Sunday, June 1, 2008

Scandinavian Experimental

From So You Think You Can Dance Scandinavia
Ronni & Mynte - Experimental - Katrine Bølstad

Videos and translation courtesy of packingforthecrash.

Choreographer: This routine is based on a lot of small movements, and it's very detailed.
Ronni: It is...
Mynte: Very peculiar.
Ronni: Very peculiar, but it could end up being really cool.
Ronni: The hands are always supposed to connect, they're never supposed to lose each other.
Ronni: It doesn't look hard but it's..
Both: superhard...!
Mynte: It'll be exciting to see how people react to this. It's a mixed candybag.
Ronni: Yeah.


Benke: It feels like some mix of modern and boogaloo, really nice to look at. I think you do it greatly, you work well together. And first and foremost, Ronni, you're like a damn chameleon, you've found another style that you're just fantastic at.
Mynte doesn't come just as far, I think, but a really great routine, extra points to Ronni!

Niclas: I have to say what I've said earlier: You just have to vote for these two also! Because Satan, was that good!

They may get a little Sprockets-ish at times, but they're doing some really interesting things. Here's the top 6 group performance:

I'm glad to see my favorite is in the top 6.

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