Sunday, March 30, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

We're back. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to re-charge the blogging batteries. There's a lot to catch up on, in no particular order:

In case you forgot Travis Wall is a very serious artist...well, maybe not always serious, his official site has been re-designed and updated. Welcome back Travis, and thanks tor the tip, Loralyn.


Dancers can learn from many of your favorite SYTYCDers at the Heartbeat Of Dance convention beginning in late April.


The Fox station in Milwaukee has a video report from the recent auditions. They don't mention it, but Cedric Gardner must have been there, right?


Shimmy catches up with Sabra Johnson and choreographer Mandy Moore. Mandy seems to have a lot on her plate:

Right now I am choreographing all the group songs for American Idol and will start SYTYCD in a couple months. I have JUMP Nationals at the Kodak Theater in July and will also be traveling to Italy to teach that same month. In August, I will be co-hosting an event with Nick Lazzarini, called "The Nick and Mandy Show." The event is a week of classes, workshops, and rehearsals ending with a show at a theater in Los Angeles. Next December, I am choreographing the Orange Bowl half-time show in Miami.

The Aussie show is a big hit with deaf dancers:
To elitists, it's just not dancing. To an army of krumping, breaking, freestyle-popping dancers in the deaf community, So You Think You Can Dance Australia is essential viewing.

When the hip-hop star Demi Sorono made it into the top 20 on the TV talent quest, she sent a message by sign language to her deaf sister, Lorraine, who auditioned for the show but did not make it through the heats because the judges thought she would have trouble picking up new choreography.