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TV Dance News Update

TVSquad's Kristin Sample recaps Charleston/DC audition show. There's a disagreement between Kristin and fellow TVSquader Jason Hughes over The Mary Issue.

Diane Macedo at Fox News:

This week’s lessons include: sob stories earn you air time, arguing with the judges will not make you look cool, second chances can be worth giving, and break dancers will never get straight through to Vegas.

There's a great shot of Brandon Bryant in mid-air. Go.

Adam B. Vary at EW asks "who doesn't love druidic lesbians?"

Ashlee Nino says: "Hey peeps I'm performing tomorrow (Sunday) with Mike Meyers and Chris Brown on the MTV movie awards...check it out!!!

A blogger from the world of martial arts is impressed with the "coordination, grace, and overall skill" of So You Think You Can Dance competitors, even the middling ones.

Step It Up & Dance's Cody Green talks to PaperMag.

Host Elizabeth Berkely has signed on for the Donnie Darko sequel, S. Darko.

Dancer Wins Britain's Got Talent

It came down to young George Sampson, a Michael Jackson impersonator, and, um...the ghost of Sebastian Cabot, I think.

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Congratulations to George!

First iVAN Videoblog

iVAN Koumaev's first season 4 videoblog is up at movmnt magazine.

Random Thoughts

Where I turn into a faux-Larry King column:

Brandon Bryant's audition reminded me of a young Paul Liburd.

Some Russian ballroomers really push the name envelope, at least to this American. Kozhevnikov & Zagoruychenko? Slavik Kryklyvyy? Phewwww! I'm thankful for the relatively easy Pasha Kovalev & Anya Garnis.

Step It Up & Dance gained traction through the season and really hit the sweet spot with this week's finale, part 1. I think one reason was that there were fewer dancers to track, so each got more time, as did the actual dancing. It pains me to say this because I love to see dancers working, but if I were producer, I would seriously consider starting the next season with maybe only 8 or 9 dancers. I'd change to an every-other-week elimination format similar to the recent BBC America show Last Restaurant Standing. In that show, 9 pairs of aspiring restaurateurs vied to becomes partners with legendary chef Raymond Blanc. One week all contestants would face a challenge with a bottom 3 chosen. The next week, the bottom 3 would be given a specific challenge, from which one pair would be eliminated. This would provide enough episodes for a series, and give the viewer more time to appreciate the creative process.

It's Chelsie Hightower, not Chelsea. Learn it, web recappers, because I think we'll be seeing more of her.

Lindsey Judkins' Audition

We missed this one from the SLC auditions.

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So You Think You Can Dance News Roundup

Mega-bestselling novelist Orson Scott Card judges reality TV judges and hosts in the second half of Uncle Orson Reviews Everything at Rhino Times. It's pretty clear he's a fan of our favorite show.

What I love about the So You Think You Can Dance format is that the third judge position cycles among various choreographers – these judges actually get in the room with the dancers and put their own talent on the line. And when they critique, they know these dancers from having worked with them.

My favorite of the choreographer-judges is Mia Michaels. At first I thought she was needlessly cruel sometimes, but no – she is passionate and heartfelt. When she is harsh, it's because she's angry – and usually she's right to be angry. It's never for effect.

Hok Konishi blogs at Myspace:
I have also been drawing a whole lot more this year... have a lot to work on but I have been getting a lot of artistic inspirations and random ideas in my head. lots of stuff going on up there... believe me haha... if only i could show the world whats in my head:) I made a new album on my picture page so please check em out if you have some extra time!

My main focus is now on QUEST. Been chilling and building stuff with them more this year... hopefully we can just get better and better!!!... no not hopefully, we will!!!

just remember the name for now... QUEST

He added some great videos, many of which we've posted here, but not this one. Hok and Dominic Sandoval at NYCDA.

Uploaded by NYCDA

It's interesting, the range of reactions to Jason "Betty Wallace" Looney's "audition" at Queerty. And what kind of drag name is Betty Wallace anyway? I doubt Regime Dettol would approve.

I bookmarked this, a glossary of dance styles at The Phrontistery.

LJ Blogger pricelessone obviously put some time and care into this "Where Are They Now" post. videoblogs the record-setting So You Think You Can Dance dance-off in LA last week.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Something Different From Phillip Chbeeb (Video)

PacMan, Phillip Chbeeb just released this video, which he says is "still kinda rough". It's different than anything we've seen from him, and I think quite good. I have no idea what this means regarding his top 20 status.

Uploaded by pacman

The other dancers are Moon Di(L) and Alan Truong(R).

Sheila Kaiser's Audition

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Step It Up & Dance

Step It Up & Dance really came into its own last night with its best episode so far. Viewers had a chance to see the creative process of dance during the extended session the dancers spent with Vincent Paterson and Nancy O'Meara. This is what I hoped we would see all season long.

There's some extended footage of the final 5 dancer profiles here.

Tamara Brooks recaps last night's finale, part 1.

Colin at NewNowNext talks to Broadway/internet personality Britney Houston and recaps last week's Umbrella episode.

Jerry Mitchell is involved with the Fire Island Dance Fest along with Rasta Thomas and Jason Samuels Smith, July 19th and 20th.

Megan Campbell's Audition

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Bonus: Megan's Senior solo.

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Markus Shields' Audition

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Charleston and Washington, DC Auditions

Was it me, or was tonight's episode really tedious? Maybe I'm just getting tired of the auditions, and want to get to Vegas week already! (I always feel this way about American Idol about this time, when I want to move onto Hollywood week.) Anyway...

First up is Charleston, South Carolina, where it's finally warm and sunny, and the dancers in line are busting out their moves. (I even saw someone masked who looked like a member of JabbaWockeez!). Tonight's guest judge was Tyce Diorio--Yay!

The first contestant is Sheila Kaiser, a freshman at University of Georgia, majoring in biological engineering. It seems every show opens with a strong dancer who has a hard luck story. She is pursuing dancing against her dad's wishes, but she is a strong, contemporary dancer in a cute heart hoodie, so it was a good move. Nigel told her that she was absolutely tremendous (which she was), and we got Mary's first shout out. She is going straight to Vegas.

Next up are...

...Erin Mansour and John Tabakian, two so-called ballroom dancers. Erin shakes her body as John watches, the sort of does some partnering. She notes that at 30 this is her last chance to audition (thankfully) and she has been a dance teacher for eight hours. She is told she is a total embarrassment, which surprises her. Her red dress matches Mary's.

Jeremiah Hughes does push ups with his ear buds in (impressive). He is a contemporary dancer (shirt open, ala Dimitry, and is very cute). He is a beautiful, passionate dancer who "dances with purpose." He admits that he screwed up at one point, which Nigel reprimands him for, but he buttons up his shirt and goes straight to Vegas.

We then see Syiddah King, who cannot dance, trying to do hip hop, but unsuccessfully. She has been dancing forever ("If you want to call it dancing: Nigel), but Nigel says she is not a particularly good mover or dancer, and she argues with the judges for what seems forever. I am getting VERY tired of these exchanges. She finally walks off before Tyce can even get a word in, and I say Sayonara.

Shamika Robinson says she'll put off her wedding until June if she goes through to Vegas, but she doesn't, so she goes home to get married.

Next is my favorite segment of the night: Anthony and Antwain Hart, identical twins. Anthony is first, and he dances like the 70s, one note, and moves well but needs training. He leaves and then Antwain gets his turn, getting in some terrific hip hop. The judges banter with him about whether he would go if his brother didn't get in (no), then Anthony comes in and says *he* wouldn't go if his brother didn't get in. Nigel and the judges decide to let them both thru to choreography, and they hug each other. They both end up going to Vegas and there is lots of jumping up and down.

It's now Day 2, and I want more real dancing. Where is it?! They seem to be doing well in the parking lot, so why aren't they are on-screen. I'm becoming very annoyed.

Abigail Thurman starts off the day. She is a swim teacher and came to see if she can dance. She cannot. (Side note: Nigel is wearing his ugly red and grey striped shirt again, and looks like a college geek.) She flails about fixes her hair, flails about some more. Tyce says, "Honey, that was horrifying," and she agrees and laughs about it. Nigel says that she handles criticism well and after she puts herself down he consoles her by saying, "Don't classify yourself as a loser, you're just a *bleep* dancer. Um. Okay.

BJ Harris is next and he is a hip hop dancer from NY with no training. and no money (his performing arts school sent him there, and he only has $10 in his pocket; this reminds me of Status Quo from American's Best Dance Crew). I think his isolations are cool, and the judges do, too, but they send him to choreography, though he can move his body in ways most dancers cannot.

Courtney Galiano has supportive grandparents who serve everyone in line breakfast at 4:00 AM (they are SO cute). She wants Mary to scream for her and tell her she is on the hot tamale train. Mary doesn't, but she is a beautiful contemporary dancer and the camera loves her. Mary calls her a "cutie patootie" (I may throw up if she says that to any other contestant) and she is straight thru to Vegas. She hugs the judges, then her grandparents, and they all cry and it is touching.

We get to see Mariah and Carlos Santana and Donald Trump promoting Macy's during the break, and I can only think that this is so wrong. This is followed by Adam Sandler in "Zohan" and I think he and Mike Myers should fly far, far away and leave us alone.

Next up is Jason Looney (perfect name), a transvestite in hot pink pants, a black shiny top, and lots of red lipstick to go with his shaggy blonde wig. He does nothing, says he is Betty Wallace when the judges begin criticizing him, and Nigel says "You are one of the reasons why fathers don't want their sons dancing," which I find inappropriate. There is the usual arguing and he leaves. You're wasting our time, Nigel.

We see some "terrifying sights" set to Thriller in the parking lot and inside (terrible dancing) and I think of the Step It Up and Dance contestants at the Tribeca Film Festival and how awesome they are and how the show is coming up next and how much I want Nick to win (he does win the Michael Jackson "Man in the Middle" challenge and makes it to the top four finale; yay!).

Claire Calloway from Season Two is back!!! She brings along her adorable baby and explains how she stopped dancing until after the pregnancy. Her dancing is only fair and she says she feels as if she has disappointed everyone. Tyce calls her a one trick pony who needs "more dynamics to utilize her beautiful body" and Mary and Nigel note that the bar as been raised during S3. She cries but is sent to choreography. She does kill during Rhianna (I love Travis, and wonder why he doesn't get more screen time) and she is off to Vegas, while BJ is sent packing (I'm sorry about this). Seventeen others make it, and I wonder who will make it to the Top 20 and continue to feel bored.

We continue onto to Washington, DC and it's cold out again but there is lots of dancing in parkas. Dan Karaty is this week's judge, and I am SO excited. Megan Campbell begins the day, and she is a good but not great contemporary dancer with her aunt, "her biggest fan." At least she is dancing to Alicia Keys, so that's a yes in my book. She dances with her heart "and leaves it all on the floor" (Dan), and is sent to Vegas, kissing Nigel, followed by her aunt kissing Nigel. This is her first audition ever, but I don't think she'll make it thru Vegas.

Next up is: Dancing Derrick! (Why oh why do we have to suffer through him again?!). He is the contestant who hyperventilated last year, and he doesn't this year, but the only good thing about his performance is that he dances to the Bee Gee's "You Should Be Dancing" and I do a little of the hustle. He starts in on charades during his "dancing," and I am bored. He is dismissed and says "It's all good, I just gotta get better," and I think this is impossible and don't let him on the air next time.

Markus Shields is a 23-year old who wears a shirt with his mom on it. She died when he was 12, three days before Christmas, and I am touched. He moves really well with lots of feeling, and Mary is speechless. He goes to choreography and tries to smile but can't, despite the judges' encouragement.

We are told that this is the widest range of solos the show has ever seen in a montage and I am sorry that *we* don't get to see them for more than five seconds. Then we get to Markus Smith and Deanna Ball's DC Swing, the official dance of the Nation's Capital and a variation of the lindy hop. They are very good and are sent on to choreography. They don't make it past that round, however--"their moves didn't translate to someone else's choreography" according to Mary-- but Markus Shields makes it, and he finally smiles. I am touched once again.

We are finally on to Day Two. Brandon Bryant is back, noting that he was only 15 when he auditioned for S1, but now he's back, combining ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. Mary screams, noting that he took her breath away, and that he is "a force to be reckoned with" (she really needs to come up with some new descriptions), and he is straight thru to Vegas. I bet he'll make it to the Top 20.

During the commercial break, a friend calls and says, "Is Mary always this annoying?" I say yes. "She says, "I'm not sure I'll be able to watch the show if so." I tell her it gets better once they show Vegas week.

The next dancer is Phucdat Nguyen (yes, I checked on his name). He wears a yellow swimsuit with goggles because he "embraces his nerdiness," but he is actually pretty entertaining. The judges say he brought a character to life, and he is sent to choreography. Mariya Priymak dances with ribbons. She moves, watches the ribbon, dances over it, stops, continues. She is a no.

The next dancer is Anthony Bryant who is a "wonderful technician" but is missing something, though the judges can't fault his technique (duh, he's a terrific dancer). They say he's changed and grown so much since he auditioned during S1 but they send him to choreography and I'm surprised and confused. He was told he wasn't masculine enough during his first audition, so he wears army fatigues this time. But they point out that this makes no sense to them, so he changes into jeans for the choreography round.

Finally, Travis and Rhianna are back. Phu doesn't make it but neither does Anthony, and I am pissed off. He cries in Cat's arms, says that "I love performing so much that I suffer for it," and has a melt down. He loses his shoes, finds them, walks through the darkened street barefoot, cussing out the judges. I feel badly for him. We find out that nine more contestants are flying to Vegas (no Snuggle dancing this time!) and that the last stop of the auditions is Milwaukee. I am SO ready for Vegas week.

SYTYCD News Roundup

Reality TV Magazine recaps last night's Charleston/DC audition show.

Water Cooler Convo has the song list.

In our scientifically worded poll: Mary? Yes or No, Yes prevailed with 58% of the vote. If it were a presidential election, it would be a landslide. The Sioux City Journal profiles Mary. Did you know she once auditioned to be one of the pros on Dancing With The Stars?

Submit your own Snuggle® Happy Dance video and maybe win a trip to the season 4 finale in LA from FOX.

Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin show why they dominated their field for years, here, here, and here.

Attention dancers: Monsters of Hiphop has a big summer of workshops planned around the US. Check the schedule and register here.

Gev Manoukian's Audition

Sorry, don't know how we missed this yesterday. Well worth seeing again.

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Courtney Galiano's Audition

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The Hart Brothers' Audition

Anthony Hart and Antwain Hart

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brandon Bryant's Audition

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Markus Smith & Deonna Ball FIXED

They didn't make it, but they're fun to watch.

Uploaded by brillmiss

They have a website.

Thursday Night Open Thread

We get D.C. and Charleston tonight. D.C. is the closest audition city to New York, so we should see some talent there, and Denise Wall students most like auditioned in Charleston.

Matt Dorame's Audition

Uploaded by kelxk3l

Joshua Allen's Audition

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George Sampson On Britain's Got Talent

Thanks to Eric at Cat Deeley Online for tipping us to this one.

Uploaded by NotJustAlan.

John And Arielle's Audition

John Dix and Arielle Coker

Uploaded by kelxk3l

There's a dynamic in this audition that reminds me of one of my favorite routines from season 1.

Mid-day Update

Jaimie, Sabra, Dominic, and Hok are on the staff for the 15th season of New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA).

GMMR recaps last night's audition show. Is she auditioning new party partners? What's the matter with these?

Jeff Kouba at Truth vs The Machine hopes So You Think You Can Dance can avoid box-checking this season. No, really.

Elsewhere, JabbaWockeeZ will perform on Canada's Much Music Video Awards, June 15th. Check out KB's straight-leg technique.

If you enjoyed the South Park internet stars video (not safe for work) we recently linked to, you'll love the Pork & Beans music video from Weezer, not to be confused with Weezey.

Auditions: Salt Lake City and Dallas

Well, we've moved to chilly Salt Lake City. Where are David Archuleta, Lacey, and Benjy?

It's snowing--again (why have the weather gods been so cruel to the dancers this year?)--and Cat is high fiving the chilly dancers. (Somehow I don't see SYTYCDA's Nat doing that.) Nigel, Mary, and Mandy of the Table Dance are the judges.

First up: Chelsie Hightower (note: Why don't any of the contestants have names like Sue, Stephanie, or Melissa???). Another pretty blond (shock!). This must be the year of the blond girl. There are tears shed over her family's travails (where's Mia?! She'd be so into this). She borrows another partner for a hot ballroom dance. The judges are VERY impressed:She has used her face, her body, her eyebrows, her sexy legs, her toenails (kidding!). It was like a doctor's appointment. She is a "hot tamale" (Mary) who has balance and uses the floor. She goes straight to Vegas. There are more tears and hugs.

Next up: Bret Banford, who has Down's Syndrome. He is here to represent (in particular the Special Olympics). I give him props for coming out, but I get the sense this is the year of the disabled contestant, which I find distasteful. He moves well and has musicality. He is good for a club dancer (aka not a "real" dancer) and an inspiration. He says he came to show that "people having disabilities can have a regular life." The auditorim explodes, and I'm happy for him.

Next up>...

...Micheal Moore (not the filmmaker) from a family of Native American dancers. He is a member of "Transfer Hype." He is frenetic, and and says he was desperate, danced like crap." He thinks he is funny when he says "I teach dance." The judges don't think he is funny and he's gone.

Richard Castaneda: Didn't do much, but had on a colorful sweatshirt, and there was a lot of shaking. Nigel said there could be "more pops in my cereal." Stretching there, Nigel.

Gev Manoukian is next. I LOVE HIM. He didn't make it thru for S2 and is back after more training. He did breaking, popping, isolations, some contemporary, had great control. The judges sent him to choregraphy. I would have sent him to Vegas.

Lindsey Judkins: the judges LOVED her. I didn't. She wasn't subtle. She moved, did a step, stopped, strutted, continue. She's a "cutie patootie" according to Mary. Whatever. She goes straight to Vegas. I agreed with Mandy: She was one-dimensional. Her wide eyes reminded me of Lacey's facial expressions, which did tone down after a while.

Lots of marriages, lots of cute kids. Hm. Utah. Who'd a thunk it?

Next up is Nicole Downer, with four kids under the age of six. She has the cutest. baby. Ever. She cannot dance (she dances like me), and hasn't danced since she was 16. She could dance in a sitcom, say the judges, but she's fun. I found this condescending, and do not care that her husband's a financial analyst.

A great performer turns up, thankfully, Kelli Baker. Her mom won an Emmy for choreography for High School Musical. She is a beautiful contemporary dancer who gave Mandy goosebumps, and is the best of the season so far for Mary. She is straight thru to Vegas.


Gev goes to Vegas after Nigel teases him. Shut up, Nigel.

Day 2, Texas (yee ha!)

Naomie Christensen is the new freak of the show. She sort of skids across the floor as if she were on ice, and doesn't understand why the judges don't like her. She acts and is a financial advisor. Nigel says he would be concerned about the latter. She's gone, far too late.

We see more architects, marine biologists, etc. who don't make it. Yippie.

Ryann Race is next. He is a strip club djay with lots of tattoos (he must be related to Carly Smithson of Idol), piercings, and we see pole dancing. But he is flexible with a unique style, "cool and groovy," and despite his lack of dancing (lots of movement) he is off to Vegas. I like him. He's real.

Matt Dorame is a wonderful performer, with a mix of jazz, ballet, and contemporary, and uses the floor well. He needs to lose the soccer shorts, acc'd to Nigel (I agree, though I liked his colorful shirt, however), and Nigel sends him thru to Vegas.

Thayne Jasperson is next, with a beautiful contemporary dance, and is off to Vegas.

Then we get Kortney Pearson and Michelle (aka Shelley) Stringham. They are two best friends who are blonde (SHOCK!), got divorced at the same time, dance together, and so on. Kortney has on a scarf that keeps getting in her way, and Shelley has on socks, probably b/c she teaches a body jam workout class. But they both go to choreography, b/c who can split the two up? I think Shelley is stronger than Kortney.

Chad Agnor is next. I feel the worst for him, b/c he is a full contact fighting trainers who also teaches ballroom, country western dancing (of course, he's in Texas!), ballroom, hip hop, etc. His slogan: "Anything in life that is perfect is a series of mistakes." I love that. Sadly, he rips his hamstrip while warming up,and Nigel warns him not to dance, but he does anyway, and they say they can't critique him with his injury and to come back. He cries.

There's an ad for The Love Guru with Mike Myers. It was bad enough that he made David Cook and David Archuleta play along with him during Idol. Make him go away.

Paige Jones is next. A lot has been written about the "Pink Princess" beauty pageant, but I'll just say that she IS like a "Stepford Dancer" (Nigel) but he likes her (WHY?) and she goes to choreography.

Joshua Allen is next and he does insane popping and isolations and breaking, has great elevation, and STILL has to go to choreography. What is WRONG with the judges this year?!

Cassidy Cordner is next, who moved from choreography to dance. She mostly uses body rolls and booty shaking and "a backbend stand up," and cannot believe that Mary says this is one of the worst auditions of the season. She "regrets coming," makes lots of excuses, and leaves.

Brianna Gardner is "like a dancer in a gentleman's club" (Nigel; how would he know, eh?!), and is gone without understanding why. She ruins Ne-Yo's "Hey Yo" (Dom and Sabra's hip hop routine), which is unforgivable. Ba bye.

Kayleigh Darling does nothing (again, why are there no Dianes?) and goes home.

John Dix and Arielle Coker are next. I am sure that much has been written about them, but I'll just say that Arielle IS beautiful (I have never seen this kind of lyrical contemporary ballroom before) and John was there for her "every step of the way" (thanks, Mary; we will hear that many times during the season, I guarantee you). Arielle goes straight thru to Vegas, John goes to choreography, and I love how happy he is for her.

We see the best female hip hop dancer for exactly five seconds, and I scream, WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL, SYTYCD?!

Our last and least contestant is Steven Arner, who is a chair dancer and uses lots of the chair and not much of the dancing. He is the Sex of this year's season. He argues with Nigel, then with Mary, who kicks him out of the theatre. Mary even swears! I would rather see some good dancing. His hair does look like Mickey Mouse ears, which is scary.


Paige goes to Vegas (why?), John does not (sadness), and Joshua goes to Vegas (thankfully), and there are 38 others from Dallas. We end with more painful Happy Dancing from Snuggle. Strangle the bear!!!

Sorry for the length. I'll be back tomorrow, and I'll try to keep it more succinct. :)

SYTYCD News Roundup

Nate Levy's recaps get better and better. For instance:

John and Arielle- He’s a prop here clearly, but he exhibits her beautifully, being there for all the lifts she needs. She’s pretty fantastic though. The judges kind of just acknowledge that John was there to be strong and lift her. They send John to choreography and Arielle gets a ticket straight through to Vegas.

Ever wondered about those tickets to Vegas Nigel hands out? According to this blogger, they're on SYTYCD Airlines.

Claire Zulkey at the LA Times entertainment blog examines why we see fewer bad auditions on SYTYCD than we do on Idol:
It seems like there are a great deal fewer contestants who try out for "SYTYCD" than for "American Idol" and even a smaller percentage of joke contestants, so why the bluntness and exasperation? Perhaps it's not just because the judges don't feel like watching inferior dancing, but also it's out of respect for the other, serious dancers, dancers who try out not just because it "might be fun." Even the best singers on "Idol" don't strain themselves the way the majority of the contestants do on "SYTYCD," so the Sexes of the world truly do waste the time of those dancers such Gev Manoukian, the ice-skating hip-hop dancer who tried out two seasons ago and came back for a second shot. The judges even gave Paige Jones, the eerie "Stepford dancer" beauty contestant, a hard time for not putting her heart out on the stage, and she actually did have some talent and clearly took competition seriously. It's for seriously serious performers like Joshua Allen, the hip-hop dancer who clearly has a few other genres inside him who made it through after auditions (like Jones).

In it's recap, Reality Wanted mentions Robert Muraine's recent appearance on Ellen. It amazes me that there must be at least 60 Youtube postings of his So You Think You Can Dance audition, and not a single posting of the Ellen show. At least, not that I can find.

As if Jack Chambers wasn't likable enough, he's sharing his 200,000 Australian dollar winnings with Rhys, Kate, and Demi.

Thayne Jasperson's Audition

Uploaded by kelxk3l

Bonus: Thayne with Kelli Baker.

Uploaded by justeldon

Step It Up & Dance Finale Pt. 1 Preview

TVGasm snarkcaps last weeks episode.

Jerry Mitchell begins the search for the next Elle Woods Monday on MTV.

Bravo TV's May ratings have been good, due in part to dance reality:

Bravo's latest creative competition entry, "Step It Up & Dance" continues to perform, with double digit growth in its time period versus second quarter 2007, increasing by 95 percent in adults 18-49 and 68 percent in total viewers.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kelli Baker's Audition

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Chelsie Hightower's Audition

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Ryann Race's Audition

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Online Dance Battle Update

Miley & Mandy release a teaser in the ongoing M&M/ACDC online dance battle.
Uploaded by MileyMandy

Wednesday Night Open Thread

This should be a good test of our new comment system.

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We'd like to know how you like it, so please comment away. Thanks!

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UPDATE 2: It's fixed. Big thanks to Jason at for a quick response.

Season 3 Links

  • Season 3 Wikipedia Entry

  • Jimmy Arguello's MySpace Page

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  • So You Think You Can Dance News Update

    It seems my cable provider is allowing me access to the internet, at least for the moment. Lots of stuff to catch up on, and we have 4 hours of new programming over the next 2 nights. Buckle up!

    Kelly points us to Robert Muraine's website. Lots of great videos, but she warns that the resume page may contain a spoiler regarding his top 20 status.

    Richard Rushfield at the LA Times:

    "Dance" is part of an almost spiritual mission to raise the profile of dance in American culture, to raise the prospects for professional dancers and to make dance an accepted and prized part of daily life.

    Lacey Schwimmer says she "will be dancing on the mtv movie awards june 1st... for adam sandler."

    She's been a friend to BSYTYCD since way back, so we're happy to learn that Rambling Gypsy will be covering So You Think You Can Dance this season.

    Our favorite crazy French-Canadian ballroom choreographer, Jean Marc Généreux, wants French speaking Canadian dancers to feel welcome on SYTYCD Canada:
    "I want to be a judge because the judge has a very important task - to shape the show," Généreux said.

    "Our decisions will influence the quality of the dancers. Being a guy from Quebec and a francophone, I think it's very important to add this (Quebec) texture to the show. I want to make sure every single demographic feels welcome," he continued.

    Généreux hopes his presence will help more Quebecers come out of the woodwork and showcase their talent on the show.

    In another article, he says
    "We're looking for intelligence, talent and honesty," Généreux said Tuesday. "The most talented dancer may not win. The most intelligent dancer will win."

    Grab an empty cup and chat with Kev & Kim. What? Cat Deeley isn't French?

    Smarm site Defamer goes out of its way to be a buzzkill for Jack Chambers.

    Our friend Buffmetube makes up for it by celebrating Australia's Favorite Dancer.

    Victor Kim (Video)

    He didn't make it to Vegas, but Victor Kim can do some insane things with his body. Let's hope he works on his choreography for next year.
    Uploaded by victorvictorkim

    Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Blake McGrath, Comedian? (Video)

    Part 1 of what Blake calls his Comedy Series.

    Ok. Well, if the comedy thing doesn't work out, it's not like his only alternative is insurance sales. He's releasing a CD in September.

    And then, there's always this:

    There's more where these came from, Blake's Youtube page. Brian Friedman and Step It Up & Dance's Miguel Zarate show up in this NSFW video.

    Erika Gee's Audition (Video)

    Uploaded by kelxk3l

    Recapping At A Higher Level

    Leee is hard, naked truth. Who can deny it? Especially when he asks the tough questions, like "Why does Anya's mom dance so much like Elaine?"

    Monday, May 26, 2008

    Australia Update

    ATTENTION PERTH! Rhys and Anthony have both announced from their Myspace that Perth has been added to the tour, July 20th at the Challenge Arena.

    Jack Chambers received his winnings and is headed for Broadway via LA, after the tour. I hope we get to see what he and Mia Michaels produce.

    SYTYCD News Roundup

    Remember, encore airing tonight on Fox.

    Apparently, Robert Muraine was on Ellen today. We'll post video as soon as we find it.

    We've seen the Snuggle® Happy Dance. We'll also have to endure "branded segments" featuring Fruit Sensations™ gum from Wrigleys. Oh well, they pay the bills.

    MSN Canada interviews Dan Karaty. I wonder if Dan considers this a skeleton in his closet.

    We found 2 articles about guys who like So You Think You Can Dance, one from Metro News Canada, and the other at Writing On The Edge.

    Liz And Mikey D present 4 unintentionally hilarious dances from SYTYCD archives.

    MallyMal's Choreography (Video)

    Jamal Weaver from season 3 auditions and Status Quo Crew on ABDC.
    Uploaded by Mallymal2k6

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

    SYTYCD Australia Update

    We missed this at the time. Australia's Favorite Dancer, Jack Chambers, and runner-up Rhys Bobridge are interviewed at a Sydney radio station the day after the finale.
    Uploaded by BrightestDiscontent

    This one's more recent. Rhys, who is now back home in Adelaide (Radelaide, as he calls it) is interviewed by Andy & Adrian on JoyFM. Sorry, no Regime.
    Uploaded by AndyAndAdrian

    Haitian Popper (Video) BUMPED & UPDATED

    A Youtube find. An amazing popper entertains during halftime of a soccer game in Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, his name is not listed. UPDATE: He goes by the name of Robot Scorpion.
    Uploaded by doxa

    UPDATE: Sorry for the bump. It won't become a habit, but we'd like to explore the possibility of finding this guy and getting him some international bookings, assuming he wants them. Given the circumstances in Haiti, there can't be many opportunities for a dancer to make a living, and the entire country can use all the economic stimulus it can get.

    First, it would be great if we can get this video seen and elevated to the status of internet meme (link nsfw). It's currently at 375,575 views on Youtube. That's good, but probably not enough to attract mainstream attention. Please post it to any appropriate blogs or send it to any friends who would enjoy it. The video is at, or you can link to it here.

    Second, we'll need a legitimate talent booking agency who can line up some gigs for him. Any help with that would be appreciated. Third, we'll need someone with contacts in Haiti to help us locate him. We get one clue from doxa, the Youtube video poster:

    The dance was during halftime at a match between Haitian companies in a tournament sponsored by Comme Il Faut (tobacco company). You see that the guy's t-shirt says Comme Il Faut with a big C (after he reverses it).

    BSYTYCD will be happy to act as a coordination point, with no financial interest. Please contact us at if you can help.

    UPDATE 2: The music is by Carimi, Amazon link here.

    UPDATE 3: He goes by the name Robot Scorpion. I found a couple of references to him on the web. Through the mist of online translators, it appears he is known in Haitian entertainment circles, and may have won a talent competition.

    Update 4: It appears I overestimated the interest. Le Nouveliste provided me a phone number for Robot Scorpion, but there's not much reason to move forward at this point.

    TV Dance News Roundup

    Jesús Solorio has released a new song, Hypnotized, at his Myspace music page.

    America's Best Dance Crew, JabbaWockeez, performed at a recent Lakers game. This blogger posted some video.

    Let's not kid ourselves. Many have not hopped aboard the So You Think You Can Dance bandwagon. Pond Culture and Manhattan Dinner voice their opposition, aimed primarily at Big Teeth British Guy.

    This Thursday night's Step It Up & Dance will be part 1 of the finale. The theme is the 25th anniversary of Thriller. Speaking of which, for those who missed it, this is from Halloween night of the season 3 tour.
    Uploaded by SYTYCDislove2

    Ricky & Asuko And Kherington Payne's Audition (Video)

    This is part 8 of 9 parts of the entire show posted by naza0387, so it starts and stops in arbitrary places.