Monday, February 11, 2008

Report From Pulse

Our friend Angelica attended the PULSE Dance tour in Minneapolis this weekend and had some face time with a few of our favorite choreographers.

Hey everyone! I went to the Pulse convention today and the faculty that attended was, Laurie Ann Gibson, Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, Chris Judd and Mia Michaels! (Sadly Shane Sparks and Wade Robson were not at my stop) Anyways I went to watch the faculty Q and A and also the awards ceremony! The faculty Q and A was awesome! I got some good pictures of it and the faculty was so open and warm to everyone there. Dave and Brian were goofing off the whole time dancing and cracking jokes. They asked the faculty their most embarrassing moments and Mia said...

hers was when she was teaching once and she was wearing shorts. She went down to a plie and her shorts went to her ankles. She said she was wearing a cheetah g string! LOL Brian said his most embarrassing moment was when he was doing a battement and he farted on stage LOL Dave and Chris were so funny because as Brian would lift his leg they would make the noises to go along with it. The only question that was asked about SYTYCD was when they asked Brian what his favorite routines were for season 3. Right when they question was asked he said “old news” (You could tell he did not want to talk about the show.) But he did answer and said Lauren and Danny’s contemporary, Mia’s flower piece and Mandy’s Sweet Dream piece. The faculty Q and A lasted about 20 minutes!

When they had the scholarship ceremony the faculty was so warm and inviting with the kids. They would always have them sit on their laps and give them big hugs. One of the cutest parts was when a teacher brought a baby on stage and Mia and Brian were holding it and talking to it forever! The faculty was awesome and seemed so happy to be there!

Now on to my favorite part……After everything Brian, Mia, Dave and Chris stayed on the stage to sign autographs and take pictures! I got a picture and got to talk with all of them! The first one I got to meet and talk to was Brian. He was such a sweetheart and talk about a cutie! After our picture I told him that my mother and I loved the Danny and Lauren contemporary piece as well. He smiled and said it was amazing. Then I moved on to Mia which by the way she is an INSPIRATION. In the faculty Q and A she was describing her goals in life and just gave an amazing speech... she is wonderful! After our picture I just told her how much I look up to her and how beautiful her movement is. Next I met Dave Scott! (A little background about my love for Dave…I love Stomp the Yard which he choreographed, as well as You Got Served and the soon to be Step Up 2!!!) After our picture I told him how I could not wait to see Step Up 2 and I wanted to see it the day it comes out. He told me to go to the matinee showing LOL I told him I did not have a date so no obligations on Valentines Day. I told him how I am obsessed with Stomp the Yard and he said thank you about 5 times and looked truly happy. He is just adorable! The last person I met (again) was Chris Judd. After our picture I told him I met him when he was touring with Company Dance about 8 years ago. He was laughing at how long ago that was and I told him we met then too!

So that was my experience guys! If you would like to see any of the pictures feel free to add me either on Facebook or full name is Angelica Agents

Great report. Thanks Angelica!