Sunday, April 27, 2008

Australian Finale UPDATED

Reality Raver has the full story. Thanks to her for all the great recaps this year.

The Sunshine Coast Daily is live-blogging the So You Think You Can Dance Australia Finale. Spoiler Alert!

Adelaide Now profiles Rhys:

"He'd be walking down Jetty Rd and he would get abused by a carload of boys," she said.

"That kind of thing happened a lot, which unfortunately is why he moved to Melbourne. He didn't fit the mould here.

"But he's such an individual, such a leader and so dynamic. He's not one of these people that does something because the rest of the population does it."

Love her or hate her, Nat Bas says she'll be back for season 2:
NATALIE Bassingthwaighte will host So You Think You Can Dance if Channel 10 gives the OK to a new series.

Bassingthwaighte said: "If the show goes ahead, which it should given its success, I'll be back. Everything else can work around it,"

I think American viewers forget that Cat Deeley hosted several shows in the UK before we ever saw her. Nat had to learn on-the-job. analyzes reality show judging and the online world.

Prominent Australian choreographer was quoted earlier this year criticizing SYTYCD. She now says she was misquoted:
Tankard drew the ire of reality TV fans earlier this year when she was quoted attacking TV dance competition So You Think You Can Dance. She says that the comments she put forward were misunderstood. "That was completely misquoted. I think the young dancers are pretty amazing. They only get three hours to learn the choreography, and when you're spending a whole lifetime learning one technique it's pretty difficult to pick up a completely new technique and run with it."

It's the show's format that concerns her. "It just sort of makes me feel sad that we need a competition to make us watch something."