Friday, May 2, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Season 4

SYTYCD Season 4 promo from American Idol, thanks to Andrew (ATCorporate) for uploading.

Recognize anyone? I spotted popper Phillip Chbeeb in a promo at the show's site. Anthony Bryant is back to try again, and the fan boards mention Claire Calloway and Deja Riley. This dancer, Ade Obayomi, is rumored to be in the top 36.
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Ade can tap too. He frequently works with one of our favorites, Kaitlyn Conley. I'd love to see her audition, but she may not be old enough.
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Check out the official Fox So You Think You Can Dance site. Are they finally taking the web seriously?

BroadwayWorld talks to Neil Haskell about Altar Boyz.

HHLO interviews Shane Sparks. When asked "Who’s the coolest or most memorable person you’ve ever worked with and why?" he didn't mention the big girl from the season 3 auditions.

"JC of N’Sync. Once you hang out with JC - he is the coolest person. What I like about him is that he has seen and done so much, and you can learn a lot from him. I respect him immensely."

Wade Robson has co-written a song on Carly Simon's latest album. iTunes users can listen to it here.

JabbaWockeeZ Update

San Diego City Beat profiles JabbaWockeez and their missing member, Gary Kendall.

JabbaWockeeZ win the East-West Players Award.

America's Best Dance Crew performed at Disney's Grad Night.
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Online Dance Battle (Video)(Must See)

It starts when Step Up director Jon M. Chu and Adam Sevani challenge Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux to an online dance battle.

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Miley and Mandy accept challenge. Watch for season 2 SYTYCDer Ashlee Nino too.

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Jon and Adam battle back. You'll see several familiar faces.

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That's where it stands. We'll see what comes next, but can it get any better?

UPDATE: People Magazine has a story about the battle.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Step It Up & Dance Previews (Video)

Courtesy of BravoTV.

So You Think You Can Dance News

Sources tell me that the season 4 Las Vegas audition round ended with 36 dancers still in contention. In previous seasons, we knew our top 20 coming out of Vegas. It appears there will be an American Idol-style Hollywood elimination round, which is probably what is being promoted as a Dance-off (again, where is Daniel Vosovic when we need him?).

We know that TVSquad does a great job recapping SYTYCD. Now they are offering a chance to win a trip to the Dance-off. Go enter now! We'd love to have a BSYTYCD reader win that trip. All you have to do is leave a comment.

Wade Robson blogs that he "just moved to Vegas to continue work on the new CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - CRISS ANGEL BELIEVE show that opens on 09.01.08 in Las Vegas at the LUXOR."

In case you missed it in comments, a reader says about Neil Haskell:

I saw Neil in Altar Boyz on Thursday night. He was great, especially for it being only his second show. His role has the most demanding dance elements and fans of his work on SYTYCD won't be disappointed. Oh, and he can really sing, too. If any of you are in the New York area soon, I would highly recommend seeing the show. Right now there is a great offer for $25 tickets. It's one of the best deals off-Broadway.

Damien Leith And Caleb Bartolo (Video)

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Australian Winner Announced (Video)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Step It Up & Dance News

The entire Step It Up & Dance cast appeared live, though looking dead, last Thursday in Tribeca as part of the ongoing 25th anniversary celebration of Thriller.

Elizabeth Berkley talks to TVGuide.

We're seeing bloggers become invested enough in the show to want it to be better. Maria at A Time To Dance and the blogger at The Arts Et al recap with suggestions for improvement.

Here's some bonus footage from the Stomp episode.

Australia Finale Update

More articles about the finale and winner Jack Chambers here, here, and here.
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Here's the tour schedule, 7 dates over two weeks. Surprisingly, no dates in Perth or Adelaide.

I think Australia can be proud of its top 4 and its favorite dancer, but of course, some aren't happy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

TV Dance News Roundup

Australia's Ten Network site has a long recap of the finale. Also, Aussies can win the ultimate dance lesson in New York, with Travis Wall, sponsored by...Metamucil?

GenQ congratulates the winner and says there will be an Australian tour, beginning in July. Tickets go on sale May 12th.

Impressive young dancer Caleb Bartolo, too young to compete in season 1, has been given a $10,000 scholarship offered by Optus and the Sydney Dance Company.

Back in the states, Jesús Solorio has produced a dance concert in his hometown.

Brian Friedman sat in as a judge on the most recent episode of MTV's Rock The Cradle.

Reality Wanted has a short interview with choreographer Dave Scott.

On his Myspace blog, Benji Schwimmer invites readers to ask him anything. When asked about the upcoming season of SYTYCD, he says:

theres also a handful of some amazing new choreographers that i know will be choreographing this really excited! hopefully ill get a chance to be there as well!

America's Best Dance Crew winners JabbaWockeeZ, along with finalists Kaba Modern will perform at the Asian Excellence Awards, this Thursday at 6pm ET/PT on the E! cable network. They're both nominated in the Favorite Reality Stars category.

Kaba Modern teaches a few moves to FOX Reality Channel’s Albert Lawrence.

Donyelle, Before SYTYCD

Someone recently posted this video from a show called Dance 360. Season 2 favorite Donyelle Jones wins a dance-off.
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Australian Finale UPDATED

Reality Raver has the full story. Thanks to her for all the great recaps this year.

The Sunshine Coast Daily is live-blogging the So You Think You Can Dance Australia Finale. Spoiler Alert!

Adelaide Now profiles Rhys:

"He'd be walking down Jetty Rd and he would get abused by a carload of boys," she said.

"That kind of thing happened a lot, which unfortunately is why he moved to Melbourne. He didn't fit the mould here.

"But he's such an individual, such a leader and so dynamic. He's not one of these people that does something because the rest of the population does it."

Love her or hate her, Nat Bas says she'll be back for season 2:
NATALIE Bassingthwaighte will host So You Think You Can Dance if Channel 10 gives the OK to a new series.

Bassingthwaighte said: "If the show goes ahead, which it should given its success, I'll be back. Everything else can work around it,"

I think American viewers forget that Cat Deeley hosted several shows in the UK before we ever saw her. Nat had to learn on-the-job. analyzes reality show judging and the online world.

Prominent Australian choreographer was quoted earlier this year criticizing SYTYCD. She now says she was misquoted:
Tankard drew the ire of reality TV fans earlier this year when she was quoted attacking TV dance competition So You Think You Can Dance. She says that the comments she put forward were misunderstood. "That was completely misquoted. I think the young dancers are pretty amazing. They only get three hours to learn the choreography, and when you're spending a whole lifetime learning one technique it's pretty difficult to pick up a completely new technique and run with it."

It's the show's format that concerns her. "It just sort of makes me feel sad that we need a competition to make us watch something."