Sunday, July 27, 2008

Questions from Australia

So You Think You Can Dance season 4 has just begun airing in Australia. We've received a couple of questions regarding the auditions that we don't know, so we'll crowd-source them.

Can someone tell me if there is a Face Book group for Brandon Bryant - he was just on in Australia and I found out by accident that he didn't get kept in the show, now that is depressing. WOW Wow WOw

We've received 2 questions about the music used for auditions on the Aussie airings. Here's one:
Hi there, came across you blog today and was wondering if you can help me with a music query?

During the auditions, Courtney Galiano during her audition, performed to a song, that in America was the music by an artist called Anouk. However in Australia, when that audition was performed, it appears to be a different artist, and I can't find who that artist is. It appears that the music has been changed for Australian audiences for some reason.

I noted all the words to the song and they go like this...

...yesterday I knew wonder, felt the lightning hurt then knew and I knew that it was going down so I gathered all our belongings, took the lying ...

and thats all that was played. It appeard to be a solo female piano player, playing to a hauntingly beautiful piece which I am now trying to track and am hoping you can help.

Here's one for a different audition:
I have a question I am desperate to find the answer to. I have searched and tried everywhere. I'm hoping you might know..
What was the song that Devin Oshiro danced to in her audition?
They aired two different songs from the US to the Australian one(don't know why). I'm not sure which is the original song she danced to but I know one song was Missy Higgins and that's not the one I'm after. The other song was a guy singing and the lyrics are something like "Wherever you are is where i'll be...wherever you are is where i'll go..". Not all that helpful I know. But if you do know that would be amazing. Thank you!!

I gave up Facebook a while back because of the "applications", so I can't search for Brandon Bryant, and we can't find anything about the different songs used. Can anyone out there provide an answer?

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