Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TV Dance News Roundup

Team Bruno won the first, and hopefully only, season of ABC's Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann. There were some likable performers, but the concept was so poorly thought out, most SYTYCD watchers had no patience for it. There was too much emphasis on weak singing and not enough on dancing. Only one performer, Bradley on Team Carrie Ann, struck me as strong enough to make it in a dance-only environment.

The celebrities participating in the next season of Dancing With The Stars were announced during the Dance War finale. Skater Kristi Yamaguchi has to be the early favorite. Also prohibited from being lifted will be Priscilla Presley, briefly linked romantically with our Uncle Nigel.


Boston.com profiles Jamal, E-knock, and the Status Quo Crew, currently dancing on America's Best Dance Crew.

Crew member Jamal Weaver, 20, notes the stylistic differences that set Status Quo apart from other Boston dance groups have been magnified in LA, and not always to their benefit in a competition where all the contestants are polished dancers and choreographers, with one team even performing on roller skates.

"We also act, we do skits, we might even do magic tricks," says Weaver. "They realize we're different." Mastering slick dance-video steps? That's not really their thing, concedes Weaver, who has been battling the flu for the past week on top of other pressures.

They're the best showmen in the competition but will have trouble outlasting heavy favorites Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern.