Monday, February 25, 2008

Angelica Meets Jessi

Our unofficial dance convention correspondent Angelica met Jessi Peralta at last weekend's LA Dance Magic convention.

My mother and I went to the LA Dance Magic convention last night in St Paul! I did not take class just came to watch the faculty show and awards ceremony! Jessi was there but Artem was not (he was at the Academy Awards) and Jesús was not because him and Jessi switch the dates they go. We got a good seat to watch the faculty show and it was pretty awesome! Jessi was in many group numbers and also did a solo to “Sitting on the Dock on the Bay” It was a very good routine and would never think anyone could pop to it but she did! I got a pretty good video of it on my camera but it is not uploading to the computer for some dumb reason. After the dancing they handed out the awards/scholarships. Jessi was really good with the little kids and she seemed genuinely happy for them. After this was over my mother and I were determined to meet her so we went on the stage where she and the other faculty were posing for pictures and stuff. When we finally got the chance to talk to her I could not believe how short she was! She was a little shorter than me (I had heels on) so I am thinking about 5’4. She is extremely beautiful in person I think too. I asked if she remembered me from MySpace (we have sent a few messages back and forth) and she said yes and gave me a big hug. I introduced my mom too and she gave my mom a hug as well. She could not believe we came just to see her and thanked us about 5 times! Lol She said she was upset Artem was not there because he is usually her partner in the group routines. I guess that would explain her running off the stage when the partnering came up. My mom told her she loved her on the show and was sad when she got kicked off and Jessi said me too. Then she told us that she is so grateful for the show because she would have never gotten this job if it was not for that. She said that after LADM is done she is starting a TV show and she said she will try and update her MySpace page but she is bad at that! I did not ask any details about the TV show…. which I should have I guess. She had a beautiful necklace on that said “Possibilities” and I told her I loved it. We talked a bit more and she was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She game my mother and me another huge hug and told me to keep in touch on MySpace! I was pretty excited and got a picture with her and my mom did too under my “All Things Dance” album:)