Monday, January 7, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Season 3 finalist Jesús Solorio has released his first recording at Myspace.

LINK has a really outstanding interview with choreographer Dave Scott:

What can we expect from the upcoming project you helped choreograph, Step Up 2 The Streets?

This movie stems from Step Up. In that one it was a hip-hop kid coming to a technically trained studio and trying to bring hip-hop to the school. In this one it’s reversed—they’re trying to get street credibility coming from that school. So it tells a different story on the urban edge. The dancing got to be a lot more creative because I got a chance to use some of these technically trained dancers, on top of b-boys, on top of hip-hop, and take it to the next page on a whole hip-hop level.


Blogger Marisa Paull goes deep while recounting recent classes taken with Tyce Diorio, Sabra Johnson, and Kameron Bink.


Dance writer Nancy Wozny interviews herself and asks the most interesting questions:
And dance on TV?

Yes it's there and growing. Not all pretty. I wish they would put me in charge. And now that there's a writers strike dance on TV makes even more sense than ever.

What do you know about dance on TV?

I watched the June Taylor Dancers on The Lawrence Welk Show with my grandmother. Taylor was an early dance-on-TV pioneer.

Favorite moment on So You Think You Can Dance?

Hasn't happened yet, but it goes like this, they pick a genre out of the hat and it reads “Judson Church.”


Singer Brian Evans says So You Think You Can Dance didn't have permission to use his rendition of It Had To Be You for tour performances. He's suing for 3 million dollars.


Don't forget, Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann begins it's 6 week run tonight at 8pm ET/PT.