Friday, June 8, 2007


Got a couple of fun ones for ya. First, Fox News does a reality check.

Say what you will about "So You Think You Can Dance" — call it an "American Idol" rip-off or "Dancing Without the Stars" if need be — but you have to admit that it's got one thing a lot of the other reality shows lack: across-the-board talent.


EW's Adam B. Vary gives a quick rundown on each of the 20, and critiques Nigel too.

Yet again, Nigel was fast and loose with the editing, always favoring the juicy story over just letting us watch the frickin' dancing. Yes, Faina Savich fainted after her final solo routine, but did we need to get all twitterpated over a run-of-the-mill case of dehydration? Even the medical staff didn't seem too worried about her condition. And though I agree with Nigel that Janet Bombard's spirit and story are tear-worthy, the cynic in me began to wonder if we were only seeing more of Janet because Nigel wanted to show off his softer side.