Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SYTYCD Australia News

A prominent Australian choreographer calls So You Think You Can Dance "hideous":

Former Australian Dance Theatre director Meryl Tankard says the performances on So You Think You Can Dance Australia are so awful they shouldn't even be considered dance.

"It's like a fast-food version of dance,'' she said today.

Although conceding the popular show had increased public awareness of the art form, Tankard urged people to go to the theatre if they wanted to see real dance.

"It's a hideous show, I think it's just terrible,'' Tankard said.


The Defamer piles on:
The set looks reasonably swish, and there have been a few good moments, but generally, it feels stilted, the camera-work remains perplexingly fearful of close-ups and the dancers themselves... well, they're just not good enough!


At least one blogger fights back.

The Queensland Times talks to Camilla.

One LJ blogger attended the results show.