Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Remember Caleb's Face, Australia

15 year old Caleb Bartolo blew the Australian judges away with his audition in Brisbane. Unfortunately, he's 3 years away from meeting the age requirements.

Cairns.com has an article and a photo gallery about him.

Also, someone claiming to have been at the audition said this on a message board:

I saw him dance live at the auditions. While the bit on t.v. was great, his full dance was flippin fantastic. And here's the inside goss, he is going to be dancing at the grand finalé of SYTYCD because the producer came over to the judges after dancing and they announced that he has an official invitation to dance there. SWEET! IN regards to where you can see him perform... haha, well in Innisfail he just performed in a production of Hairspray and just finished in Cats the other day. He was also pre-teen dancer of the year like last year. And gets rave reviews in the like of Dance Teacher Magazine. Yep... got him in top friends on MySpace. Whatever.... Oh, and he's also an extra on Sea Patrol. WOO!