Saturday, December 29, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

Shane at the Orange Bowl. Shane Sparks will be choreographing a piece to be performed at halftime of the Orange Bowl football game on Thursday, Jan. 3rd.


Ashlee Nino is working. As noted on her Myspace blog, season 2 finalist Ashlee Nino, aka Lady Shiva, is performing with Miley Cyrus on the phenomenally successful Hannah Montana tour.


Hugh meets Dan. Hugh Grant worked with Dan Karaty while filming Music And Lyrics. Apparently, Hugh doesn't think he can dance:

“Dancing was really hell, because you either have it or you don’t. I emphatically don’t! They got this brilliant choreographer, who does all those top girls, Britney (Spears) and Christina (Aguilera) and everyone. He (Dan Karaty) and I stood facing each other in a cold dance studio.

“Dan said, ‘Okay, I’m going to put the music on and just express yourself.’ He put the music on—and I just stood still for half an hour (laughter)! In the end, I say this jokingly but it’s actually true, I had to resort to alcohol and drugs to get me through all that! But, who dances when they’re not drunk? No one!”


His mother must be proud. Bryan Kristopowitz at lists So You Think You Can Dance as the worst TV show of 2007:
There's actually a show worse than American Idol, and its the Dance show that comes on the week after Idol ends. The audition shows here are worse than the Idol audition shows, the judges are lower than slime (Shane Sparks is one of the worst human beings I've ever seen on television), and the choreographers who create the dances for the contestants are pretentious douchebags. I hope that Sex guy came back during the open audition, and I hope that he keeps coming back year after year after year. The judges always whine about how most of the people auditioning can't dance and are wasting the judges' time. Please. You are being paid to sit there and watch everyone who shows up, and for the love of God you freaking asked these people to come. God I hate this show.

Bryan's second worst show of 2007? American Idol Gives Back, which raised nearly 80 million dollars to alleviate poverty in the US and Africa. What a wonderful human being he must be.


The CBC gets it. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) lists So You Think You Can Dance amongst it's 100 favorite pop culture moments of 2007. I'm a bit confused about which season they're referring to:
The second season of SYTYCD had better dancers, better music and more crowd-pleasing drama. This electrifying and thoroughly good-hearted series presents the very best face of reality television.


Likely choice. Here's my pick for the song we're most likely to see used during season 4. Róisín Murphy's Let Me Know. We know Wade Robson loves Róisín Murphy's music, and the disco beat of this song makes it attractive to other choreographers as well.
Courtesy of emirecordsuk