Thursday, February 21, 2008

Season 4 Audition Update

Mary Murphy talks to Hanh Nguyen of From Inside The Box. She says they'll be taking a LOT of dancers to Las Vegas this year:

Are you busy with auditions now?

MM: I've been doing a lot of the auditions. We're getting ready to do our last few cities. We have Washington, DC coming up this week, LA March 6th and Milwaukee will be our last audition stop before we bring probably close to 200 or over 200 into Las Vegas for the -- That's a very brutal cut there. We're going to go from probably 250 down to 40 in probably three days.


The Washingtonian's Jasmine Touton stood in line with the hopefuls this morning in D.C.:
Groovers, spinners, and shakers queued up this morning, huddling in comforters and down jackets outside the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Northeast DC for a chance to get on the Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

“I’ve just been kind of running in place,” said Jen Frantzen of the 30-degree weather.

Frantzen, 25—who flew in from Arizona to audition and stay with her cousin in DC—is a cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals and a dance-team coach. She’ll improvise a jazz/contemporary routine for 15 seconds—the time allotted to each dancer in the initial round—in front of judges Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. It’s her first time trying out for the show.

Remember "Dancing Derrick", the guy who needed oxygen after his season 3 audition? He was there too. Let's hope he gets no air time this season.