Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Report From Atlanta

Our friend and frequent commenter Lily Mac went to the tour date in Atlanta and has been kind enough to send this report:

The first thing that struck me was just how diverse the crowd was! Young and old. White, Black, Asian and Latino. All excited about dance. It was amazing.

Now to the dancing. A-maz-ing! I've got two words for you: Danny Tidwell. The guy is flawless. There was not a single misstep. His extensions are beautiful. His center is ridiculous. His every movement is elegant. I'm not exaggerating. Just perfection. He danced 'girlfriend' with Jaimie in for Lacey and it was fun. He did the beautiful Viennese waltz with Anya ('You and I and all of the people') and you just fell in love. He did Dmitri's Latin number with Anya in for Lacey and it was spectacular (though he wasn't wearing ballroom shoes...odd). The princes number with Neil had the crowd screaming. And his solo was 'Fear you won't fall' and it was beautiful (though I was sad he didn't do 'We are the champions'). Danny was far and away the star of this show.

Coming in a strong second was Neil. The crowd loved him. His disco number with Sara (love the powder blue suit) was terrific. He was really charming during his 'mic duties.' His solo was good. And Mandy Moore's boardroom ball with Sabra was terrific. And Mia's reunion number danced with Jaimie in for Lacey had many of us in tears. So beautiful.

Everybody loved Dominic. Mostly when he was on the mic making us laugh. He is just such a likable guy. His solo was un-be-lievable. I'm not even a fan of breaking, but it was spectacular.

Sabra was terrific, of course. But it did seem that the crowd was there to see Danny and Neil first. She is a beautiful dancer, but didn't capture the crowd the way the gentlemen did. Here 'Mr. Pinstripe Suit' routine with Pasha was a standout.

Jaimie and Hok's hummingbird and the flower routine was beautiful and a crowd favorite as was the vagabond routine with Sara and Jesus and Sara and Pasha's Benji-choreographed swing number. The skeletons routine with Pasha and Laura was also a big hit.

Lauren jumped into Lacey's shoes for the Tyce Diorio top 4 routine and was terrific. Lauren was also fabulous, as always, in the angel and devil routine with Neil, which the crowd loved.

Other observations:

· Sara should rethink her style. She is much stronger at everything else than at breaking

· Kameron was a great emcee. Lots of potential there... lots of stage presence

· Would have loved to see more of Hok and Jesus

· Great to see Jamie, Anya and Shauna featured... they were terrific

· Lacey was missed, but her stand-ins were flawless

· Pasha and Anya (who partner each other in competition) did a strong Latin routine, but the choreography was that exciting

· Felt badly for Kameron... Lacey's absence meant less dancing for him

On a funny note... Just after the show started, a group came in late to my row. Guess who was among them? Brandon Norris (aka the clogger). At the intermission, people were asking for his autograph and getting their pictures taken with him. It was a hoot.

Also, there was a lot of local pride for Bryan Gaynor, the bowler-hat wearing dancer with scoliosis who appeared in many clips on the video screen.

That's the report from Gwinnett. I hope everyone gets a chance to see the tour. It is a wonderful show.

Final thought: I'd pay money to watch Danny walk down the street. His movement is simply remarkable.