Monday, November 5, 2007

Lacey Returns

Lacey Schwimmer returns to the tour after taking time to recover from her knee injury. Reports indicate that she is performing in the Mia Michaels Time routine with Neil Haskell, and her Samba with Danny Tidwell. Here's the Time routine in Toronto.
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Our friend Carissa (Momma2Mingbu) reports from the Indianapolis show last night:

Unfortunately Dominic was sick tonight so we didn't get to see him dance at all. Shauna is still replacing Lacey in the "Dancing" number with Kam. She did a great job filling in, but of course it was a little disappointing to not get to see Lacey dance it. (She did do "Hip Hip Chin Chin" with Danny. Yum. Sexiest number of the whole year. I wish they would have done the Pasha/Lacey manequin routine.) I'll give the camera guys props for doing a really great job (better than the TV show camera work!) and having enough sense to let us see their feet on the video screen on things like Pasha and Sabra's quick step. Seeing Pasha and Anya dance together was a real treat. The transition from the Matrix piece into Pasha and Lauren's hip-hop was a nice choice. Mia's piece about her dad is so much more moving in person. I loved the way they added the group in at the beginning to strew the flowers around the stage. I wish they could have danced it that way before. The two princes piece with Neil and Danny was fabulous with lots of tension and energy. Pasha, Neil, Danny and Sara all have wonderful stage presence.