBO, though I only saw one, stationary camera in the theater, so I doubt this performance will be the one shown. We'll remind you when we know an air date.

Shawn Flowers and Danny Tidwell

A supporting dancer, John Gray, Shawn Flowers, and Danny Tidwell

Jaimie's NYCDA Schedule

Jaimie Goodwin posted her a schedule of her NYCDA appearances to her Myspace blog.

NYCDA weekends so far...

Hey everyone, these are the weekends I'm going to NYCDA that I know of so far... I'll update as i know more!

Nashville- Dec 15-16

Mobile, AL- Jan 5-6

Lansing, MI -Jan 12-13

Arlington, VA- Jan 19-20

Portland, OR-Jan 26-27

Here's Jaimie performing at an NYCDA event before the SYTYCD season.
Uploaded by dance4ever87
Recorded by Brian from IDF

Monday, December 10, 2007

Danny Update

I just returning from the opening performance of Definition Of A Man. I'll try to have a report up sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, our friend Angelica reports on her experience at JUMP this weekend:

Just got back from the Jump Convention and WOW it was AMAZING! (For people that don't know JUMP is a Dance workshop/competition) I went to watch the final showcase. So the reason I went was basically to see Danny again and I got more than that:)

As my mom and me were waiting in line Dan Karaty came out of the rehersal room.. I was going to say something to him but I think he is really cocky so I just let him walk by me. It's funny because I took classes from Dan when I was 10 years old!

Then I saw Danny come out of the room and talk about being in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time! So he was coming out and I stood up and said his name. He gave me a hug and then I asked him if I could get a picture. He told me to hold on and went and ordered a coffee drink. As they were making it he came back and asked me my name and such. I told him that I met him at the SYTYCD backstage meet and greet and we small talked. My mom took a picture of us.... he is beatiuful...I love that man.

Nick Lazarrini came out of the rehearsal room too and I went over to him and shook his hand, what a cutie!

The show was cool... Mandy Moore was there too and she did a AWESOME contemporary freestyle with Danny and 4 other senior guys. Danny and Mandy dance beautifully together! Mandy and Nick did a dance to some 80's songs mixed and Danny came out for that one. They did it with the mini kids and it was so cute! As Danny was running offstage he gave me a wink and he smiled:)

Nick did a really good solo that I have up in my videos on my page.. he is crazy good! Dan did not dance at all... in fact he left early and did not even watch his kids perform the number he taught them. I don't know... I never really liked him.

But anyways it was a awesome night and my default picture was taken just a few hours ago!

Photo courtesy of Angelica

Danny In Atlanta Tonight

Danny Tidwell performs as part of John Gray's Definition Of A Man, tonight and tomorrow night at the Rialto Theater in Atlanta.

Definition of a Man takes you on a ride through history employing music, drama, comedy, skits, poetry and dance in an unequivocal effort to answer some serious questions about manhood, while addressing some real life experiences that Mr. Gray has encountered. Atlanta audiences will be enlightened, enraged, empowered and ultimately transformed.

The Atlanta debut of this work will also feature performances by Grammy Award winning artist Israel Houghton and a stunning original dance composition from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ finalist Danny Tidwell.

Sources tell us Danny will perform a piece created by choreographer Roger Jeffrey, and that the entire show will appear on HBO in February as part of Black History Month. More on John Gray here, Rialto Theater ticket info here.