Monday, January 21, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

So You Think You Can Dance makeup artist Amy Strozzi shares her favorite dance moments from season 3 (and one from season 2) and gives us some behind-the-scenes insights:

Hok the Hummingbird - my favorite of all favorites was doing this makeup. Firstly, I adore Hok. What a talented, smart kid with so much potential in life. When I asked him if he was okay wearing way more makeup than the typical male on the show, he didn't give it a second thought and told me he trusted any vision I had. How awesome. The main colors for this number were: TEAL, GOLDEN LEMON, DARK SOUL, EMERALD GREEN, and STEEL BLUE. ***TIP*** Always start with your lighter colors first. Gold in the corners of your eyes or over your lids will really open them up and draw attention.


We don't generally do gossip here, but speaking of Hok, word around the net is that he and Lacey are no longer an item.

I have said before that I think Jimmy Arguello is the most under-appreciated talent we saw on season 3. Shimmy Online catches up with Jimmy:
Shimmy:We didn't really get to know you that much on SYTYCD so what would you like people to know about you?
Jimmy:I am going to school for psychology. I want to become a children's psychologist.

Shimmy: What advice would you give for people trying out this year?
Jimmy: Be yourself and don't hide it. You're unique in every way, enjoy the process and experience.


Wade Robson publicly endorses Barack Obama on his Myspace blog.


The Arts, et al... surveys upcoming TV dance offerings and gives us a shout out. Thanks!


Season 3 has begun airing in the UK.


So You Think You Can Dance Australia begins airing February 3rd. Performance shows will be Sunday nights with results show on Monday nights.