Thursday, February 28, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Remember Definition Of A Man, the John Gray show featuring a Danny Tidwell solo that was supposed to be on HBO this month? As best I can tell, the show is in production limbo, and may never be produced for TV.

I feel quite lucky to be one of a very few people to have seen it.

One of our favorite dance bloggers, Maria at A Time To Dance, has been following the Australian show with us. She sees it not just as dance entertainment, but as cultural comparison:

I don’t feel compelled to talk about any particular dancer or result thus far in the season (I’ve seen the first seven episodes so far). What I’ve really taken away, all other variables being equal since the show’s formula is exactly the same, is how similar Australian society is to ours. It’s like a control group study where all variables are equal, save one. You could do all sorts of interesting sociological studies based on your viewing of the application of the same TV show formula in different cultures!


American Idol has finally gotten access to the Beatles songbook. There's no word if SYTYCD choreographers will also get to use any of the music.

ItemLive has a story about Status Quo Crew, battling to stay in the America's Best Dance Crew competition. Vote for SQ tonight!