Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shauna Noland Vids

Shauna uploaded this video of herself "just messing around in the studio doing tessandra chavez's choreo".

More on Tessandra Chavez and Shauna here.

Here's a Shauna Fanvid created by TrivallieFan. We're making an exception to the season 3 video montage ban because this is mostly material we haven't seen in a while.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tour Coverage

Our friend Ruby has an excellent set of photos from the Wilkes-Barre show posted at Photobucket.


The Democrat and Chronicle sent Anna Reguero to cover the tour date in Rochester.

LINK previews Saturday's East Rutherford show and talks to their homeboy Pasha:
Q. Will you be able to sleep in your own bed when the tour comes to New Jersey?

This is how the tour works: You dance, hop in the bus, go to the next city, and it starts all over again. I'll probably be looking at New Jersey through the bus [windows].


Karyn D. Collins of the Asbury Park Press also previews Saturday's show:
"It's just so much fun, coming out and seeing all these people that have watched the show," says [Sabra]Johnson, the 20-year-old sparkplug of a dancer from Roy, Utah, who won $250,000 as the first-place winner. "In the (television) studio during the competition, we had a live audience, but this is a completely different feeling."

Johnson has only been dancing for four years, a personal journey that amazed fans of the show. But even runner-up Tidwell, a stage veteran who has performed around the world with the American Ballet Theatre, said the "So You Think You Can Dance" concert tour was unlike anything he had experienced.

"We're not in theaters; we're in arenas with thousands of people screaming for us," Tidwell says. "It's like when you go to a concert. It's really cool. We're having a blast."


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Auction For Charity

BAFTA/LA and the Television Academy are hosting an on-line auction benefiting both Academies’ Educational Outreach Programs that includes a hand painted and signed tea pot by the choreographers of So You Think You Can Dance. As I write this, the current bid is $140. The auction ends at 6pm ET tomorrow, Friday the 28th.


The Tour In Wilkes-Barre

Citizen's Voice has two articles of interest by Geri Anne Kaikowski. The first is a review of the show in Wilkes-Barre last night:

Perhaps, the biggest cheer was for Hokuto "Hok'' Konishi, who sported a blond streak in his mohawk along with his dark trademark braid. "Hok,'' who finished out of the top 10 eligible for the tour, was selected as an alternate along with Jesus Solorio, Anya Garnis and Shauna Noland.


The second provides a backstage peek at how the cast is coping on the road:
The top 10 dancers of the hit Fox-TV reality series have a touring ritual for the 50 venues where they are performing this fall. The group visits a shop in each destination and purchases the ugliest postcard they can find to hang on the bus.
It's their unique way of fondly remembering each city they performed in. You could call it their own version of "So You Think You Have a Sense of Humor.''


Savion Glover On DWTS

Uploaded by phillyroll7

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Audition Updates

WESH-TV in Orlando interviewed Janet Bombard for this story about the current state of prosthetic limbs.


Here's Bryan Gaynor's appearance on Ellen.

Thanks to UberWhoa for uploading.

Around The Web

Boston University's Daily Free Press covered the tour date in Boston.

LINK to article.
LINK to multimedia slideshow.

From our friend Nick:

Danny Tidwell was nominated for a People's Choice Award in the category of "Favorite Reality Show Loser Who Should Have Won".

Please vote so we can see Danny at the People's Choice Awards!!

Danny is up against Blake from American Idol and Tre from Top Chef.


I highly recommend our friend Maria's A Time To Dance blog for great reading and videos.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Videos From Hartford

Ducky Does TV has some new videos from the Hartford show from our friend Chelsey. She says:

The show was so amazing, it felt like I was in the studio audience of the actual TV show! All the dances were performed perfectly, and seeing them live after I watched them on TV was fantastic. The highlight of the night for me was seeing the Mia Michaels contemporary group piece to "The Moment I Said It" by Imogen Heap. I was amazed by it on the show, but seeing it live was just unbelievable.

Also, meeting the dancers after the show was so surreal. After watching them on TV for the whole summer, and voting for them it was amazing to meet them. Each and every one of them is super nice, and they make sure that everybody gets an autograph or a picture. We only waited about 30-35 minutes for them to come out, and they stayed for a while. It was so nice of them to stay because they were clearly tired and had had a long day. When the boys were about to get on their bus, Hok gave Lacey a quick kiss on the cheek and it was so cute! The girls then waited for their bus and they said goodbye and left. A few minutes later we were walking down the street and their buses were parked on the corner and Dominick was in the front part of the bus near the drivers seat and was waving at us and making funny faces and he lifted up his shirt, it was really funny! Me and my friends also drove by the buses on the way out and we honked and screamed WE LOVE YOU SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE out the window. Overall it was a really fun night, and I highly recommend going to the show cause its awesome.

Thanks for a great review Chelsey!

LINK to videos.

Tour Update From Lauren

Lauren Gottlieb posted the following bulletin from her Myspace account.

Date: 24 Sep 2007 8:39

Subject: Wow!!!!!

I've never been so happy!!!! This tour is by far the most fun I have ever had....and it only just started. The tv show was fun because it was a brand new experience and the idea of people sitting on their couches watching us dance was insane. But to be in a packed arena with everyone screaming and ready to have fun...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna/NEED to thank everyone who voted for me throughout the show because if it weren't for you I wouldn't be here right now. (cheesy) sorry! but its the truth!

I wanted to come on here and tell you a little about the first 3 shows because I don't know how many messages I'll get through. I'm not gonna lie it might take a little because most places we don't have internet. I rather write a blog because I'm thinkin this may be a long bulletin, but last time I tried posting a blog I think the settings on my space wouldn't allow people to read it.


1st show---albany ny- - - -Was a great show for me! I think I did everything I wanted to on stage. It was a smooth show....well...smooth onstage. Offstage was a completely different story!!!haha We're still trying to figure out our changing situation back there. Last night (hartford) we remodeled out changing area so now its less of a mess back there. As for the rest of the cast, I think everyone was really happy with our first show. It was most everyones first time performing for that many people, especially with everyone screaming our names!!

2nd show----boston!- - - -OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Boston was CRAZY!!!!!! The energy you gave was unbelievable!! You're definitely staying in the running for being the loudest audience. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!! You really made that night so memorable! However, I didn't have the best show. I was holding back tears during intermission because I was so frustrated with myself. I just kept doing little things wrong and it started building up. First, I kinda fumbled with my lines in the one would probably notice buuuuut me! Then they started playing the wrong song for my solo and it really threw me off for the rest of my dance. Then pasha and I weren't really tight in our duet. Then in lion king the ribbon was all tangled in the beginning so I had ended up getting caught in it and then slipping on it during the dance. JUST TOO MUCH WRONG for a show that people are paying to come see. However, the second act made the difference. I ended up pulling it together!

3rd show-----Hartford- - - -It was our friend James's last day working with us! It was a show dedicated to him. The show went so much smoother than our first two. We're starting to learn how to pace ourselves throughout. The crowd seemed a little older than the others. I dunno....we were all trying to figure it out. Everyone was so nice after the show during the autograph session. There wasn't as many people there so I feel like we had more time to talk to everyone rather than running through the line. All together a great show! For the cast, there were a few fumbles with lines that we couldn't stop laughing about, and a few people screaming "My pants aren't up here" 20 seconds before they went onstage. Just a lot of funny moments.

as for after the shows, our autograph sessions are a DREAM!!! For the next 3 months were famous! We all don't know how it happened but it did. Everyone always asked during the tv show how did it feel having fans.....I could never answer the question because I couldn't tell. But now its all clear....aaaaahhhh such a dream! People keep apologizing when they ask for an autograph and a picture......DONT!!!!..HAHAHA.....we're all so excited to be meeting everyone who watched and don't even know!!! And THANK YOU so much for the gifts!!!! There's so much hard work and love put into them! It makes being away from home a little bit easier :)

ok sorry for the long bulletin. I just know I wont be able to make it through all the messages and people are asking how the shows went. Let me know if you like it and I'll keep posting every few shows.

see you all sooooooon!


Around The Web

The tour took last night off. They'll be in Bridgeport, CT. tonight.

Gossip from Eonline:

Maria in Chicago: Any SYTYCD gossip from the tour? I’m still in withdrawal! Can’t wait till they come to Chi-town!

Let’s see, this is a pretty solid group that doesn’t yield all that much dirt, but we did hear that Sabra had a Janet Jackson-like wardrobe malfunction during the dress rehearsal last week. Yep, the crew was treated to an unexpected sort of show! Also unexpected—and so awesome—is an amazing breaker routine they’ve choreographed for the tour with Sara, Hok and Dominic. Apparently, Sara will be flying all over the place! And in case you were wondering, yes, Lacey and Hok are still very much together, and we’re hearing they're as happy as ever.


Am I the only one who finds this story interesting? has a slideshow of Mia Michaels at Spinfest.


Auditions for the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance begin Oct. 7th in Adelaide.


At least 2 recaps of last night's Dancing With The Celebrities Stars express a longing for a certain other network dance show.


Season 3 audition favorite Bryan Gaynor is scheduled to appear on Ellen today.

Natalie Dancing In Greece

The Greek version of So You Think You Can Dance seems almost like some alternate universe. Season 2's Natalie Fotopoulos crossed over to that universe. She choreographs mostly, but did dance at least twice.

Thanks to Kimberly for pointing out this one, and to dance07gr for uploading both.

I wonder what our Dominic would make of alterna-Cat.

Previous coverage of Natalie in Greece here.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Benji Update

Click to enlarge

Benji and Heidi appear at the Laguna Dance Festival October 6th. More info here. The site is worth a visit for clips of 2006 performances, if nothing else.

Click to enlarge

Benji dances with the elite of the dance world (including Jason Samuels Smith) Oct. 29th in New York at the Career Transition For Dancers 22nd Jubilee. More Info here.

For those who don't know, Benji is an extremely talented photographer. Check his Myspace for his photos of Travis, Allison, Ivan, Jason Williams, and Ashlee Nino.

Hartford Review

One of our readers, Allen, took the time to share this excellent review of the show in Hartford last night. Thanks Allen!

My wife and I went to the show in Hartford last night. What a treat! I was particularly impressed by the group numbers, but in addition there was a great breaker piece danced by Sara, Dominic and Hok that was new to the show. It was so much better seeing the entire stage instead of one camera angle like you do on TV, and the energy and quality of the dancing was so much more evident when you weren't
watching with a critical eye, trying to decide who to vote for!

The special guests (alternates) dance in several of the group numbers, and Anya dances with Danny, and with Pasha. Jesus does the vagabond thing with Sara; Hok is (of course) the hummingbird, as well as doing the breaker piece. Shauna is there, and dances with Kameron (Ease on Down the Road).

Overall I was impressed with everyone, and they are all stars. I was glad that apart from introducing Sabra for her solo as "America's Favorite Dancer", they didn't focus on the results of the show much at all, just let the "greatest hits" of the season roll.

I was particularly taken with Dominic's dancing last night, and also Lauren's--she comes across as much more powerful live than on TV. And Neil--what an entertainer, and just like the show, just a Neil sighting leads to lots of screaming among the young girls in the audience. Probably the piece I was most impressed with live as opposed to TV was the Two Princes--the energy and precision is amazing, and Danny is...well, Danny. But Sara and Jesus's vagabonds, Sabra and Dom's hip-hop, and Jaimie and Hok's Wade Robson piece were all great, too....would've liked to seen the foxes, and the white dress waltz, the Mia routine with the goggles Nigel didn't get...and probably I'm the only person in America who actually liked the paso doble to "We Will Rock You", but I knew they wouldn't do that one. And they didn't.

The only negative is I wish they had shot more new video to introduce the performers before their solos. (Do we really need to hear Danny being accused of arrogance again?) But at least we got some Cat voice-overs, and blissfully little of Nigel.

Thanks for keeping the blog up during the tour. Sorry I don't have any pictures or videos to add from last night, but folks, if you can get to a show near you, do go, you won't be disappointed!

I found this video of the Two Princes, performed by Neil Haskell and Danny Tidwell in Hartford. Thanks to outofstocklover for uploading.

Tour Coverage

Oh no!. Our buddy Ducky got stuck in traffic and missed the Albany show. Fortunately, his correspondent Kristy was there and filed a report, with photos.


Danny performs The Solo, in Boston. Thanks to rschach for uploading.

Incidentally, One of those Neil and Danny workout photos is on page 7 of the current Star Magazine. Thanks to Jeff Haskell for the tip.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mary Murphy Update

A friend of Mary just posted to Mary's Myspace blog. This would further explain why Mary was so emotional after Mia Michaels' piece about her dad.

Immediately following the finale of season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance, she rushed back to Ohio to spend time with her father. If you didn't read it in Us Weekly, her father has been diagnosed with cancer, and she's spending every second she can with him, making him as comfortable as she can, and making the best of these precious moments.

She is very thankful to all the fanmail, and is sorry she hasn't been able to respond as much as she used to.

To all those that wish to send cards or words of encouragement, you can send these to her dance studio:

Champion Ballroom Academy
3580 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92130
Attn: Mary Murphy

Our thoughts go out to Mary and her family.


Sara Taps

This is NOT from the tour. I'm not exactly sure where it was, but it's Sara tapdancing, battling a beat boxer.

Thanks to dbush92677 for uploading.

Tour Coverage

Sabra & Neil's Paso Doble in Albany, uploaded by iarechigz.

DanceNYY has several videos up from the Albany show. Here's Dominic, Sara, and Hok breaking.

Lauren Beckham Falcone of the Boston Herald attended the show and talked to the cast:

“Opening night (in Albany, N.Y., Friday) was so cool,” said Neil Haskell, who made it to the top four this season. “There’s such a difference performing in front of a small audience then going to an arena filled with fans.”

Haskell admitted that being the object of thousands of people’s affections is a little bizarre.

“It’s weird, but I wouldn’t want to take it away,” he said. “It’s just strange when people are snapping your picture and you’re like, that’s not going to look good.”


LJ Blogger lostinadream04 has photos from Albany.


Kim at GirlsTalkinSmack has pics and a list of routines. Those hoping for Pasha & Anya and Danny & Jaimie pairings will be happy.


Previewing the tour for Pennsylvania's Times-Leader, Lisa Sokolowski talked to Sabra Johnson about what winning means for her:
“Dancers are never put on a pedestal,” Johnson said. “I’m going to use this as best I can to do shows and teach and travel and do basically whatever I can. People know me and like me. When that time is over, and I’m not as cool anymore, I can start training again. For now, I’ll put that on hold for one or two years.”