Friday, February 1, 2008

Australia Update

TV Tonight announces the schedule for So You Think You Can Dance Australia's upcoming episodes. The first audition show is this Sunday night. We'll know who the top 20 dancers are on Feb 11th, and the first performance show will be on Sunday Feb. 17th.


This appears to be for Aussies only. Sign up for a weekly newsletter, and enter to win tickets to the finale at the Network TEN website.


Australian cell provider Optus has become a fully-integrated sponsor of So You Think You Can Dance Australia and will be offering all kinds show goodies, such as:

• Video Content – including backstage dance – made for mobile, best and worst auditions, weekly dancer diaries, weekly best performance clips and more.

• Editorial – includes weekly news, dance trivia and dancer profiles.

• Wallpapers – include dancer images, dance logo and Optus animals.

• Music Tones & Tracks – are purchasable tones and tracks related to performance clips on the show.


Network TEN seems to be doing an outstanding job of marketing and supporting their version of the show. Does anyone know of any other networks who could take some lessons?