Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grineflip UPDATED

Ronni & Siv on So You Think You Can Dance Scandinavia.

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UPDATE: Translation, courtesy of packingforthe crash

Choreographer: This choreography is about the struggle between hate and love. The most important part for the dancers is to convey the right emotions. The aggression that lays inside them.
Siv: It's kinda hard to be mad at Ronni, because I just start laughing all the time..!
Siv: *on the floor laughing* I'm not ready!
Siv: *tries to explain what 'latterkrampe' (=laughterattack)is.
Ronni: *says the danish word for it (=grineflip) which makes Siv laugh even harder*
Ronni: If I don't drag her hard enough then she won't get up! So I really have to drag her hard.
Siv: *still laughing* this doesn't work. I can't do it!