Sunday, February 24, 2008

SYTYCD Australia News

The official TEN site for So You Think You Can Dance Australia already has voting numbers and clips from the top 18 routines. Alas, they're for Aussies only. So too, are the contestant video blogs and Nacho Pop's Inside Dance, but at least the rest of us can read the contestant's written blogs.

Our Malaysian correspondent Eunice, aka Stuce, knows 2 of the Aus choreographers from the Malaysian version of the show. She gives us all kind of goodies about Yannus Sufandi (Graeme & Kassy's top 20 lyrical hip-hop) and Manuela Oliveira (JD & Rhiannon's top 20 hip-hop) at her blog.


In our poll, taken before the top 18 performance show, the early favorites amongst the guys were Hilton, Sermsah, Rhys, and Jack. Leading for the girls were Demi and Rhiannon.

Here's another review of the top 18 show at the Pop Pulp blog.