Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance News Roundup

Brandon Bryant, with partner Candace Rodriguez, won the Young Dancer category of Star Search in 2003. Videos of their performances are here in the third column to the right. You'll need RealPlayer. Thanks to the folks at TWOP.

One disillusioned viewer recounts her niece's experience auditioning for season 4. Gray at Fame Or Famine picks up the thread.

Sarah Kickler Kelber at the Baltimore Sun:

I wasn't totally blown away by the first three episodes, which focused on the auditions. I couldn't believe how many repeat bad auditioners there were. Did we really need to see "Sex" again? Why let him back for a third try? He's been sighted on Idol and Make Me a Supermodel, so clearly he's just trying to get on TV. If only producers would stop cooperating! And Gold Inferno again? Come on!

I'm pretty sure I spotted Limbert Capelin in her video from the DC auditions. He made it deep into the Las Vegas auditions last year.

The Fayetteville Observer gives us some background on the Hart brothers, Anthony and Antwain.

When So You Think You Can Dance Canada airs this fall, it will follow the Wednesday/Thursday schedule we're familiar with.

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