Saturday, January 19, 2008

SYTYCD Audition Report

Our friend Angelica writes:

Some auditon info... :)

Ok, so I did not audition in Dallas today but my best friend did and here is the info she shared with me!

She got there at about 5:30 and waited in line for some hours. Cat was there and interviewed her and her friend she went with for about 5 minutes. When they finally got inside they had about an hour to warm up. They then went into the auditorium and found out all the info for auditions. The judge told them he has a special guest and it was someone that did not make it through the first time he auditioned and guess who walked in...TRAVIS! He was there and gave some advice and the dancers asked some questions. For Travis lovers... he was sporting a mohawk and wearing a Superman shirt:) They then split off into groups and got their numbers and whatnot. My friend was in the first group to audition and each group consists of ten people. The dancers split up--- 5 on one side of the room and 5 on the other. They face each other and the music starts. They played a contemporary song and had the dancers free style. Then they played a hip hop song and the dancers are asked to freestyle again. The judge and Travis get together and pick 2 people----one good and one bad. Those 2 people go back tomorrow and audition for Nigel and the others! That's about all she told me.. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Thanks Angelica! From what I'm hearing, we can expect to see a lot of Travis this season.