Sunday, March 2, 2008

Australia News Roundup

Worthwhile recaps of the top 16 performance show have popped up. Here, here, and here.

Reality Raver has some tidbits about the dancers and a Jason Coleman interview.

In a template piece we've seen frequently in the states, Valerie Lawson of the Brisbane Times misses the point of the show:

Commercial imperatives mean that all reality TV shows are heavy with flashy lighting, raucous studio audiences, sentimental recaps of contestants' "journeys" so far, and humiliating final interviews that include banal remarks from the smiling host: "How do you feel?" and "congratulations on getting this far".

But So You Think You Can Dance Australia goes further. Its very success - the program attracted an audience of 1.5 million on Sunday last week - is compromising dance as a performance art. The audience is led to believe that the most obvious effort, the most athletic of tricks, and the most vulgar of moves, represent dance at its best.

She does get it right about the solos:
On Mondays's results shows, the lowest ranking dancers must endure an elimination solo which is usually frantic, and often ugly. Jason Coleman, the most astute of the three judges, was right last week when he said the solos failed as they were less about quality than they were about quantity. Throw a leg up to the chin, slide the hands up and down the thighs, flash the crotch, and shimmy like a stripper.


Nat Bass and the dancers took part in the recent Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney.