Saturday, September 8, 2007

Video Of The Day

Thanks to TWOP poster morethanidsrv for finding this, a video of teenage Danny Tidwell dancing a ballet piece.


The Business Side Of Wade analyzes how Wade Robson leveraged a dance career into a business enterprise:

Robson's attorney, leading Los Angeles entertainment attorney Helen Yu, of Yu Leseberg, negotiated and strategized each of Robson's deals. She states: "Normally, a dancer's career is done by their late twenties, but Robson has continued to expand his career by strategically planning his future beyond just dancing and choreography. All forms of media and entertainment are converging these days. Whether it is choreography, film, music, television, art, or commercials, choreographers need to expand their repertoire outside of choreography into other media. For Wade, I've been able to meld his choreography with a successful career in music and video directing, and also license his brand for a shoe line."


Shane Seeks Arrogant Dancers

As previously mentioned, Shane Sparks is involved in a J-Lo/Secret Deodorant cross promotion, seeking dancers for a music video. This quote stopped me in my tracks:

Dancers have to impress Shane Sparks, one of the judges from So You Think You Can Dance, to make it onto the video.

"We are looking for girls that are beautiful, that can dance and are confident," Sparks said. "We are looking for girls that are very confident and very arrogant about what they do."

Oh, the irony.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Video Of The Day

We have 2 videos today. First, Brian Friedman dancing with someone only identified as Tony, at a Monsters Of Hiphop event.

Next, some new stuff from Phillip Chbeeb and the Marvelous Motion Crew.

Around The Web

It's been a very slow news week but we do have a couple of things going on.

Shane Sparks answers 16 questions from Andrew Moreno for Lifted Magazine:

Moreno: As a dance instructor, what lesson do you constantly give your students?

Sparks: Think before you dance. Motiveless movement is dead movement!


Season 3 winner Sabra Johnson will get to meet Ellen DeGeneres when she makes an appearance on her show Monday. Check your local listing for times.


The results are in for week 2 of Ducky's Video Death Match. You might be surprised at which routines you eliminated.


Laura Johnson at the Pepperdine University Graphic writes about So You Think You Can Dance, Hairspray, and being Billy Idol.


Watching With Aussies: Season 3 is being broadcast in Australia. I'm enjoying reading their reactions and comparing them to ours. This blogger says he's giving up after seeing the Dancing Derrick audition show:

Some will say that if you audition for such a show, you deserve what you get. In the words of Lythgoe "I am here to judge you". Which is true. But it is the producers' responsibility to judge things also. The dancers will be judged, yes, but certain things--the truly sad things--needn't be aired. Last night talent and warmth was traded for an opportunity to laugh at the weak. I may resume my viewing in a month's time, or so, when this spectacle of cruelty has finished, and the real show begins. Or I may never switch it back on, and make the world's stupidest stand but mean it.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Video Of The Day

We found 3 Pasha Kovalev fan videos.

The first was created by heckyeahfool

The next by buffmetube

And finally, by helloworld409

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Video Of The Day

Winners of the recent Eurovision Dance Contest, Katja Koukkula & Jussi Väänänen of Finland.


Freestyle Paso Doble

Eurovision Dance Contest Official Site

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Around The Web

Ducky continues his So You Think You Can Dance Video Death Match. This week, there's a twist.

So many people complained that their favorite routine wasn’t listed. I get it, if every routine mentioned was listed, then we’d have a Death Match that runs until next season begins… wait a minute! No, not happening. I am however throwing a wrench in this week’s vote.

By popular demand, I am adding Lacey Schwimmer and Danny Tidwell’s SAMBA! There is a catch though. That means that 3 routines will be eliminated this week!


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an article about Neil Haskell.
The anniversary gala was supposed to be for Chautauqua Ballet's artistic director Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, but the ballet students seated at the back of the amphitheater in Chautauqua, N.Y., were trying to honor another of their own. During a rather late second intermission, they took out their cell phones and started to repeatedly vote for "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant Neil Haskell.


Blogger/dancer Kate Herrell writes about how movement affects her:
About mid-way through season 3, Mia Michaels choreographed a piece about meeting her father in heaven to the song Time by Billy Porter. Lacey Schwimmer and Neil Haskell performed the piece so... indescribably.

I found myself crying through the entirety of the piece and I couldn't really understand why. The piece itself was beautiful, but it wasn't like I could relate to it; I haven't lost any really close family members.

But then I realized it; dance can effect me like nothing else can.


Video Of The Day

A Hok Konishi montage by Youtube user Lindork.

Choreographer News

I find this fascinating. Mia Michaels will be teaching at Spinfest, a gathering of drumcorps and colorguard participants.

Story and background LINK
Short video LINK

I wonder if she'll have drumcorps members leaping into each other's arms.

SYTYCD guest judge/choreographer and Hairspray director Adam Shankman will choreograph the Spice Girls comeback tour.


I understand he almost wasn't hired because "he choreographs like he thinks he already has the job".

I don't wish to dwell on either of these items, so comments will be closed.

Jessi Peralta is interviewed via email by someone at IDF forums.


The cast of Big Brother discuss So You Think You Can Dance. Not safe for work due to language.

Youtube LINK

Monday, September 3, 2007

Video Of The Day

Our friend Gen put together this montage of season 3 top 10 dancers.

Youtuber nicolecatherine created this one, a remix of the Wade Robson solos from the top 10 show, set to the Free Willy theme. It works.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

MySpace Finds

Anya Garnis finally has a Myspace page.

Behind the scenes slideshows on Pasha's page and on Jimmy's page.

Kenny Wormald

Kenny Wormald's name came up in a recent comment thread. I did not know of him, so I went looking and found some vids and info. Here's his wikipedia entry, and here's his Myspace page.

From Dancelife.

"Unreleased" footage.

Rehearsing with Nick Bass and Trent Dickens.