Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet The Oz Choreographers

This media release, titled Your Guide to So You Think You Can Dance Australia gives us more background on the host and judges, but also introduces us to 3 choreographers.

Performer and choreographer Kelley Abbey brings broadway and jazz to the show. Here, she performs in an Australian production of Fame. That's her choreography.
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Nate Mendelsohn, aka Nacho Pop, grew up in New York, but has been one of Australia's leading hiphop performers for several years. This video shows him teaching a beginner class.
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Former Latin Ballroom champion Jason Gilkison (with his partner, Peta Robey) is now a producer, director, and choreographer. His shows, Jason Gilkison's Ballroom and Floorplay, bring a stripped down, organic form of ballroom dance to the stage.
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