Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Who's Still In, Who's Out

Pasha Kovalev
Anya Garnis
Faina Savich
Jessi Peralta
Hokuto "Hawk" Konishi
Dominic "D'Trix" Sandovol
Janet Bombard
Jaimie Goodwin
Ricky Palomino
Stephen "Twitch" Boss
Kevin Hunt
Collette Williams

Heather Zampier
Hannah-Lee Sakakibura
Jamal Weaver
Ashley Keegan
Katie Watts
Yesamin Gomez
Michael Jagger
Eva "Evita" Arce
Anthony "Tony" Velez
Myles Johnson
Brianne Healey

Lauren "Misha" Gottlieb
Olivia Usey
Kurt Myers
Dia Beck
Jesus "Chuy" Solorio
Lacey Schwimmer
Morgan Larson
Phillip "PacMan" Chbeeb
Caitlin Cucchiara
Brandon Norris
Ashley Simpson
Danny Tidwell

This is totally unofficial. Spelling of some of the newer names is an approximation. Feel free to send us a correction if you feel we're wrong on any count. Did anyone catch any more names of new dancers? I didn't get the last name of Dallas, the gangsta ballet guy.

Some corrections made, thanks to the folks at Idolforums.