Sunday, April 6, 2008

Top 8 Show From Australia

Here's Reality Raver's report on the top 8 performance show:

Only a fortnight away until the top four show, the competition is heating up and the contestants are starting to see that wad of cash at the end.

Tonight new couples were "pulled out of the hat" and they were to do two routines together. So lots of dancing tonight. Yeah.

But first a couple of points:

* Has Ed Hardy become the designer de jour for reality tv? Ed is obviously dressing Jason Coleman, as he dressed Jordan Loukas in Runway to LA.
* Can there be a reality TV law enacted that when a judge has had their turn in speaking they don't get to interrupt other judges? You know who you are Bonnie;
* Natalie Bassingthwaite reminded me of Barbie tonight; and
* Henry if you are going to have your shirt open, wax as hair regrowth is not a good look.

I felt two of the new pairings clicked Jack and Kate, and Rhiannon and Graeme, but the others didn't.

I love the way when the dancers 'pick' their partner out of the hat not one of them pulled a partner they had danced with previously. I question how random it all is.

First up were...

...Vanessa and Rhys dancing Hip Hop to a Supple choreographed routine. He apparently was asked to delay flying back to London to continue to choreograph routines for the show. Previous blog on that here.

I didn't think there was great chemistry between Vanessa and Rhys in their dance routines. And Vanessa's face never gets tough enough for hip hop. She really needs to get some ghetto grit, maybe she should have an excursion from her Northern Beaches home to Cabramatta, where there are some seriously good hip hop dancers.

The judges thought this routine was good, clearly I must have been on another planet, as it reminded me of an average hip hop dance on the ABC show Strictly Dancing.

Matt Lee said "Good old style hip hop", "The isolations weren't isolationing enough" and "Fantastic routine".
Bonnie Lythgoe said "Worked so well together"
Jason Coleman said "I thoroughly enjoyed the routine" and "Vanessa you were a little bit under for the routine" and Rhys "You took great ownership of it".

Next were Jack and Kate dancing a Leanne Bampton Quick step routine. Leanne was Toby Allen's dance partner on Dancing With The Stars in 2006.

Jack and Kate were the couple of the night. They danced beautifully together.

The only issue Jack was having was with the lifts, which looked like in rehearsals he was going to have no hope of executing.

However the quickstep to the Michael Buble theme song of Spiderman was sensational, even if Jack did look a little bit strained on the lifts. If he wants to work on Broadway he needs to muscle up a bit.

Matt Lee gushed "Both sharp charismatic dancers."
Bonnie said "Quickstep so incredibly different"
Jason said " I ached for that routine", "So good I could hardly breathed" and "Fred and Ginger effortless".

Jason then blessed Leanne as the pope does his subjects "Leanne Bampton never heard of you before - you rocked that house".

Next was Henry and Demi dancing a house routine by Project Moda.

This was another couple that did not gel for me tonight. Now House is apparently a descendant of disco with a hip hop feel to it. Now I thought house was all that doof doof music. But the music they dance the routine had a more urban feel.

Project Moda said "I am getting a vision of one dancer getting a deer in headlights look halfway through the routine" They were not far wrong.

Demi made a couple of mistakes, and Henry just seemed to have touch of dancing desperation to him. Unison was all over the shop. It was the worst routine of the night.

Matt said " Really, really good routine don't know how well it was executed.", and "Struggled a bit."
Bonnie picked up the Demi mistakes and asked her about it. Demi admitted she had made errors. "Henry you were put into a nervous situation" and "Good job well done"
Jason said "Choreography well done that rocked," , "Demi I saw in you eyes were off it," and "Henry really off the beat".

Last of the new couples were Rhiannon and Graeme who were to dance burlesque to an Aleeta Blackburn routine.

Is there a mormon equivalent of confession? If so Graeme will have to go to it after this routine.

I thought the routine was fine. Rhiannon fitted into the role of vamp much better then Graeme, who cracked a smile a couple of times throughout the routine. However to be fair to Graeme there was not a lot of dancing for him in the routine.

Matt said "As the youngest in the competition it was hard for you to execute because of maturity." and "Connection a bit under".
Bonnie said "Difficult one," and "What you did as a pair pretty good".
Jason said " Rhiannon about half way through I was really buying you - nice work," and "Graeme a little fresh for me"

I don't think Jason meant fresh in a 'Danny got fresh with Sandy' type of way.

For Kate and Jack's routine they had to dance a Supple choreographed Supple routine to Singing in the Rain.

It was a much better routine then Rhys and Vanessa's, both in the choreography and dancing. There was umbrellas, popping, and slow motion movements.

Matt Lee said "You two are the couple of the night"
Bonnie said "I'm just loving it", "Kate really exceptional tonight", and "Jack you just seem to work with partners and become one." Bonnie then gibbered but it was incomprehensible.
Jason said "That is show business,", "Pure entertainment" and "Loved it, loved it, loved it".

Demi and Henry next had a contemporary routine with Kelly Aykers. The theme was young love.

The routine was inoffensive, but not memorable. Henry had his shirt open, and we could see his hair regrowth. Not a good look.

Matt said "It was joyous," and "Felt connection"
Bonnie said "Henry your eyes hardly left each other."
Jason said "Top and Tail of routine was great, however inbetween...." and "Lack of technical training made it a match." and "Demi fantastic acting"

Vanessa and Rhys danced an Andrew Hallsworth broadway routine set to West Side Story.

Vanessa was to be a hot, sexy and tough Puerto Rican woman however she just did not manage to pull it off. Again just too cutesie. This did not help Rhys in the routine as even though he danced it well, he was not as masculine as he could have been. Also I thought they fluffed it in the end when Rhys went to twirl her their hands fell apart.

Matt said "Vanessa a little too polite", and "Rhys musical theatre sits well with you"
Bonnie said "Didn't get connection between you [Vanessa] and Rhys".
Jason said "Vanessa looked fragile - showed a weakness in the dancing", "Nowhere near West Side Story - near the North side", "Rhys you are amazing in the the competition - don't be complacent" and "I expected a little more of you there." and "You are a formidable versatile dancer"

Last for the night was Rhiannon and Graeme dancing a Juliet "Jet" Verne jazz routine. The theme was Mr and Mrs Smith. It was a great routine for both of them, energetic, sexy and entertaining.
Matt Lee said "Rhiannon I love seeing you dance this style" and "Graeme liked seeing you dance this style".
Bonnie said "Upped your game this week"
Jason said "Loved start, ached for the finish", "Synchronicity coming together," and "Thought you slightly overdanced it, but you guys rocked the house."

Final four predictions - Rhiannon and Vanessa, and Henry and Graeme.

I think Rhiannon may have done enough to save herself tonight and Vanessa will be voted out. I think Graeme will go, however it was Henry's worst night since being on the show so he could be vulnerable.