Friday, June 6, 2008

News Roundup

I'm seeing a lot of people around the web who were disappointed with the Las Vegas week show. For me, 3 of the 4 dancers I was most excited about didn't make it. We were left hanging, for the second year in a row, on the status of Phillip Chbeeb. Adam B. Vary at EW says that name sums up everything that was infuriating about last night's episode.

We do need to keep an open mind though. We have more opportunities for pleasant surprises this year, so let's be optimistic, like Emily at Eclaire Fare.

Kristin Sample at TVSquad asks the tough questions, like:

Why on earth do male contemporary dancers always wear basketball shorts? They do realize that doing Mia Michaels' choreography is much different than playing for the Lakers, right? Sorry, I'm not a fan of contemporary jazz. So, I'm hardly sympathetic to the basketball shorts + tube socks + V-neck shirt trend.

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