Friday, September 7, 2007

Around The Web

It's been a very slow news week but we do have a couple of things going on.

Shane Sparks answers 16 questions from Andrew Moreno for Lifted Magazine:

Moreno: As a dance instructor, what lesson do you constantly give your students?

Sparks: Think before you dance. Motiveless movement is dead movement!


Season 3 winner Sabra Johnson will get to meet Ellen DeGeneres when she makes an appearance on her show Monday. Check your local listing for times.


The results are in for week 2 of Ducky's Video Death Match. You might be surprised at which routines you eliminated.


Laura Johnson at the Pepperdine University Graphic writes about So You Think You Can Dance, Hairspray, and being Billy Idol.


Watching With Aussies: Season 3 is being broadcast in Australia. I'm enjoying reading their reactions and comparing them to ours. This blogger says he's giving up after seeing the Dancing Derrick audition show:

Some will say that if you audition for such a show, you deserve what you get. In the words of Lythgoe "I am here to judge you". Which is true. But it is the producers' responsibility to judge things also. The dancers will be judged, yes, but certain things--the truly sad things--needn't be aired. Last night talent and warmth was traded for an opportunity to laugh at the weak. I may resume my viewing in a month's time, or so, when this spectacle of cruelty has finished, and the real show begins. Or I may never switch it back on, and make the world's stupidest stand but mean it.