Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SYTYCD News Update

Even though he's busy studying for exams, Leee found time to recap last week's events, including this bit of wisdom:

No matter how much the judges try to assert themselves as the centers of attention, we should generally ignore them and their shortcomings in particular -- because why let a trio (sometimes a quartet) of nonsense machines spoil our pleasure?


Nate Levy speaks for most of us:
If I’m watching a show called “So You Think You Can Dance”, chances are I’m watching to, you know, see people dance. So why, editors, must you cut the numbers to within an inch of their life. I’m not talking about duration here, I’m talking about the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a shot that lasts longer than two seconds this year. Dance is all about movement, flow, rhythm. So why are you cutting it so that I can’t observe any of those things in the dances? My other big gripe with you guys is that, well, these are partner dances. And I get that what one dancer is doing is probably more interesting than the other at times, but there’s still two dancers on stage. So why do you seem content to only show one a lot of the time? So many times this season, you’ve cut to show only one dancer’s movements. Unless the other dancer is standing absolutely still, this is kind of unacceptable. The choreographers have made these routines for two people. Both dancers have moves. So show both of them for gods sake.


For those who prefer to read their blogs in a feedreader, Nate now has a feed available. Thanks for the shout out!

Cool Addict catches up with Lacey Mae Schwimmer:

I just got home from filming a little ditty with Adam Sandler and Adam Shankman, in Napa, California. It’s a new Disney Movie. I am also a part of a rather large show and workshop with a weekend in Norway and all over the USA this fall. I am also about to be in another movie called The Jump Off with my friend Wayne Brady.

I also have a tubesock line out now!! I am super excited for those! Please support! Oh, I am also cooking cup of noodles!


I live with Shauna Noland. Jaime Goodwin and I are still best friends. I’ve been doing some FOX shows with Danny Tidwell, Sabra Johnson, and Hokuto Konishi. Danny and I hang out often,..he’s so boss!


When was that group pic taken? It's a random mix of seasons.

This week's musical guest...
CORRECTION: That would be for July 10th.

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