Thursday, June 7, 2007

Season 3 Top 20 As It Happens

You'll have to refresh as the show goes on.

1 Danny Tidwell
2 Dominic "D'Trix" Sandoval
3 Cedric Gardner
4 Ricky Palomino
5 Pasha Kovalev
6 Kameron Bink
7 Neil Haskell
8 Jesus "Chuy" Solario
9 Hok Konishi
10 Jimmy Arguello

1 Ashlee Langus
2 Jaimie Goodwin
3 Sabra Johnson
4 Anya Garnis
5 Faina Savich
6 Lauren "Misha" Gottlieb
7 Sara Van Gillern
8 Shauna Noland
9 Jessi Peralta
10 Lacey Schwimmer

Olivia Usey
Collette Williams
Anthony Bryant
Kaelyn Gray
Kevin Hunt
Janet Bombard
Heather Shore
Caitlin Cucchiara

Jesus "Chuy" Solorio is seen in top 50 solo.
Faina Savich is featured in solo and gets evil eye from Mia.
Olivia whines after being eliminated.
No sign of Phillip Chbeeb or Brandon Norris in top 34.
Danny Tidwell finally introduced at about 15 minutes in, gets flack from Mia and Shane. "Vibe is whack". Danny: "Sure, I'll be in your competition". He's in. Shane: "He will be a problem".

Janet Bombard: "You have to seize the day". She's eliminated.
Hawk up in next segment.
Ricky Palomino up next.
Nigel to Ricky: "I find you a little strange". Mia: "You are awesome" "I'm strange too". He's in.
Anya and Pasha up next. Anya:"America, here I come" Pasha's in too.
Faina's up next. Faina's in, 2nd ballroom female in a row.

Lauren Gottlieb up next. Nigel: "There is no question you are a brilliant dancer". She's in.

Female breaker Sarah Van Gillem up next. She's in.

Jessi Peralta and Lacey Schwimmer hyped for next segment.
Jessi's In. Caitlin's out. Lacey up next.

Some confusion. We're one over on girls, one under on guys.

It's Hawk or Twitch. Hawk's in, Twitch is out.

It's Lacey Schwimmer or Kristen Stein. Lacey's in.

We're one short on guys. Will correct ASAP.