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More On Step It Up & Dance

Photo courtesy of Bravo

Bravo TV's website now includes photos and full bios of the twelve contestants, along with host Elizabeth Berkley, mentor Jerry Mitchell, and judges Nancy O'Meara and Vincent Paterson.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Season 4 Premier Date

Fox has announced the 4th season of So You Think You Can Dance will premier on May 22nd. From the press release:

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, the high-stepping sensation from the producers of AMERICAN IDOL, again promises to keep viewers moving to a different beat, as dancers skilled in styles ranging from street to ballroom compete to be named America's favorite. Hosted by Cat Deeley, Season Four of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE kicks off with a two-night, four-hour premiere Thursday, May 22 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Wednesday, May 28 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Once the DANCE auditions conclude, weekly performance shows will air on Wednesdays (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), and weekly results shows will air on Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bravo's "Step It Up" Contestants And Premier Date Announced

Bravo TV's entry in the dance reality genre, Step It Up & Dance will premier April 3rd. The full press release includes the 12 contestants.



NEW YORK - February 13, 2008 - Today, Bravo revealed the 12 talented men and women chosen for the new creative dance competition series "Step It Up & Dance." The series will showcase what it takes to make it big in the cutthroat dance industry as the 12 finalists compete in weekly challenges in a variety of dance styles to get the final "call back" and the chance to become the ultimate dancer, winning $100,000. Celebrated actress and dancer Elizabeth Berkley will host the series and Emmy Award nominee and Tony Award-winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell ("Hairspray," Legally Blonde") will mentor the dancers. In addition, world-renowned director and choreographer Vincent Paterson (Madonna's "Blond Ambition" Tour, Michael Jackson's "Bad" Tour, and choreographer Nancy O'Meara ("Hannah Montana," "High School Musical Tour"), will serve as judges for the competition. "Step It Up & Dance" will premiere on Bravo, Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 10 PM ET/PT.

To meet the cast of "Step It Up & Dance," visit Following are the 12 dancers competing on the series (bios attached below):


- Adriana, 25 - Hometown: Shrewsbury, Mass.; Resides in Queens, N.Y.

- Cody, 27 - Hometown: Surrey, Canada; Resides in New York, N.Y.

- James, 23 - Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.; Resides in: Los Angeles, Calif.

- Janelle 18 - Hometown: Modesto, Calif.; Resides in Los Angeles, Calif.

- Jessica, 22 - Hometown/Resides In: San Luis Obispo, Calif.

- Nick, 26 - Hometown: Houston, Texas; Resides in: Los Angeles, Calif.

- Nicole, 29 - Hometown: Farmington Hills, Mich.; Resides in Chicago, Ill.

- Michael, 25 - Hometown: Houston, Texas; Resides in: Los Angeles, Calif.

- Michelle, 30 - Hometown: San Diego, Calif.; Resides in New York, N.Y.

- Miguel, 24 - Hometown: Delano, Calif.; Resides in: Los Angeles, Calif.

- Oscar, 31 - Hometown: Bologna, Italy; Resides in: New York, N.Y.

- Tovah, 21 - Hometown: Chicago, Ill.; Resides in Chicago, Ill.

Whether it's a music video one week or a Vegas spectacular the next, Bravo's new dance series will feature weekly challenges in which the dancers audition for a range of parts, designed to showcase their versatility and moves. The dancers will have access to some of the top choreographers in the industry performing in styles that range from hip-hop and freestyle to Broadway, burlesque and Latin. As the competition gets fierce and contestants are eliminated, only one person will get the final "call back" and the chance to become the ultimate dancer, winning $100,000.

"Step It Up & Dance" is produced by Magical Elves' Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth ("Project Runway," and "Top Chef") and Gunnar Wetterberg, who is also the creator of the series for Magical Elves.

Bravo is a program service of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBC Universal one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience. Bravo has been an NBC cable network since December 2002 and was the first television service dedicated to film and the performing arts when it launched in December 1980. For more information visit

SYTYCD News Roundup

According to The Sun, the U.K. is finally getting its own So You Think You Can Dance, and Cat will host.


Is any one out there a Bollywood fan? Former SYTYCD choreographers Brian Friedman and Marty Kudelka are set to choreograph the biggest budget dance movie to ever come out of Mumbai.


Network Ten's So You Think You Can Dance Australia website finally has photos and bios of the top 20.


The Dubbo Liberal (gotta love these Aussie names) profiles ballerina Ella Havelka, who didn't quite make it to the top 20.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Australia Update

So You Think You Can Dance Australia continues to shine in the ratings. It's even being called a juggernaut.


Sony wants in. Sony Australia has announced a "fully intgrated sponsorship deal":

The brand’s involvement will canvass on-set activity, online sponsorship, integrated TV spots featuring Cyber-Shot, Handycam and Vaio brands, as well as product placement throughout the live show, rehearsals and backstage.

Product placement? I'm not sure how that's going to work. Instead of Neil and Sabra's table dance, will we see a Vaio laptop dance?

SOURCE talks to finalists Marko Panzic, Kate Wormald, and Rhys Bobridge.


Remember Caleb's Face, Australia

15 year old Caleb Bartolo blew the Australian judges away with his audition in Brisbane. Unfortunately, he's 3 years away from meeting the age requirements. has an article and a photo gallery about him.

Also, someone claiming to have been at the audition said this on a message board:

I saw him dance live at the auditions. While the bit on t.v. was great, his full dance was flippin fantastic. And here's the inside goss, he is going to be dancing at the grand finalé of SYTYCD because the producer came over to the judges after dancing and they announced that he has an official invitation to dance there. SWEET! IN regards to where you can see him perform... haha, well in Innisfail he just performed in a production of Hairspray and just finished in Cats the other day. He was also pre-teen dancer of the year like last year. And gets rave reviews in the like of Dance Teacher Magazine. Yep... got him in top friends on MySpace. Whatever.... Oh, and he's also an extra on Sea Patrol. WOO!

Top 100 - Second Episode


Thanks to Milotary for uploading.

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Top 100 - First Episode


SYTYCD News Roundup

Shimmy interviews Jaimie Goodwin and movmnt magazine publisher David Benaym.

We previously linked to Maria Tucker's blog regarding auditioning in Salt Lake City and being chosen to interview Cat Deeley. Now we learn that a camera crew was sent to her home for a feature piece to be aired during the audition show.


Mary Murphy will appear on the Rachel Ray Show this Thursday, Valentine's Day.

Step Up 2 The Streets opens in the states this Thursday too. Here's the dance trailer:

Courtesy of Step Up 2 The Streets

Here are 2 stories about So You Think You Can Dance Australia host Natalie Bassingthwaighte.


This isn't show-related, but I think you'll find it interesting. The dancers on Christina Aguilera's Back-To-Basics tour talk about what it's like.
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Meet The Top 20

Australia's TVTonight has a great rundown of all the Top 20.


Report From Pulse

Our friend Angelica attended the PULSE Dance tour in Minneapolis this weekend and had some face time with a few of our favorite choreographers.

Hey everyone! I went to the Pulse convention today and the faculty that attended was, Laurie Ann Gibson, Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, Chris Judd and Mia Michaels! (Sadly Shane Sparks and Wade Robson were not at my stop) Anyways I went to watch the faculty Q and A and also the awards ceremony! The faculty Q and A was awesome! I got some good pictures of it and the faculty was so open and warm to everyone there. Dave and Brian were goofing off the whole time dancing and cracking jokes. They asked the faculty their most embarrassing moments and Mia said...

hers was when she was teaching once and she was wearing shorts. She went down to a plie and her shorts went to her ankles. She said she was wearing a cheetah g string! LOL Brian said his most embarrassing moment was when he was doing a battement and he farted on stage LOL Dave and Chris were so funny because as Brian would lift his leg they would make the noises to go along with it. The only question that was asked about SYTYCD was when they asked Brian what his favorite routines were for season 3. Right when they question was asked he said “old news” (You could tell he did not want to talk about the show.) But he did answer and said Lauren and Danny’s contemporary, Mia’s flower piece and Mandy’s Sweet Dream piece. The faculty Q and A lasted about 20 minutes!

When they had the scholarship ceremony the faculty was so warm and inviting with the kids. They would always have them sit on their laps and give them big hugs. One of the cutest parts was when a teacher brought a baby on stage and Mia and Brian were holding it and talking to it forever! The faculty was awesome and seemed so happy to be there!

Now on to my favorite part……After everything Brian, Mia, Dave and Chris stayed on the stage to sign autographs and take pictures! I got a picture and got to talk with all of them! The first one I got to meet and talk to was Brian. He was such a sweetheart and talk about a cutie! After our picture I told him that my mother and I loved the Danny and Lauren contemporary piece as well. He smiled and said it was amazing. Then I moved on to Mia which by the way she is an INSPIRATION. In the faculty Q and A she was describing her goals in life and just gave an amazing speech... she is wonderful! After our picture I just told her how much I look up to her and how beautiful her movement is. Next I met Dave Scott! (A little background about my love for Dave…I love Stomp the Yard which he choreographed, as well as You Got Served and the soon to be Step Up 2!!!) After our picture I told him how I could not wait to see Step Up 2 and I wanted to see it the day it comes out. He told me to go to the matinee showing LOL I told him I did not have a date so no obligations on Valentines Day. I told him how I am obsessed with Stomp the Yard and he said thank you about 5 times and looked truly happy. He is just adorable! The last person I met (again) was Chris Judd. After our picture I told him I met him when he was touring with Company Dance about 8 years ago. He was laughing at how long ago that was and I told him we met then too!

So that was my experience guys! If you would like to see any of the pictures feel free to add me either on Facebook or full name is Angelica Agents

Great report. Thanks Angelica!

Australia's Top 20 Revealed

Despite being under the weather, Reality Raver has a report on So You Think You Can Dance Australia's first top 20. Did your audition favorite make it?


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wade Robson Won't Be Back For Season 4

We have confirmed the rumors with multiple reliable sources. Emmy-winning choreographer Wade Robson will not be returning for the fourth season of So you Think You Can Dance. It's also confirmed that Shane Sparks will not be returning. Expected to fill the void are former contestant Travis Wall, returning choreographer Mandy Moore, and film director and choreographer Adam Shankman.

UPDATE: In this interview, Mary Murphy mentions that Wade will be one of the choreographers on season 4, so maybe there's still hope for Wade fans.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 100

Reality Raver recaps and reviews the first top 100 show from Sydney:

It was top 100 (well really top 140 something) in Sydney and there were tears, laughter, injuries, disappointment, and great dancing. Oh and did I mention the tears.

Jason Coleman appeared to be struggling with a cold, with his nose and eyes matching the pink stripes on his shirts.

Bonnnie Lythgoe, now I loathe to say this, but who is styling her? Is it that Sheridan Tyler from Australian Idol who would churn eventual winner Natalie Gauci onto the stage each week in some hideous outfit? If so, sack him now.

Really, a sleeveless light blue waistcoat with frayed edges would be hard pressed to look good on Kate Moss. I am sorry Bonnie it was baaaaaddddddd. Can we bring Trinny and Susannah out?

Matt Lee was wearing a hat as usual, but he was much stronger this episode...


...and was much tougher then the others. He must be a happy camper this week as Hilary Duff selected him to choreograph a commercial for her.

Tonight they also had a fourth judge choreographer and performer, Kelley Abbey. The Gen X viewers remembered her from the show E Street.

Kelley was really good, and if Bonnie does not come back for a second series, then they could consider her as a judge on the show.

Each day was going to be a different dance style. The dancers would have to learn the routine, then perform it for the judges. At that time they could either be culled, through to the next round, or if it was a hanging jury, ie two yes's, and two no's, then they would be dancing for their life.

The first routine was going to be hip hop with Sydney dance teacher Nacho Pop, which I presume it is not his real name, if so I hope he divorced his parents at a young age.

Even some of the B boys and girls looked concerned when they found out it was going to be a popping routine. If I heard right 80% of the hip hop dancers there had never done popping. So basically everyone one was on the same level.

The first shock of the day occurred just before the routines were about to be performed. Ten people were called onto stage. The judges said they had been watching them, and thought some were not up to it, and five were culled straight away. Clearly they were disappointed as they had not even gotten to perform the routine and it was only 10.00am on the first day. The other five were given a reprieve but told to improve.

Some of the dancers were starting to stand out. Khaley, a b-boy body piercer from a Thai background had struggled with keeping in time with the music at his audition. But he just stood out when he danced this routine, and in fact the other few routines over the three days.

Vanessa the beautiful Asian ballerina from Sydney struggled a bit with the hip hop routine, however she made it through with glowing praise from the judges.

Chris, the security guard break dancer from Sydney, clearly struggled with the choreography, and I was surprised they did not cull him immediately. The judges made him dance for his life where he did a sensational routine with lots of tricks, however he bailed out in the ballroom round.

Danielle, the girl from Sydney who had begged for a second chance at the Sydney audition and was given it was told to dance for her life after the hip hop round. However this time it was not going to be a fairy tale ending for her, as her solo was pretty ordinary and she was culled.

The Adelaide sisters at this stage were split.

Day 2 was ballroom, and the cha cha routine was choreographed by Jason Gilkison. All the dancers were split into couples, with the most bizarre coupling being tall Stephanie T, with a scrawny guy who came up to her shoulder. To say she was unimpressed was an understatement.

However their performance was fabulous, a bit freak showy with a amazon woman writhing around this boy and you thought he was going to buckle under the weight of her leg. However they were given the thumbs up by the judges.

Henry, a ballroom dancer, was partnered with Cassie, a contemporary dancer, and they did great. Henry got big wraps in the hip hop the day before, so I would expect him to come close to getting in the top 20.

JD, another hip hopper, was on fire in the ballroom, he too was partnered with a ballroom dancer Eliza. Bonnie said he was "exceptional as he started off not knowing what he was doing, but ended getting the routine right".

His partner was not so lucky considering it was her genre. After a few "You were outdanced by other girls" comments, she was eliminated.

One girl from Brisbane, wore a fluro green latin ballroom dress. However it drew attention for all the wrong reasons. As Jason Coleman said "It was so wrong on so many levels, I couldn't look past the dress to see the dancing". She was gone.

Sarah the girl from the Sydney audition who had battled anorexia and bulima was also eliminated at this point of the competition. As was Bessie the El Salvadorian who had had a difficult life, but she was never going to be up to it. Bonnie said "I believe you are leaving here a winner."

BJ was culled at ballroom as Jason said "you lack the maturity as a performer, you are just not ready". He begged to be given a second chance to dance for his life. The judges acquiesced to his request, and he danced well enough to stay. With Bonnie even saying "I hope you make it to the top 20".

Sermsah, the indigenous dancer from Perth had to dance for his life after ballroom. He again did traditional dancing to modern music, and he moves fabulously. I found Jason a touch patronizing towards him. "I think you feel unworthy".

Day 3 and it was Kelley Abbey's turn to teach the remaining contestants a jazz type routine. "I want sunshine and joy" she said. The pressure of two 16 hour days were starting to take their toll on the contestants. Sermsah was puking in the toilets and had to lie down for two hours, this did not give him much time to learn the routine. His confidence was shattered and Kelly had to convince him to perform.

Special mention should go to Stephanie T who gets the niceness award, or was it fellow Western Australians sticking together? She helped him learn the routine after his rest.

Matt Lee told him "Your uniqueness should give you confidence". The judges appear to be very keen to get Sermsah through. I think he is good, but I think a year of dance lessons, would make him formidable if a Season 2 was made.

Courtney a dancer from Melbourne blanked during the routine but was still given three yeses from the judges so did not have to dance for her life.

At 11:00pm, just when they thought they would be shepherded back to the hotel, they were told they were going to be put into 12 groups. They would then pick up a mp3 player from the judges table which would have a song on it, which they would have to choreograph a dance to perform for the judges the next day. The routine could be in any dance style they chose.

A lot of them did not get much sleep.

First up in the morning was a group that included Will, the camp hip hop dancer from Sydney. He took the lead and choreographed a pretty entertaining routine in multiple styles. Khaley again rocked. Is he going to be the Hok of the Australian competition? Only one of the group were eliminated.

Next was a routine where the dancers were dolls which had Csaba in it, a dancer who has also been in Dancing with the Stars. I thought he barely danced, just pranced around, surrounded by some pretty ordinary female dancers.

Bonnie said "The routine left me cold", and Csaba was told "he would have to work harder". Courtney got through as well.

Next up was Rhys the gay dancer from Melbourne dancing with a posse of girls to a Prince song. He decided to take a risk and camp it up ala Prince including high heel boots. I thought it was over the top but great. However three judges thought it was too effeminate. Surprisingly Jason, he of the "I like guys to dance like guys" comments, said "I thought you made a choice to be feminine - liked the boots".

Last group for this episode had to dance to the Queen song called "Killer Queen". They all hated the song, and this showed. They were told by the judges this is sometimes what happens, you have to dance to songs and choreography you don't like.

The rest of the 12 groups will be on tomorrow nights episode, which will include the top 24 being announced with the first show next Sunday.