Sunday, March 9, 2008

SYTYCD Australia News

David Knox at TVTonight weighs in on the recent Jason-hatin'.


The Sunshine Coast Daily talks to Judge Matt Lee:

He played a key role in the Hollywood blockbuster Happy Feet, and taught at the renowned Brent Street Studios in Sydney.

“Some of people that have come through the competition I have seen in my class,” he said.

“It’s really gratifying seeing people who you have had a little bit of an influence on in their journey so far.”


Apparently, Aus TV networks have trouble starting shows on time, but So You Think You Can Dance Australia hasn't been tardy, so far.


The Brisbane Times says Australians have 4 sexes, at least according to TV programmers. Only one doesn't like SYTYCD.


I think the Australian show's wardrobe department does a better job than the American show. Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming costume.