Monday, December 10, 2007

Danny Update

I just returning from the opening performance of Definition Of A Man. I'll try to have a report up sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, our friend Angelica reports on her experience at JUMP this weekend:

Just got back from the Jump Convention and WOW it was AMAZING! (For people that don't know JUMP is a Dance workshop/competition) I went to watch the final showcase. So the reason I went was basically to see Danny again and I got more than that:)

As my mom and me were waiting in line Dan Karaty came out of the rehersal room.. I was going to say something to him but I think he is really cocky so I just let him walk by me. It's funny because I took classes from Dan when I was 10 years old!

Then I saw Danny come out of the room and talk about being in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time! So he was coming out and I stood up and said his name. He gave me a hug and then I asked him if I could get a picture. He told me to hold on and went and ordered a coffee drink. As they were making it he came back and asked me my name and such. I told him that I met him at the SYTYCD backstage meet and greet and we small talked. My mom took a picture of us.... he is beatiuful...I love that man.

Nick Lazarrini came out of the rehearsal room too and I went over to him and shook his hand, what a cutie!

The show was cool... Mandy Moore was there too and she did a AWESOME contemporary freestyle with Danny and 4 other senior guys. Danny and Mandy dance beautifully together! Mandy and Nick did a dance to some 80's songs mixed and Danny came out for that one. They did it with the mini kids and it was so cute! As Danny was running offstage he gave me a wink and he smiled:)

Nick did a really good solo that I have up in my videos on my page.. he is crazy good! Dan did not dance at all... in fact he left early and did not even watch his kids perform the number he taught them. I don't know... I never really liked him.

But anyways it was a awesome night and my default picture was taken just a few hours ago!

Photo courtesy of Angelica