Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bollywood Sampler

For those unfamiliar with the Bollywood style.
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Former SYTYCD choreographers Brian Friedman and Marty Kudelka are set to choreograph the biggest budget Bollywood movie ever made. I can't wait to see what they do with the opportunity.

SYTYCD Australia News

The Herald Sun says Jason Coleman is taking some heat from the Australian dance community:

TV JUDGE Jason Coleman is the talk of the dance world as critics claim he is under-qualified and playing favourites in the top-rating So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Coleman, who is emerging as the "nasty judge", has the tight-knit dance world angered by his comments with instructors claiming he makes mistakes.


GenQ plays 20 questions with Marko and Steph.

Contestant Rhiannon Villareal has been dragged into a political dispute in Sydney.


Jason Gilkison's Paso Doble for Jemma and Rhys was clearly our reader's favorite top 16 routine in our recent poll.

SYTYCD News Roundup

The Daily Mail has a piece about Cat and the surprisingly racy photoshoot she did for Arena Magazine


Wade Robson is the subject of the cover and a feature article in the latest Dance Magazine.

“Wade is like a chameleon,” says So You Think You Can Dance contestant Jaimie Goodwin. “You really don’t think about him having a specific style. You never know what you’re going to get from him.” Last year, Robson pushed the envelope even further on the show, working well outside his comfort zone to create ’60s-inspired protest solos to John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change,” (the next day Nigel Lythgoe “apologized” in case this peace dance offended any families of soldiers) and the hauntingly mesmerizing “Hummingbird” piece. Robson received high acclaim from the show’s judges on “Hummingbird” for his uncanny ability to transform a hip hop dancer (Hok) and well-rounded dancer (Goodwin) into stunning personifications of a hummingbird and flower.

Thanks to Selly at DanceOutlook for the tip.


Shimmy Online catches up with Ricky Palomino.


Our blogging buddy Dave Chung ran into Mary Murphy at this week's American idol elimination show taping. She must have still been jetlagged from her trip to Aus, right?


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Top 16 Performances (Video)

Demi & Jack - Jazz
Choreography by Kelly Aykers

Vanessa & Henry - Contemporary Disco
Choreography by Sarah Boulter

Camilla & Sermsah - Contemporary
Choreography by Shannon Holtzapffel and Simon Lind

Jemma & Rhys - Paso Doble
Choreography by Simon Gilkison

Stephanie & Marko - Krump
Choreography by Travers Ross

Laura & Anthony - Soul Swing
Choreography by Michael Boyd

Rhiannon & J.D. - Tango
Choreography by Fabio Robles

Kate & Graeme - Bollywood
Choreography by Farah Shah

Thanks to SYTYCDAustralia for uploading.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Backstage At America's Best Dance Crew

Shane Sparks takes backstage at ABDC.

Sabra And Kameron

There's good news and bad news for Sabra Johnson. The bad news is that she won't be appearing in High School Musical 3. The good news: it's because she has other commitments. She says:

“I am doing my dream job! I’m definitely where I want to be and have no complaints”


Kameron Bink's first collection is available at Sugar and Bruno. Don't miss the photoshoot video.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live Show Buzz

The Sunshine Coast Daily's Nathaniel Cooper attended the taping of Sunday night's show:

Dancers were being wheeled out to do their routines, judges were making comments (Jason Coleman was firing off pretentious twaddle) and Mary Murphy was squealing like a schoolgirl.

I'll be honest and say that I didn't think much of Mary Murphy when I tuned into the American series last year; I thought the squealing was a little odd. But after seeing her do it live in the flesh ... well, I am seriously considering taking up the squealing thing. She was sick, she was frozen.

Another surprise for me that evening was that Jason Coleman wasn't as supremely pretentious and annoying as he comes across on TV. After most of the routines he wandered up into the grandstand and congratulated the choreographers (although not the ones he slagged off). His comments also seemed more justified when I was there in the flesh, and made a welcome change from Bonnie saying she loved everything.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Top 16 Group Routine (Video)

We're still waiting for video of the top 16 performance show, but here's the group routine from the results show.
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Bonnie's Top 16 Reaction

About 2 thirds of the way through this Dicko, Dave, & Chrissie For Breakfast radio show, Bonnie Lythgoe calls in to discuss the top 16 performance show. She talks about the JD blanking incident and the profusion of sub-categorized dance styles.

Highlight above to read. Perfomance show spoiler alert!

Top 16 Results

Reality Raver has the top 16 results at her blog.



Sunday, March 2, 2008

Choreographer Salsa

They choreographed Henry & Vanessa's Salsa in the top 20 show, but Oliver Pineda and Luda Kroiter show here they do a pretty mean Salsa themselves.
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Status Quo on ABDC

When many Americans are voting for change, enough voted for Status Quo last week to elevate the crew out of danger. Their routine began with Darvis doing the coolest little hat flip, and ended with Jamal, in a JabbWockeez mask, stuffing E-Knock in a dumpster. They spent most of the routine racking up Frequent Flyer miles.

Shane Sparks mentions SQ as one of his favorite crews in an interview at LA's The Place Magazine.


Tonya Plank has been watching the show:

Speaking of “America’s Best Dance Crew“: how happy was I that Status Quo was finally NOT in the bottom three!!! Yes! I loved all that flipping they did last night. I’m always afraid someone’s going to get hurt, but they just always make me smile, and I need that after a full week of this trial. Not to wax too cheesy about these boys from the ‘hood I find so endearing, but this disturbing trial (not to mention having spent many years as a public defender) makes me think what dance can do for people — taking them out of their circumstances, giving them opportunities, allowing them to take out aggression in a positive way… Dance is important!


Tonya was distressed about the judges' decision to eliminate Live In Color over Fysh N Chicks, as was a TVGuide Community blogger:
I cannot believe what I witnessed on America's Next Best Dance Crew. I think the judge’s decision was an injustice. Especially for people who are suppose to keep it so real "Randy Jackson, Lil Mama & Shane Sparks". I can see if Live in Color lost to Kaba Modern or JabbaWockeeZ real dance crews! However, I cannot comprehend a real dance crew "Live In Color" losing to boys on skates and a dance crew that was consistently in the bottom 2. The tap dancing sucked! I can see if they stopped the music and you actually heard something. Hell I could have moved my feet around with music blasting and called it tap dancing. The show should be called "Judges Best Dance Crew" because not only was America not represented tonight; but the "Judges" continue to save a weak group who obviously is not wanted by America! And they wonder why people are so hesitant to vote? It's call being overridden when your vote wasn't the one they were looking for. I won't be watching next week!


Personally, I think there has been a production bias to keep female groups to pull male demographics. How else could you justify the inclusion of Femme Five in the top 9?

Australia News Roundup

Worthwhile recaps of the top 16 performance show have popped up. Here, here, and here.

Reality Raver has some tidbits about the dancers and a Jason Coleman interview.

In a template piece we've seen frequently in the states, Valerie Lawson of the Brisbane Times misses the point of the show:

Commercial imperatives mean that all reality TV shows are heavy with flashy lighting, raucous studio audiences, sentimental recaps of contestants' "journeys" so far, and humiliating final interviews that include banal remarks from the smiling host: "How do you feel?" and "congratulations on getting this far".

But So You Think You Can Dance Australia goes further. Its very success - the program attracted an audience of 1.5 million on Sunday last week - is compromising dance as a performance art. The audience is led to believe that the most obvious effort, the most athletic of tricks, and the most vulgar of moves, represent dance at its best.

She does get it right about the solos:
On Mondays's results shows, the lowest ranking dancers must endure an elimination solo which is usually frantic, and often ugly. Jason Coleman, the most astute of the three judges, was right last week when he said the solos failed as they were less about quality than they were about quantity. Throw a leg up to the chin, slide the hands up and down the thighs, flash the crotch, and shimmy like a stripper.


Nat Bass and the dancers took part in the recent Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney.


So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Final 16 Performance Show

Reality Raver reports on the top 16 performance show:

Tonight Mary Murphy from the US version of the show So You Think You Can Dance was a guest judge, and she was just fabulous. It was like a breath of fresh air had blown in and brought some freshness to the show and the judging panel.

We need to organise for her to be kidnapped and send back Matt Lee and Bonnie Lythgoe instead. Well Bonnie was talking about a reconciliation with Nigel.

A few quick comments on the show:
* Natalie Bassingthwaite either had a wig on, or hair extensions. Was she trying to channel the wonderful Cat Deeley, but she just looked like Jennifer Hawkins not so pretty twin sister (Picture of Jen in this link) ;
* Bonnie and Jason Coleman were competing with each other to see who could show the most cleavage, and which is the most tanned and freckly;
* Bonnie needs to learn how to speak in soundbites, she repeats herself. Take some lessons off Jason;
* Matt Lee needs to gain some tv presence - insipid an adjective I would use to describe him; and
* Natalie continued to look like a zombie when she read from the autocue.

Now I know Australia was one of the first places to embrace fusion food, but this fusion dancing is doing my head in. Tonight we had Indy jazz, Contemporary Disco, Soul Swing, and Bollywood Hip Hop . WTF?????
First dancers for the night were...

...Demi and Jack dancing a jazz routine by Kelly Aykers. However she told them it was Indy jazz, no idea what it is. Even jazz dancer Jack looked confused.
They danced to a pop/punk/rockabilly tune which was quite frenetic. Just another whinge Natalie is inconsistent in telling the audience what the music is called.
I really wanted to like it, but it was a bit stilted in parts. Also points must be given to Jack for keeping his hat on throughout the routine.
Mary Murphy said "Demi I didn't feel you were really quite on it at times - not hitting is as hard as Jack was."
"Loved the energy and excitement"
Jack received the Mary M seal of approval.
"Jack dude you are hitting out there for me - the whole package."
Matt Lee said "Demi - a little bit hard" and "Jack a bit cheesy, but hit it great"
Bonnie gibbered "You work well together" and "Sexy, fun and great"
Jason said "Routine was hard", and "Demi got left behind - didn't have jazz mojo"
Next up were Vanessa and Henry dancing a contemporary disco routine by Sarah Boulter.
The pre-dance filmage showed Henry showing up to rehearsals late, he apparently slept in. Bonnie after the dance took a swipe at him and Jason asked how late he was and it was revealed he was 5 minutes late. You could almost feel the audience rolling their eyes. Bonnie if you are going to get tough, get tough on the dancing. Lucky for State Rail the lateness was not caused by them, as they really don't need anymore bad PR.
Vanessa and Henry looked fabulous, even though Henry looked like he had been attacked by a hair straightener, and I quite enjoyed the routine. However there were all these contemporary routine moves, but where was the disco? There might have been a little bit of disco beat in the music....
Mary M concurred "Bit bizarre, didn't see much disco - fusion for me not quite working.
"Just left feeling - don't know what I am feeling - fun to watch brought me joy - but will it be memorable?"
Mary M then gave Henry the seal of approval "Henry one of the strongest dancers here"
Matt Lee "Vanessa - comfortable and nice" and "Henry - versatility you brought it"
Bonnie blabbered about Henry's lateness.
Jason "Henry for the 3rd week in a row has stolen the routine", "Nothing disco this is a reflection for Sarah" and "Vanessa not good enough."
Camilla and Sermsah danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Shannon and Simon from Project Moda.
The dance was based on an asian fight scene. Camilla in her pre-routine film said "I feel I am stepping up to the mark." and "I don't think partnership is quite reaching where it could".
I think her and Marko really want to swap partners.
It was an intriguing routine, and actually had an understandable story to it which ended in her stabbing him in the end. Sermsah looked much more comfortable this week, however Camilla again outdanced him.
Mary M said "More stage presence than I have seen tonight", and "Very strong from both of you" and then she gave a small scream.
Matt Lee said "Real, and connected".
Bonnie said "Great routine." And then she gibbered to Sermsah in a slightly condescending manner.
Jason said "Didn't get fight routine all the way through", "Getting stronger each week", and "Sermsah did a great job".
Next was one of my faves Rhys and Jemma dancing the Paso Doble choreographed by Jason Gilkison. Rhys was told he must be masculine (what gay wants to be told that on Mardi Gras week?).
Of course Rhys stepped up to the plate. It was a pretty good routine, but it was not flawless. One lift went pear-shaped.
Mary M said "There's one way I like my Paso Doble - and that's how I like it done". She then raved on about how good Jason Gilkison was and how he is world renown.
"Rhys strong, passionate, fiery - you young man are going places" and she has not even seen him in the children show The Fairies yet.
Matt Lee - "Engaging, real and dramatic".
Bonnie - "Rhys - really fantastic" and "The top routine so far"
Jason - "Great dancing, great routine"
Next up was the Marko and Stephanie dancing a Krump routine choreographed by Travers Ross. Clearly the segment was edited by the producers to try and get her in the bottom three this week. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
We had Stephanie lying on the floor, Stephanie whinging about injuries, and then Marko said "It is harder and harder because having the same partner, it is harder to work together to pull each other through." What? I thought having the same partner each week was meant to make it easier? What he was really saying was "Stephanie is a dog".
The routine was meant to channel their inner guerrilla militia, it was not the complete train wreck it was going to be, but it was not great.
Mary M said "well you can tell just by what I am wearing (gold lame dress) that I am a Krumping specialist."
"Steph not hitting it hard, Marko a bit stronger".
Matt Lee said to Mary Murphy "Can you come every week?" Oh yes please Matt, and while your at it watch and learn. It is called having a personality.
He also said "Steph faked it very well"
Bonnie said "You did try hard, and you did move forward Steph"
Jason said "Big, fat, mess", "Not quality", "No unison" and "Steph not musical", "Big fail".
Popular couple Anthony Ikin and Laura danced a soul swing number by Michael Boyd (failed auditionee). Again this fusion dance was confusing, and it looked a bit like a lindy hop number.
Laura was dressed like an entertainer at a children's party, and I thought her dancing was a bit awkward in parts.
Mary M was also confused by the dance genre saying "Not sure where the soul or swing was in that"
However she was positive about the dancing. "Phenomenal dancers," and "Anthony - so good - number did not showcase you".
Matt Lee said "A little lacklustre"
Bonnie said "Got to put comedy into it?" Huh where was the comedy meant to go?
Jason was ambivalent about it, "Didn't particularly show you off", and "Sat in the middle for me"
We were still waiting to see if Mary Murphy would hand out a hot tamale train accolade but the only train we got in Rhiannon's and JD's routine was a trainwreck.
They were dancing a tango choreographed by Fabio Robles. Rhiannon sizzled in the beginning, then in the middle it all fell apart, and JD was the culprit.
Mary Murphy took the sympathetic approach "Started out well, but halfway through it was like a deer in headlights, everything went wrong" and "I've been there I know what it feels like."
Matt Lee agreed.
Rhiannon and JD were teary at this point.
Bonnie asked what happened? Rhiannon flicked the question to JD, and He said "He had a blank and froze up".
Jason then continued to put the knife in by saying "JD should have been leading," "You lost the step" and "You let her down".
I thought the judges should have been looking at themselves. They were the ones who decided to get rid of Hilton instead of JD last week, when he did a shocking routine last week, and then he fronts up again and is a disaster.
Rhiannon should have been dancing with Hilton this week.
So don't accuse him of letting her down. The judges let the viewing audience down. My poll overwhelming states that JD should have been eliminated last week. That tango was the judges fault.
By the way Rhiannon looked mad as she knows she is facing bottom three tomorrow, she just has to hope Stephanie is in there with her.
Last dance for the night was new pairing, Graeme and Kate dancing Bollywood Hip Hop. The choreographer was Farah Shah.
Graeme was wondering if the Kate curse of her partner going home was going to be inflicted on him this week.
It was a dance with Kate dressed in a I Dream Of Jeannie costume. Was it memorable? No. Though Graeme did impress me tonight.
Mary M said "Liked the two of you - hot and sexy", "You have the x factor" and "Can take the hot tamale train with it" I have to say I thought it was a half-hearted hot tamale train - and she thought she better say her trademark line once on the show.
My predictions for bottom three this week are:
JD and Rhiannon;
Marko and Steph; and
Kate and Graeme.