Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Videos

There's little news to report so let's watch some videos that friends have brought to our attention.

Loralyn recommends this video of Jaimie Goodwin performing at NYCDA Boston. The second half features a dancer named Craig Dionne. He's incredible!
Uploaded by NYCDA

Ruby La Rhumba submitted this video of the amazing Sasha Cohen. Ruby calls it "Ballroom on ice". It made her fall in love with figure skating all over again.
Uploaded by FigureSkatingVideos

Jamal Weaver hypes the Status Quo Crew who we may see on Randy Jackson's upcoming MTV hiphop dance reality show.
Uploaded by enigmadancekru2006

Finally, this gaysplosion of 80s cheeziness features Cheryl Ladd and Ben Vereen performing Tropical Nights. Thanks to Beckylooo for this one.
Uploaded by BobbCatt