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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

A montage of clips from seasons 2 and 3, created by Youtube user Diamondbackcutter

For Our SoCal Readers

Performances by season 1 winner Nick Lazzarini, season 2 winner Benji Schwimmer, Travis Wall, Melody Lacayanga, Alex DaSilva, and more.

For more info, visit the iHollywood Dance site.

Video Interview

Kennedy interviews Dominic and Sara for Reality Remix.

Here's an extended portion of last week's interview with Jaimie and Kameron.

Thanks to nighttiming for uploading.

Interview With Dominic

DaemonsTV has an interview with Dominic Sandoval.

Q: If you could go back 5 years in the past and learn another dance which one would it be?

A: I’d probably get ballet training to be honest. Just because I see how quickly Danny picks up and I think when it comes down to it, ballet is almost the center of all these other genres and I think that would have helped out the most.

Q: You seemed to adapt very fast, it was really amazing.

A: No, you see I wouldn’t really say that too much, I think it’s just the choreographers knowing how to work with our abilities and make it look like we kind of know what we are doing but really we don’t, cause I really don’t. I still don’t know what I’m doing, I just do what the choreographers tell me.


Friday, August 3, 2007


BuddyTV has their weekly interviews with the departing contestants posted, Sara's here, and Dominic's here.

The last few weeks, John at Theory My Culture has been questioning the quality of choreography and it's effects on the competition. He continues:

What Shane took from Sara - and what Alex gave to Danny and Sara - was the chance to be soulful. This is one of the things that separates Sara from a lot of other hip-hop dancers from this and the last two seasons: the ability to carry her soulfulness from the home-style dance into other styles. That’s hard to do, whether you’re a hip-hop, lyrical, ballroom, or any other dancer. Again, that’s why I like the mash-up method of So You Think You Can Dance? so much. That’s the challenge, but such a challenge counts on choreography. I still wonder if Danny can do hip-hop. Both of his routines have been design catastrophes. I wonder if Sara would still be around if a good routine would have cleared space for her most intimate dancer-self to come out on the stage. Her hip-hop last night should have been the girlpower moment of the season. Salt-n-Pepa, after all (that mix was so terrible…), so the music itself asked for the girlpower moment. Shane, you owe us and you really, really owe Sara.


If, like me, you've never truly understood the tango, read Gray's post at Fame Or Famine. Thanks Gray!


TV Cocktail reviews the results show:
We were also warned from purchasing tickets to the SYTYCD tour, since all those sellers are unauthorized to do so. Who knew it was possible to buy tickets before they even went on sale? It was very “The More You Know” public service announcement. Maybe the show should just take up a general concern, like spaying/neutering your pets, or encouraging audiences to buy green products and save the ozone. And as if his previous diatribes had been ignored, Nigel headed for a triple threat on his soapbox about why people should dance. He noted that there are, in fact, careers in dance for former dancers – a fact a number of my friends who were dance majors would l-o-v-e to argue.


Around The Web

TV Blend's Steve West looks at this week's events:

While I didn’t see Neil dropping to the bottom four, someone had to be there next to Dominic. Everyone is pretty much at the top of their game, but as Lauren and Sara were placed onto the stools it seemed fitting. Lauren has gone as far as she can at the moment and Sara still has a little to show us. But really, neither could touch the perfection of Sabra or the passion of Lacey. At this point it’s a shame to say goodbye to Dominic and Sara, who both weren’t ready to win the competition. They still had things to do on the show, but at least the decision was based on the dancing for the most part. That leaves us with our top six as we enter the home stretch: Pasha, Danny, Neil, Lacey, Sabra, and Lauren.

On Sabra & Pasha's Quickstep:
The last dance of the night was also the best. Yes, I freaked out a bit about Mia’s stuff…but for dancing and performance nothing tops the best quickstep I remember from the show. I had to watch this one three times because I honestly couldn’t believe that it was as close to perfection as it appeared. But it was. The girl in the rehearsal video who couldn’t get the routine down made no appearance. Watch as Sabra and Pasha tear up the entire stage and notice that at no point are their legs out sync. You actually lose sight of the legs at times because they were so perfectly connected. Everything about this was perfection for me: Pasha’s flawless partnering, Sabra’s elegant and perfect movement, and Tony Meredith’s brilliant choreography. Grade: A+



Brett Love at TVSquad ranks the solos and thinks the results shows could be improved:
If the network is set on this being an hour long episode, that's fine, but I'd much rather see it filled up with more performance. The solos have gotten a little stale, and the results/highlights are really only good for about ten minutes of show. Rather than all the stalling and stretching, I'd like to see them put some of the dancers from the first two seasons to work with some special results night performances. Make it a show that people want to watch to see the dancing, not just to get the results.


Liza D at WaterCoolerConvo:
I'll miss Dominic, in particular. He wasn't the best technical dancer, but he was one of the most entertaining, particularly when he wasn't dancing. Tonight, even, he was cracking me up with his displays of affection towards Cat Deeley. And his breakdancing chair routine was crazy! Neil was a surprise Bottom 2 member with Dominic. I figured shirtless + Mia routine where everyone cried = safe.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Vote For PacMan

Phillip Chbeeb made TV screens across America go all wiggly with his unique popping style at his season 3 audition. He didn't make it to the top 20, but you can support Phillip by voting for his audition at Famecast. He's made it to the fifth and final stage of the competition. You have to register, but it only takes a minute. Then go to the Dance Stage and vote for PacMan.

With your help Phillip could win $10,000, which would go a long way towards helping his family pay for his college education. He plans a career in Nanotechnology, and majors in Physics/Engineering at Loyola Marymount.

I've had a few email conversations with him, and as great a dancer as Phillip is, he's an even better person. Please take a minute or two of your time and give him your vote. It would be most appreciated.



With less than 24 hours left to vote, Phillip is running second in the voting to a dancer whose greatest talent is being blonde. If you believe in talent, watch his Dance Stage performance at the link above. Voting ends Thursday the 9th.

Bryan Gaynor Update.

Bryan Gaynor's remarkable robot routine during the Atlanta auditions had Shane Sparks in tears. It turns out Bryan is quite the celebrity around his school, Kennesaw State. The Atlanta Journal Constitution gives us an update on our favorite Chi-bot.


So You Think You Can Dance - Top 8 Results Show Live Blog

Dinner is done, the dishes are washed, the Canine-American has been walked. Let's watch the show.

Opening number. Lauren in sunglasses, Matrix style.

8 million votes last night.

Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe are judging.

Nigel remembers the people in Minneapolis and the recent tragedy.

He warns against unauthorized tour ticket sellers.

He talks about career opportunities for dancers.

Cat asks Shankman why dance is so popular now.

"Because it's so full of joy"

He danced at the Oscars one year with 4 broken toes.

He thinks Cat looks like Katherine Hepburn tonight.

Season 1 winner Nick Lazzarini is in the audience.


We're back. Sara does a solo.

Lacey solos.

We're going to get solos from everyone tonight. Next, Sabra.

None have been overly impressive so far.

Lauren does her thing.

Travis Wall is in the audience. They feature him after Sabra's solo. Cat says Travis loves Sabra.

We go to commercial.

We're back. Neil does his usual spins and jumps.

Danny up next.He does Fever.

Danny says having Travis there makes him nervous.

Dominic does She's A Bad Mama Jama with a chair and blows it out.

Now Pasha. He does a shirtless Matador thing.

They all seem to be wearing eyeliner tonight. Not sure why.


Back from commercial. We're reviewing the girls first.

Sara's package first. Next, Lacey. Now Sabra. Finally, Lauren.

Sara and Lacey first. One is in the bottom 2.

It's Sara. Lacey is safe.

Lauren joins Sara in the "danger zone". Sabra is safe.

Mary: I'll miss either one of them.

We find out the guys results after the commercial.

Now the guys. Video packages first. Neil is up. Danny next. Then Dominic. Now Pasha.

Ok, here it comes. Neil and Danny first. one is in the bottom 2. That's a surprise.

It's Neil in the bottom 2!. Danny is safe.

Pasha is safe! Dominic is in the bottom 2.

Sara, Lauren, Neil, and Dominic are in danger.

One Republic perform Apologize.

They aren't lip-syncing! Repeat! No lip-syncing. Actual singing is taking place!

I'm guessing Ryan Tedder's piano teacher is horrified with his posture, but it was a good performance.

We're back from commercial. Sara and Lauren first.

After 8 million votes, Sara is going home!

Lauren is safe!

We see the farewell video for Sara.

Neil and Dominic now.

Leaving us tonight is...

Dominic!. Neil is safe!

Nigel: With all the young celebrities making fools of themselves, both Neil and Dominic are an inspiration.

Cat: This is the furthest any breakers have made it.

Jamile fans from season 1 might disagree.

That's it. Dominic and Sara leave tonight.

Thanks for joining us for the top 8 results show.

Danny & Lacey Are So Damn Hot

So says premier blogger Perez Hilton. Danny & Lacey's samba video is featured.


Thanks to reader diana banana for the tip.

Poll Results

Our poll asked: Which of the top 8 dancers will you/did you vote for? Multiple answers were allowed. 793 voters cast 1613 votes. Percentages are the percentage of voters who made this choice.

311 (43%)
236 (32%)
151 (21%)
132 (18%)

241 (33%)
240 (33%)
204 (28%)
98 (13%)

Thanks for voting!

Worthy Of Note

Shoes On Powerlines watched their first episode of So You Think You Can Dance last night, and has suggestions:

Before the dance, they have to spin the wheel of misfortune! Most spaces will have nothing on it, but if they are unfortunate enough to land on a “bummer tile,” they could have some of the following misfortune applied to their dance: partner gets replaced by cadaver, must dance blindfolded, partners switch shoes, song changed to Kriss Kross’ “Jump (Gonna Make Ya), or you must dance while holding a small goldfish bowl (spilling disqualifies).


Our blogging buddy Beckylooo bestows us with her unique insights:
All right, first things first. I’ve had it with the Camera Department. There’s the door. Use it. And while I haven’t given you fair warning, Electric? Get out. Go. You disgust me. Don’t try to sneak out the back, Wardrobe! Get over here. I want to look you in the face when I tell you your services are no longer required. And since I’m on a roll, Shankman. Aren’t you needed over on Step Up: The Sequel?


Another blogging friend, Carissa, has some strong opinions on all aspects of the show, and doesn't mind sharing. We don't mind reading.


Thanks to our outstanding readers and commentors, Blogging So You Think You Can Dance is Google's Blog of Note for today. We're honored you take the time to visit.


Quick Update

The paying gig is demanding attention today, but I have a couple of things worth your attention.

Adam B. Vary at thinks last night's show was the best of the season, but:'s the thing: Not one of the dancers has really broken out for me. Yes, I realize Sabra has clearly won over the judges' — wait, sorry Cat, I meant jiiieeges' — hearts with her peerless technical nuance and grace, and at this point I don't think anyone doubts that Danny not only is the most talented male dancer on the show but has clearly managed to stop being all too-cool-for-the-room-y. But neither Sabra nor Danny — nor anyone else, really — has been given routines that let them really explode their talent into our living rooms. By this point last year, Travis and Heidi had already broken hearts with Mia Michaels' Emmy-nominated routine ''The Bench'', and this was the week that Benji and Heidi set fire to the stage with their ''Black Mambo'' number. As Nigel said, the choreography last night played to the dancers' strengths but didn't really challenge them to get any stronger — which means, of course, I have no frickin' clue who is going to go home tonight.


From Ranting Details:
Even through all the BS that the jidges spout, which MUST be scripted, there are so many redeeming things about this program. First and foremost for me: the choreography. Week after week Shane Sparks, Mia Michaels and Wade Robson, in particular, present unique hip-hop and contemporary routines that surpass some of the gimmicks that they initially present. On top of those choreographers, some of the salsa, disco and waltz numbers (a majority done by Tony Meridith and Melanie Lapatin) this year have been far superior to years past. Pasha and Jessi's cha-cha routine they performed the week she had that strange heart problem was a particular standout. The group of dancers seems to be more talented and diverse than ever, incorporating successful ballroom couple Anya (who was extremely versatile and perhaps cut too early) and Pasha as well as dancers from the world of Broadway (Neil, who appeared in "Times They Are A Changin"), and Cedric whose breathtaking style was unlike anything I had ever seen before.


Young Pasha

Swan Lake Samba Girl found some old photos of her dancing with a young Pasha.


She links a page of Adrienne Canterna and Rasta Thomas's wedding photos. You'll see some familiar faces.


Around The Web

TVSquad's Brett Love on Lacey and Neil's contemporary piece:

Now, I'm a big fan of Mia Michaels and what she has brought to the show, but this wasn't one of my favorite Mia choreographed performances. I had to go back and rewatch it after the judges comments to see if I just nodded off for a second or something, because they couldn't say enough good things about it. After another look, I still don't agree. That's not to say that it was bad. It was a well put together piece and I thought she got very good performances out of both Lacey and Neil, but "one of the great dance performances on television ever?" That was Adam's reaction. Maybe I'm just a heartless jackass, but I tend to think that if we hadn't been set up with the intro from Mia talking about her father, this performance would have been viewed much differently.


Liza D at WaterCoolerConvo has a similar reaction:
The criticism seems to be that there was hardly any dance in it, and that it was designed to manipulate you into loving it from a purely emotional standpoint and that you can't fairly critique it. Mary Murphy didn't say anything - she just cried. I guess if you didn't know the backstory of the routine you wouldn't feel the same about it. Honestly, I liked it. I know it was simple from a technical standpoint, but dance isn't always about technique. It's art. It's about how it makes you feel. I do think the judges were over-the-top with their praise, though.


Oscar Dahl at BuddyTV joins the chorus:
The dance was good, and emotional, but it didn't look all that difficult. I guess the dancers had to inhabit their characters and all, but I wasn't as impressed as everyone else. Still, a great routine.


Park Bench Dance

I guess So You Think You Can Dance has a lot of new fans this year, as we've received a lot of requests for Mia Michaels Emmy nominated park bench from last season.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Top 8 Performance Reviews

Vance at Tapeworthy thinks the remaining girls are better than the guys. He has the clips too.


Nate Levy at Levy On TV gives us his stream-of-consciousness review of the performances and ranks them.


Hanh Nguyen at From Inside The Box wasn't feeling Little C tonight, but Mia made him verklempt (join the club).


I want to thank Alex DaSilva for managing to get a Sarah Vaughan vocal on prime time TV in 2007. Now there's an American idol.

Early Recaps

Reality Dancing and PopWatchCanada have early recaps.

Lacey & Neil Do Mia Michaels

Mickey has all the clips.

Last week's Judge's Solo Comments

Someone asked for this a while back, and I just found it.

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 8 Track List

Sara & Danny
Whatever Lola Wants
(Gotan Project Remix)
Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project

Push It

Lauren & Dominic
I Get Money
50 Cent

Ain't No Sunshine
Bill Withers

Lacey & Neil
Ray Barretto

Billy Porter

Sabra & Pasha
A Wild Wild Party
The Wild Party (Off-Broadway Cast)

Mr. Pinstripe Suit
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 8 Voting Numbers









Better Late...

Leee at Television! You Black Emporer was at Comic-Con, so he's a tad bit late with his recap of last week's show. No problem, it's worth the wait.


Season 2 In Canada

Back in June, some of our season 2 favorites traveled to Toronto to tape a performance for CTV. We have yet to find anything about the actual taping, but Jason William has uploaded this video of a rehearsal performance. Benji Schwimmer, Allison Holker, Dmitry Chaplin, Martha Nichols, Ashlee Nino, and Jason.

Around The Web

Lauren Gottlieb's family tries to rally hometown support in an article in The Arizona Republic:

"Jordin Sparks got lot of support from the greater Phoenix area and we'd like to see same for Lauren," said Robert Gottlieb, the dancer's uncle. "I think they're both very accomplished in their respective arts."

The response, in the first few comments at least, is not encouraging.


TVGuide gives us one more set of interviews with Jaime and Kameron.

Jaimie: So, you knew Travis Wall and Danny growing up?

Jaimie: Yeah, I've known Travis for a very long time. He was my dance partner for five years, and he's my best friend. Danny I wasn't as close to, but since they're brothers, I grew up with him as well. Travis wanted me to do the show with him last year but I was too young, so I went with Danny this year, and we were excited because we'd never danced together. So when Mia Michaels choreographed the group number, she put us together as partners and it ended up being the last thing we did.

She also drops a bit of gossip regarding Hok and another person on the show: The show played up your chemistry and your relationship with Hok. How much of that was true?

Jaimie: [Laughs] Hok and I don't really have that relationship at all. We were always trying to strengthen our chemistry because we thought that if we were so comfortable with each other outside the dance studio, we would be just as comfortable on stage. But I have a boyfriend, and [Hok] likes someone else on the show. So that was always just a joke between us, and it was a big shock when they asked us about that in our interviews.


Kameron: Did you have a favorite choreographer?

Kameron: I would definitely have to say Tyce Diorio. Working with him were my easiest rehearsals because I think he understood me as a dancer. Which style or choreographer was most difficult for you?

Kameron: That would definitely be Maria Torres in the hustle. I definitely got a lot of "no's" during those rehearsals.


Reality TV Magazine gives us a full rundown on this week's guests.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

American Band

Nigel Lythgoe and the Idol Production team bring us a new show in the fall, The Next Great American Band.

Hundreds of bands from around the country auditioned for the show, with applicants raising from hip-hop ensembles to country groups. A set of judges will narrow the hopefuls down to 10 semifinalists, at which point the American people will take on voting responsibilities, just as they do on "Idol."

Also like "Idol," each week the contestants will perform within an established genre, though unlike "Idol" the bands will have the option of either doing original music or covers. The show's finale will pit three bands against each other in a battle of the band for a contract with 19 Recordings.


Monsters Of HipHop: The Show

Tickets Selling Fast For Monsters of HipHop: The Show

The biggest Broadway-style theater dance show is back again & bigger than ever, Monsters of HipHop The Show 2007!!

Our show is a night you won't soon forget, featuring our Monsters of HipHop Scholarship Cast plus the best dancers Hollywood has to offer.

The show features choreography by our Monsters of HipHop Faculty including Teresa Espinosa, Chonique Sneed, Kevin Maher, Lisette Bustamante, Gil Duldulao, Tucker Barkley & more surprises to be confirmed - delivering stylized production pieces that have to be seen!

Join us on
Friday August 17th at 8:00pm
Saturday August 18th (3:00pm matinee show or 8:00pm show)

And on Sunday August 19th, stick with us for our special
$99.00 for the workshop, includes all intense master classes, auditions, talent agencies & more.

Ivan, Cedric, and Lauren have come through Monster of HipHop. Who's next? More info here and here.

Ode to Cat Deeley

I invited our friend Beckylooo to write something for the blog. Here's what she was kind enough send.


M'Lady, Cat Deeley

Radiant jewel

She chats and she jokes

With ev-ery tool

Who fancies them self

A dancer of sorts

Her patience is saint like

Divine her retorts

M'Lady Cat Deeley

Amidst all the dancers

Her entrance she makes

With joyful smile, prances

Greeting each as they pass

Once at center stage

She coquettishly nudges

For you, me and them to yell for our…

M'Lady, Cat Deeley

Shiny, blonde locks

Of dancers and solos

and safety she talks

Anyer and Pasher

Will they hang tough?

She wonders aloud

Have they given enough?

M'Lady, Cat Deeley

I love you, I do

Your eyes and your smile

Do you think me a fool?

That I ooo and I aww

When struck by your gaze

I love even your dresses

Is that gold lamé?

M'Lady, Cat Deeley

Thank god you were born

With out you, we're lost

Asunder we're torn

I try to forget

Dark days in the trenches

And thank all my stars

That you're not Lauren Sanchez.

Beckylooo's site, TV In The Woods.

What Am I Missing?

Can anyone tell me what the heck Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield is talking about?

Like any other reali-talent show, So You Think You Can Dance makes you identify with your favorite contestant — gawky Cedric! Sassy Pasha! Lusty Lauren! Lacey, the hustle queen! Hok, the Japanese break dancer! It even hints at budding romances between the dancers, in the classic, shameless Ice Castles tradition. But they blend into a big chorus line of eager-to-please dementia. This show really reminds you how dancers are different from other showbiz types. The singers who show up seem calm and well adjusted by comparison. Yes, even Hilary Duff. (Hillz! Way to dodge those seminal bullets from the Good Charlotte guy who fertilized Nicole Richie!) All the dancers are this close to a breakdown, and they get jumpier every week.


Yes, it's a slow news day.

Buzz Session

Yahoo TV's Buzz Session has an HQ video recap of last week's shows and one more interview with Jaimie and Kameron.


Thanks to Clarita for the tip.

Around The Web

After a meltdown with the blog's layout, we're back.

LJ Blogger mregirl23 has the dance spoilers for this week's show.

Daemon's TV has new interviews with Kameron and Jaimie


D: What has this experience brought you?

K: The whole experience has brought me new confidence and happiness about where my career is going and I think it’s definitely gonna open up a lot of new opportunities. I’m really looking forward to finding out what those opportunities are and really just kind of pursuing whatever comes my way. Hopefully I still get to keep dancing because for the past two years I hadn’t really been dancing that much, so after dancing so much being on the show, I really don’t want to drop out now.


D: How was it to dance with someone new for the first time? What did you do to get comfortable with each other?

J: Well, I think Dominic is a really easy person to be comfortable around (laughs) because he’s just so much fun and he’s just awesome, so I was already pretty comfortable with him. I was stoked when I found out he was my partner. And honestly what happened, what worked so well for him and Sabra was that they’re both really hard workers and they put a lot of research into it, and that’s exactly what I love about Dominic. We rehearsed all the time, we were rehearsing in the garage, we were rehearsing back stage, we were rehearsing all the time, just trying to find some comfortable place. We just tried to perform it as best as possible, and it was kind of funny I guess when we did. (laughs) It’s totally Dominic’s personality to be that character and I was just trying to keep up with him. I kept opening my mouth, so… (laughs) But no, we really went on YouTube and watched all the Viennese Waltz, and we watched Pasa Dobles and stuff because it was more of a Pasa Dobles feel. I don’t know, it was cool working with him.


Uncle Nigel has hit the gossip pages.


Monday, July 30, 2007

We'll try this again tomorrow. Sorry for the glitches tonight.

From The Mailbox

Remember the Las Vegas top 20 announcement show, when the last spot came down to Hok and Stephen "tWitch" Boss? Hok, of course, got that spot, but tWitch gained a lot of fans with his Get Up Off That Thing solo. We get great news from tWitch this morning. He had a small part in Hairspray, and he says he's training hard to be ready for next season's "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions. Check out his Myspace page and wish him well.

We also recently heard from Yesamin Gomez, another favorite from this season's auditions. She commented on this post and gave us a shout on her MySpace blog.

Teeners and Tweeners

Teens and early 20's age voters make up a huge percentage of the voting base for So You Think You Can Dance. We get a peek into how they view the competition at this LJ blog. Fans of Sabra and Neil should be encouraged.

Jaimie & Dominic In Context

Here's the Dominic & Jaimie Spanish/Viennese waltz from last week's show. I post it to put this portion in context. It's about 85-90% through the video. I think you'll see that it in real-time, it fits with the choreography.

I don't know whether it's the low-res video or my untrained eye, but I liked this more than the judges. Props to the wardrobe department for Jaimie's skirt, which adds a lot to the routine.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shankman Returns

Adam Shankman returns to So You Think You Can Dance this week to judge the top 8. (I think he directed a movie, or something.) Guests for Thursday's results show include African master dancer/musician Titus "Jimmy" Fotso (bio) and iTunes/Myspace favorites OneRepublic, performing Apologize.


Larger Venues, 2 Or 3 Alternates

The New York Post has an article with a few more details about the tour:

According to reps who handle the road show, everyone involved was taken by surprise the first time around by demand. Tickets last year went on sale in 30 cities and sold out, everywhere, within three hours. Producers quickly responded by adding five more cities to the tour and ended up selling 125,000 tickets. This time, tickets will go on sale August 11th (the Fox series wraps on August 16th) and the venues are going to be much larger: arenas instead of small theaters.

The top 10 dancers have already earned their places on the tour. But fan favorites who already got the boot may show up as well. "We always have two or three alternates go along," says one of "Dance"'s three judges, Mary Murphy. Murphy singled out Hokuto "Hok" Konishi, a dazzling breakdancer, as a likely alternate. "He'll be out there by popular demand," says Murphy. "I don't think the fans are going to be disappointed in that area."


LINK to tour dates

Denise Wall Speaks Out

Denise Wall (Denise Wall's Dance Energy Studio) has posted this to her Myspace blog:

VOTE for 2 Hours straight on Wednesday for Danny Tidwell. His whole BEING is for the art of dance and that is what this show should be about.

The 1st day I met Danny at my studio, he was 8 years old. I truly fell in love with him that very day because when I looked into his eyes, he touched my heart with his passionate soul. (Yes, for those people who know me, my eyes were swelling up with tears & I felt that I couldn't breathe.) In my 27 years of teaching dance, I have never met anyone that has fought as hard to overcome obstacles so they could LIVE TO DANCE.

All I ask is for America to sit back without bias and let Danny bring the joy of dance into your souls. He truly DANCES TO LIVE.


Cat At Fox All Star Party

Celebrity Snap has photos our favorite reality show host.