Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dance War

Just awful. Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann premiered last night on ABC. It was the typical audition show. Let's hope the performance shows are better. There was way too much emphasis on bad singing and not enough on quality dancing. I wasn't familiar with either Bruno or Carrie Ann. Does Bruno always go to 11? He needs to bring it down to about a 7 or 8 IMHO.

Tamara Brooks at Zap2it recaps. Tonya at Swan Lake Samba Girl wasn't impressed. Sarah Kickler Kelber at the Baltimore Sun blog hopes for the best:

Maybe it will get more interesting once they split into teams and the Bruno vs. Carrie Ann part actually starts. Then again, it might just keep feeling derivative.


We did get to see a member of the SYTYCD family. Anthony Bryant auditioned and made it to the Hollywood round, but no further. I believe Anthony has auditioned and made it to the Las Vegas round for all 3 seasons of SYTYCD. He was even invited back for the finale of season 1.
Uploaded by sytycdfan4ever

Here's a piece Anthony choreographed and performed for his graduation from Julliard last year.
Uploaded by antbryant1

There's more at Anthony's site and at his Myspace.