Saturday, February 23, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Watch for Anya Garnis during tomorrow
night's Oscar show. Finally, a reason to watch.

Sara Von Gillern will be touring across North America and Europe with Avril Lavigne beginning March 5th. It's a huge number of dates and goes everywhere from Kamloops, B.C to Riga, Latvia.


Missed this the first time through, but in this interview, Mary Murphy mentions that Wade Robson will be one of the choreographers on season 4. Maybe it's not a sure thing that he won't be returning, but I'm still hearing it's doubtful.

The Heartbeat Of Dance workshops feature 9 of our SYTYCD favorites and appears in the following cities:

April 26,27 Washington DC
May 17,18 York PA
May 31 and June 1 Allentown PA
June 14,15 Baltimore MD
June 21,22 Pittsburg PA


Here's more on choreographer Doriana Sanchez and her long association with Cher. As we mentioned earlier, Doriana is choreographing Cher's new Las Vegas show beginning May 6th.


Australian finalist Rhys Bobridge previously starred on a children's show called, um, The Fairies.
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