Sunday, June 22, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Now writing for the Huffington Post, Tonya Plank analyzes this week's routines and eliminations:

It's Friday and I'm still in shock that Marquis has been eliminated. I honestly thought he was one of the best dancers on the show and as much as I like Chris's personality, I'm dumbfounded that the judges kept him over Marquis -- Marquis with the beautiful line, the gorgeous extension, the lithe, feathery movement, and, on Wednesday night, the slinky, snaky Salsa in which he exhibited excellent rib cage and shoulder isolations, surprising for a contemporary dancer used to keeping his torso so straight. What makes me the angriest is Nigel's reasoning for eliminating him. He told Marquis his solo had too many tricks. Yet, he's told the other dancers repeatedly that they need to "step it up, step it up, you've got to step it up if you're going to remain in this competition." To the dancers, and anyone else listening, that means do more fancy things; i.e.: tricks. Obviously the smart dancer who wants to save his ass is going to load his solo with the most athletic stunts he can, even if he's naturally more of a softer, arty dancer, as I thought Marquis was. Unless Nigel and the judges are going to be far more specific about what "step it up" means, their logic just seems dishonest.


Friends and students of Mark Kanemura talk about him. Found via Live Journal

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South Africa will soon be joining the global So You Think You Can Dance movement.

Australia's top 10 prepare for their upcoming tour.

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